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Towards Increasingly Complex Multipolarity: Scenario for the Future

... reverse Trump’s grand strategic designs following Biden’s inauguration, which is why they, too, have finally jumped onto the anti-Chinese bandwagon. As for the World War C, it exacerbated the already intense global competition between the U.S. and China, thereby putting additional pressure on American policymakers to pioneer a strategic breakthrough designed to give them an edge over their top global rival. The specifics of their strategic calculations can only be speculated upon, but it is apparently ...


US-China Relations: Moving Towards a New Cold War?

... same time, it contained strictly political statements by emphasising, for instance, that it “strongly supports the people of China in their demand for freedom of speech.” [ 39 ] Subsequent documents were more critical. Resolution of the House of Representatives ... ... 907 of March 24, 2020, denounced the PRC for censoring reports about the virus during the early stages of its spread, its refusal to cooperate with scientists from the Centre for Disease Control to assist its response to COVID-19 for over a month after ...


Layered Cake. What to Expect from the Putin-Biden Summit?

... domestic political restrictions. He is not waging a war with the establishment, he is not linked with an election scandal and accusations of “collusion with Russia”. Possible agreements between the two presidents, albeit modest, have chances for further ... ... at the ad hoc level. An important background factor for the summit is the growing confrontation between the United States and China. Washington views Beijing as a more dangerous and difficult adversary than Russia. In arms control negotiations, China’s ...


Assessing the Trend of the Indo-Pacific Strategy

... consolidated. With the interest of all the four participants, it is natural for the Indo-Pacific to continue to grow—though the extent of this remains uncertain. Zhao Huasheng, Andrey Kortunov: The Coming Bipolarity and Its Implications: Views from China and Russia At the same time, the relations between the four countries with China are in decline, and there is no possibility of directional improvement in the near future, which is also an important background for the future of the Indo-Pacific ...


U.S. Seeking Military Bases in Neighborhood or Close Vicinity of Afghanistan

... troops will leave Afghanistan, but the American interest will never end in Afghanistan. The fundamental importance of Afghanistan to the U.S. is its strategic location, from where the U.S. can monitor Iran, Pakistan, Central Asia (including Russia), and China. Even though the U.S. cannot sustain itself in Afghanistan, the country wants to keep its interest in Afghanistan in using the neighboring or nearest countries and by keeping military bases from where they could reach Afghanistan conveniently and ...


Waterworld: Moscow Betting on the South China Sea

... withdrawing its vessels from patrolling national waters. As tensions mount, Vietnam is not twiddling its thumbs. Lately, Hanoi has in fact been building up its own maritime militia , which patrols the area around Hainan, the Spratly and the Paracel Islands. China believes this to be a covert operation in order to spy on the Chinese military infrastructure and ships. Ivan Timofeev: Sino-Russian Relations Are Still Not an Alliance, but They Are More Than Partnership Russia’s stake in the wrangle Located thousands of kilometers away, Russia may look like a full-fledged outsider of this dispute. Still waters run deep. Back in 2016, Vladimir Putin spoke of a “greater Eurasian partnership”. As the Russian Federation has been engaged in its pivot to Asia ...


Naval forces of great powers

... they are far more efficient and arguably bring better value for money than their lighter counterparts. The viability of supercarriers has increasingly been in question in recent years as “carrier killer” missiles have been developed and deployed by China and Russia. New hypersonic missile systems such as the Chinese DF-21D or Russia’s Kh-47M2 (Kinzal) all having engagement ranges at least a thousand kilometers, capable of striking at hypersonic speeds and able to disable even the largest supercarriers with a single direct hit. The US Navy currently has no defense against such weapons. The proliferation of ‘carrier killer’ weapons is only ...


Sino-Russian Relations Are Still Not an Alliance, but They Are More Than Partnership

Interview for the Global Times This year marks the 20 th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation between Russia and China. During the recent visit to China by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the two sides agreed to extend the treaty and enrich it with the essence of a new era. What is the essence of the new era? What is the trajectory of China-Russia relations ...


Growing US Pressure Incentive to Make China-Russia Ties More Diverse

... their problems with Washington anytime soon Two months after the inauguration of Present Joe Biden, with the political dust in Washington settling down, it is becoming increasingly clear that the US Democratic administration policy toward Russia and China contains more elements of continuity than elements of change. Unfortunately, this continuity is not something that they would like to observe in Moscow and Beijing. Zhao Huasheng: Should China and Russia Form an Alliance? If someone has hoped that ...


Sanctions Against Russia: A Look into 2021

Report 65/2021 Report 65/2021 The report analyses the application of foreign sanctions against Russian citizens, companies and economy sectors. It also considers global trends in the use of sanctions and restrictive measures against Russia within individual areas (the “Ukrainian package,” sanctions against pipeline projects, “cyber sanctions,” etc.). The report is based on Sanctions Event Database compiled by the Russian International Affairs Council. It contains data for 2020 into early 2021....


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