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Syrian Idlib: What’s Next?

... increasingly view the “Idlib question” through the lens of a difficult dialogue with Russia on the Libyan and Nagorno-Karabakh conflicts (on October 25, Russia’s Aerospace Force delivered a strike against the Syrian Corps militants in Idlib, which Russian media dubbed “ Bakh for Karabakh ” [ 1 ] ). Turkey has started relocating eight military observation posts in Idlib, as those posts had been blocked in an SAA-liberated area (the post in Murek was evacuated on October 19-20, 2020), which is not only for security reasons, but also due to Turkey’s ...


Turkish and Russian Approaches to Security in the Eastern Mediterranean

... states to the United States, another non-regional power of the region, translates the Russians' hand into Turkey and Iran. The key to U.S.-guided NATO's branding of Moscow could again be considered a diplomatic link between Turkey, a NATO member, with Russia. Turkey's problems with PKK/PYD and FETO terrorist organizations in recent years and its American role in this context have also put Turkey in search of new allies in the region. If an effective diplomatic link is established between the two countries,...


Greek Auditory Illusions in the Greek-American-Turkish-Russian Labyrinth

... Graeco-American ‘strategic military alliance’ that is steered against her. Thankfully Russia has not taken vindictive action against her friends the Greeks, who always turn to her for support in the UN Security Council. Greece is obviously unhappy with Russia supplying Turkey with the S-400 air defence system, but the truth is that Russia first supplied the Greeks with the S-300 over twenty years ago. A secret agreement between America and the then defeatist Greek government made this powerful defence system inoperable....


Shaky Bridges Between Russia, Turkey and the EU

... Kyrgyzstan: Russia is facing a number of challenges internally and in its immediate neighbourhood. Andrey Kortunov , Director of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), shares his analysis of President Putin’s situation amid these crises, and of Russia’s relations with Turkey and the EU. What does Vladimir Putin's current situation look like, amid the different crises Russia is facing at home and in its immediate neighborhood? Is he able to provide stability in the region? Andrey Kortunov: How the Pandemic Will Change ...


War in the Caucasus. Neo-Ottoman Empire, Eurasia, Asian NATO and Kavzak 2020

... conflicht. This would have been a good opportunity to make a joint action of the USA, France and Russia against Erdogan and send him to oblivion, but it didn´t happen.Russia still believes it could appease Erdogan and Azerbaijian by an Asthana format with Russia, Turkey and Iran as key players in the Cauacsus as they tried to do in Syria and Libya. It was also interesting to see, that Russia was holding big maneuvres in the Caucasus Kavkaz 2020 with China, Pakistan, Iran, Belarus and other countries together as ...


Hidden Traces in the Armenia-Azerbaijan Сonflict

... media having reported headlines addressing the new "front" between Moscow and Ankara in this context. Paris believes that the missile attack (in the first months of 2018) launched by the U.S., Britain and France in Syria created a rift between Russia and Turkey, who have different views on some issues, especially in Syria. French President Emmanuel Macron said this in a televised interview. It is no secret that the Western attacks in Syria at that time sought, among other things, to cause a rift in relations ...


Nagorno-Karabakh: A Frozen Conflict Rethawed

... nature are a fundamental part of any modern-day battle plan. However, they are liable to be just as damaging as conventional weapons. What Can EU Do For You? It is clear that a solution in the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh is inconceivable without Russia. With Turkey deliberately instigating the Azerbaijan government, Russia sees itself as a mediator to both, Armenia and Azerbaijan. While there is a Russian military base located in Armenia, and is considered Armenia’s protector, Russian neutrality goes so ...


Who’s Who in Nagorno-Karabakh

... does not fail to take into account the reality on the ground and the need to find a solution between the protagonists and above all, without violence. The recent events of September 2020 make the members of the Minsk Group fear possible interference from Turkey, which is problematic for both the West and Russia. Indeed, Russia does not want a military confrontation with Turkey, which is a member of NATO, and the United States and France do not support Ankara in its pro-Azeri stance. Turkey and the Muslim World Ankara recalls its closeness to Azerbaijan ...


Recep Erdogan in a Russian Minefield

... in the Idlib Governorate. In both cases, the sides found the political will to stop before the line in the sand had been crossed, preventing the situation from spiralling out of control and bringing all manner of unwanted consequences. Unfortunately, TurkeyRussia relations could easily veer off course at any time. The logic and dynamics of Turkey’s current foreign policy continue to place Erdogan in the middle of a minefield, where any step could prove fatal for his relations with Vladimir Putin. And ...


Russia and Syria: Nuances in Allied Relations

... military units from the 80-kilometre security zone and using national reconciliation principles to form local authorities. Russia is entitled to expect Syria to comply with these conditions. Or let us take the agreements reached between the presidents of Russia and Turkey on March 4, 2020, concerning Idlib and which were achieved as part of the implementation of the de-escalation zone agreement developed by the “Astana Troika” with Syria’s participation. This development makes it possible to avoid the worst-case ...


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