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The Astana Model: Methods and Ambitions of Russian Political Action

... Russian leaders, who believe that the real borderline in global politics today divides not democracy and authoritarianism, but order and chaos. Andrey Kortunov: Russian Foreign Policy in the Middle East: Achievements and Limitations The hope of using Syria as an opportunity to limit the damage in US-Russian relations caused by the Ukraine crisis did not last for too long. The widely advertised US-Russian agreement on the elimination of chemical weapons in Syria in September 2013 failed to lead to ...


Per Aspera ad Pax

The Syrian Crisis: A Thorny Path from War to Peace The second decade of the 21st century began with a string of explosive protests in the Middle East and North Africa. The region has become a source of violence and terrorism, dramatic national upheavals,...


What to Expect from Putin's Visit to Saudi Arabia?

... 30% of shares. Russian Gazprom is discussing projects in natural gas conversion. More specifically, officials promise to speak about new projects and contracts in greater detail during Putin’s visit to Riyadh. Ruslan Mamedov: What Russia Wants in Syria Moscow and Riyadh will also have to address a wide range of regional security issues from the Gulf to Syria to Yemen. Putin's visit coincides with the Saudi authorities’ efforts to ease tensions in the Gulf region. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed ...


What Russia Wants in Syria

In an interview, Ruslan Mamedov unpacks Moscow’s policy in Syria and its attitude toward Bashar al-Assad Ruslan Mamedov is the Middle East and North Africa program coordinator at the Russian International Affairs Council. He is also a researcher with the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO ...


RIAC in Beirut (Lebanon) at the Meeting on Regional Implications of Syrian Crisis

On September 17, 2019, Beirut hosted a seminar “Inside Syria: The Implications Of An Endless Crisis" as part of regional meetings and preparation for the “Mediterranean Dialogues” (Rome MED 2019). The event was organized by Carnegie Middle East Center and the Italian Institute for International Political ...


Factors That Led to the Growth of Al-Qaida and Emergence of ISIS Are Still There

... own security interests. Those who want Iran to toe the line need to reassure it and engage it in a dialogue. Conversely, Iran has to appreciate that the way it is spreading its influence, the way it is actually engaging non-state actors, and allies in Syria and elsewhere in Yemen is not helping. So, basically, neither side is doing it right. That is why we are in a mess. We need a good constructive dialogue between the big parties, the global and regional powers. In your opinion, what are the most ...


Jerusalem Format: Searching for a Solution to the Crisis in the Middle East

The trilateral meeting in Jerusalem showed significant differences in the approaches of Russia and the US-Israel tandem towards the tactics regarding the role of Iran in Syria. On July 20, Jerusalem hosted a summit meeting for the national security advisers of Israel, the US, and Russia that was unusual both in terms of composition and thematic content. Intensive negotiations held in bilateral and trilateral formats,...


Troubled Partners: What Russia and Turkey are Dividing Up in Syria

Why Russia and Turkey Need Each Other in Syria “Turkey is our close partner, our ally,” said Presidential Spokesperson and Turkologist Dmitry Peskov on the eve of the meeting in the town of Zhukovsky near Moscow. On August 27, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin met his ...


Political Weight or Economic Dividends: New Role for Russia in the Middle East?

... the Middle East in the years ahead will be the implementation of a shift from a military-political approach to an economic one or in other words from risk based approach to opportunity-oriented Since the start of the Russian military operation in Syria in 2015, the configuration of political forces in the Middle East began to undergo major changes. The dominance of the United States as a key security provider in the region, which was the issue since 1990s and accelerated with the invasion of Iraq ...


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