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State and Prospects of RussiaTurkey Energy Relations

To assess the current state and development prospects of RussiaTurkey energy relations, it is necessary to take a closer look at the changes that have taken place on Turkey’s domestic energy market, the key features of its energy policy, and the possibilities of using the country’s transit potential. It is also ...


Russian-Turkish Relations in 2014

... them to achieve progress in each of them separately, and then take advantage of the cumulative effect of the ongoing projects together. Prospects for relations Judging by the experiences of the past year, we can expect that in 2015 relations between Russia and Turkey will develop in several directions. Energy, tourism and construction will be the key areas of bilateral cooperation. The proposed Turkish Stream gas pipeline project, despite its high potential for implementation, requires a lot of work in technological, economic and political terms. Much ...


The Course of South Stream

... the new strategy, Russia will build pipelines up to EU borders only, with the might-have-been partners having to pick up the financial slack and invest heavily in the construction of additional pipelines. The undisputed winner in the entire affair is Turkey, which had for years dreamt about – and is successfully putting into practice – becoming a strategic hub for supplying energy to Europe from the Middle East. And now, it would seem, from Russia as well. On the whole, Russia turning its back on the expensive and politically risky project is an undoubted benefit, even if significant investments have already been made in ground infrastructure which, according to Gazprom head Alexey Miller,...


Nuclear geopolitics. Shifting sands along Africa’s Uranium Road

... quiet, silent. You don’t see it, feel it or hear it. This view was confirmed recently by Sergey Ivanov, chief of staff for Russian Federation president Vladimir Putin, responding to questions from the international online media platform “RT.” ... ... for now is growing but the market is considered “slow.” As a result spot uranium prices do not impact the broad energy market like spot oil prices do. But the market remains a target of opportunity for “pump and dump” specialists,...


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