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Small Countries as Key Agents in Peace Mediation

... that resulted in their declaration that they would respect the 2003 cease-fire accord. Earlier in 2018 the UAE together with Saudi Arabia played a key role in mediating the 2018 peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia. In 2020 Abu Dhabi’s Crown ... ... accords between Israel and several Arab states. The UAE is also seeking diplomatic solutions to tensions around countries such as Syria, Libya and Yemen. Small countries do possess important advantages in conflict mediation compared to large economies – ...


2020 Forecast: Revealing the Future of the Middle East

... regional and tribal identities. This might lead to a new wave of the Arab Spring, similar to what was witnessed in the cases of Syria and Libya, as well as Yemen. In the cases mentioned above, regional powers supported by global forces acted to instigate ... ... bringing about other Islamic camps in the Far East and Central Asia, as well as Africa, to compete with the Islamic camp led by Saudi Arabia. Thus, the competition will not be limited to a confrontation between Shiites and Sunnis, but we will also see the ...


What to Expect from Putin's Visit to Saudi Arabia?

... recognition of the Syrian government. In turn, this would not only impact the regional diplomatic landscape but also bring about partial international recognition. Riyadh’s willingness to meet Moscow and Damascus halfway could make it possible for Saudi Arabia and Syria to re-establish ties and, more importantly, strengthen the regional standing of both nations. The Saudis once showed themselves capable of pragmatism, and Bahrain, which resumed diplomatic work with Syria, can be regarded as a litmus test of the ...


The Odds of Syria’s Return to the Arab League: Opportunities and Threats

... that Syrians themselves support it. And yet the official response of Damascus to Doha is plain and simple: “Qatar could help Syria get out of its crisis … by stopping its financing of armed groups and the trafficking of weapons.” Readmitting Syria while it is still led by Bashar al-Assad would only mean that Saudi Arabia acknowledges its inability to put somebody else at the helm there. Saudi Arabia’s position is yet another obstacle to Damascus’s return to the Arab League. Riyadh has still not decided whether to let this process run its course, i.e. ...


Middle East – 2030

... power projection, it is practical to start with area where Saudi Arabia is located, that is, the “South.” The South We speak here of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain and Qatar. With possible implications into the “North”: Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Saudi Arabia is pivotal for the whole region and is unstable at the same time. The current path is pointing to an ever more oppressive system, concentrating power and stagnant wealth into the hands of a very small group. Such system will become ever more ...


Analysis: The King's Visit to Moscow is a Major Turning Point in Middle-East Politics

... the Saudis must deal with Russia in order to achieve what they want in Syria, or at least preserve the minimum of their interests over there. The other Saudi option is to leave the Syrian field for Iran and Turkey and totally detach themselves from Syria and its ongoing war. To Saudi Arabia, Russia is not an enemy nor a fierce competitor. It is the Iranian influence that Saudis fear the most, it is the historical enemy of Saudi Arabia, and both countries have waged proxy wars in each of Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen. It is the modern ...


Saudi Arabia and Yemen Specialists Visit RIAC. TASS Press-Conference

On October 5, 2017, along with the historical visit of the King of Saudi Arabia to Moscow, several events were held to focus on the current state of relations and prospects for development of relations between Moscow and Riyadh. On October 5, 2017, along with the historical visit of the King of Saudi Arabia to Moscow,...


Russian–Saudi Relations Entering New Phase

... immediately refuted the reports, but certain differences between the two countries do exist. Moscow continues to support President of Syria Bashar al-Assad. Because of Russia’s stance on Syria, the Arab world perceives it as an ally of Shiite Iran. Saudi Arabia, for its part, cooperates in Syria with varied Sunni groups whose aim is to change the power in the country. Another potential source of discord are direct shipments of Russian arms to Iran, particularly of S-300 and other surface-to-air missile systems, which are capable of tipping ...


Donald Trump: The 'Unreliable Flip-Flop Loser' President Who 'Lacks Stamina'

Within three days of a bizarre chemical gas poisoning incident in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria, the United States ratcheted up its global judge, jury and executioner role by firing a salvo of Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian airbase that was used to combat Daesh terrorists.  No due process or investigation was sought; not even a declaration ...


Russia – GCC Relations After the Signing of the JCPOA with Iran

... most of the GCC states find themselves in a proxy war against Iran, and view it as a belligerent actor in the region, Russia has increased its cooperation and partnership with the Islamic Republic. A similar confliction of interests can be found in Syria, where states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar have invested tremendous political capital in supporting Syrian rebels, Russia has deployed its political, economic and military might in support of the Bashar al-Assad regime. Historically, GCC-Russia relations have never realized ...


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