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This Distant Damascus

The war in Syria has shown that a military solution to the conflict is doomed to fail, and establishing political peace seems almost the only probable way to resolve the conflict For the last 12 years, the war in Syria has been raging on. March 15, 2011 is considered ...


Syria. The path from war to peace

Russian diplomat Maria Khodynskaya-Golenischeva analyses the background and the main causes of the Syrian Civil War Russian diplomat Maria Khodynskaya-Golenischeva analyses the background and the main causes of the Syrian Civil War. She reviews a wide spectrum of anti-government and pro-government military groups; highlights the importance of the ...


Twelve Years into Syrian Conflict

The parties to the Syrian conflict must understand that it is impossible to reach a resolution on the political track without mutual concessions For the past year or two, the situation in Syria has retreated into the shadow of global crises, all exacerbated by the standoff ...


Syria: Humanitarian Crisis and Disaster

Moscow is calling for an end to the policy of collective punishment of the Syrians and has urged its partners to start rebuilding the Syrian economy On January 9, 2023, the UN Security Council extended the cross-border mechanism for the supply of humanitarian aid to the north-western regions of Syria. According to Resolution ...


Does Syria’s Road Back to the Arab Family Go Through the UAE?

... issues on the regional agenda. It is acquiring even greater importance due to the ongoing reapproachment efforts between Damascus and the Arab Gulf states pioneered by the UAE. Since 2018, Bahrain and the UAE have restored diplomatic relations with the Syrian Arab Republic despite years of animosity and criticism coming from the West. A series of high-level visits took place over the last years, and a number of economic agreements have been signed between Damascus and its regional peers which proves ...


Bargaining Items

Avoiding a new round of violence is ultimately in the interests of all the players involved in resolving the Syrian problem Ankara is paying great attention to the security problems germinating in the southern borders of Turkey. This issue has become especially important for Turkey, given that it is on the eve of its presidential and parliamentary elections,...


Syria: A Chess Game

The Turkish military operation in Syria does not meet Russia’s interests Turkey's forthcoming ground operation in Syria, which Ankara regularly warns about, has become a top concern for the international community. In November 2022, Turkish armed forces launched air strikes on parts ...


Istanbul Terrorist Attack: What Awaits Turkey and its Neighbors?

The recent terrorist attack in Istanbul will seriously complicate the U.S. ability to support the YPG if Ankara decides to conduct a new full-scale military operation in Syria A terrorist attack on November 13 in central Istanbul killed six people and injured more than 80. The tragedy took place on the busy pedestrian İstiklal Avenue, about 200 meters from the diplomatic quarter, where the Russian Consulate General ...


U.S. and EU Sanctions against Syria

The vagueness and breadth of the sanctions permeated an atmosphere of over-compliance that shuns even small projects At this point, the Syrian issue is far from the core of global politics. Meanwhile, the situation in the country could be on the downward path again if there is inadequate care towards the ceasefire, the political process and settlement as well as post-conflict reconstruction....


Settling the Syrian Conflict Amid the Ukrainian Crisis: Political Economy Perspective

Working Paper No. 67 / 2022 Working Paper No. 67 / 2022 The restoration of economic ties in Syria, coupled with the decentralization of state power and the development of local self-government, may be key in resolving the Syrian crisis. Economic reintegration may prove to be a catalyst for the peace process. This working paper presents a political ...


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