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Coercive Economic Sanctions and the Expansion of Organised Oligarchical Activities: The IRGC Network

... gradually steamrolled over the opposition forces and regained the control over most of Iraq and Syria’s strategic cities.[13]Amongst these cities, Al-Bukamal and Tayyam on the Eastern Syrian border and Latakia, and Tartus ports as well as the city of Al-Qusayr on the Western Syrian border with Lebanon are amongst the most strategic smuggling points in which are in full control of the IRGC, Hezbollah, and other local militias affiliated with Iran.[14] Moreover, it can be argued that Iran’s successful response to the rise ...


Finishing the Job: Turkey Preparing For Military Operation in Syria

... Ankara can count on some trump cards in its game with Moscow. Maybe, as in 2018 and in 2019, it will succeed in obtaining Moscow’s favorably neutral stance. It may use such “aces up its sleeve” as re-opening an air corridor through Turkey into Syria that Turkey closed on April 23 ; or else, it may block NATO warships’ passage into the Black Sea no matter how hard NATO tries to push Turkey into revoking its prohibition under various pretexts. Finally, another trump card may be Turkey’s refusal to accede to anti-Russian sanctions. In the current situation, a conflict with Turkey may turn out to be too costly for Moscow, while direct opposition to Turkey’s plans (primarily if Damascus insists on it) may result in Ankara changing its approaches ...


Comparing The Contours of Russia’s Ummah Pivot in Syria & Afghanistan

... Russian policy will enable the Kremlin to perfect its balancing act between East and West and thus emerge as the supercontinent’s supreme balancing force exactly as it plans. Moscow’s differing degrees of involvement in two countries in recent years, Syria and Afghanistan, can be considered case studies of this policy. Both are mired in very complex conflicts and are geostrategically positioned in their respective regions. Furthermore, Russia has been compelled by circumstances to pragmatically engage ...


Will US withdraw from Syria as it did from Afghan base?

After the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan, Arab countries are wondering whether Syria – which has hundreds of American soldiers – will be the next country to witness a U.S. withdrawal. This was already stated in an analytical article in Foreign Policy magazine.Source: Reuters The piece says that given current U.S. President Joe ...


President Biden’s Syria Policy Should Allow for Cooperation with Russia

... repeats the line that “the president himself worked to stop Russia from cutting off the last humanitarian aid route to Idlib, where more than 3 million internally displaced refugees would have otherwise starved to death.” Russia has no interest in Syria becoming a failed state (which the West has let happen in Libya), let alone starving civilians to death. This accusation fails to consider the mechanisms of aid distribution. It’s a propaganda effort aimed at discrediting Russia’s role in Syria. Russia is feeding Syrians , delivering regular shipments of wheat since March 2021 when the resource’s demand became ...


The U.S. Intensifies its Asia Diplomacy

... the whole region. As a matter of fact, after a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan and a severe confrontation with Iran, the U.S. is upset and confused further. The U.S. is losing its grounds in the entire Muslim world, as its aggression of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and some other Muslim countries has created anti-American sentiments around the globe. The Muslim world sees Russia as a friend and seeking protection and refuge from Russia. It is time for Russia to show solidarity with the Muslim ...


Replace Murderous Sanctions With Economic Reconstruction, Putin Gives A Lesson In Statecraft

... Trans-Atlantic alliance. In the last years, the U.S. has imposed sanctions against at least 39 nations, including Russia, China, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Venezuela, and North Korea. This is justified under the specious claim that this is a means of punishing ... ... Ambassador to the U.N., and has been appointed by President Biden as head of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which determines which nations will receive aid from the U.S. Biden also placed her on the U.S. National Security Council,...


“Humanitarian Sanctions” Are Killing Syrians, While New Sanctions Threaten to Crash the Russian Economy: They Must Be Overturned

If the cry “Never Again” is to retain any meaning, the Caesar Sanctions against Syria must be immediately lifted As the Biden administration is recklessly expanding the sanctions regime—something that has become a routine response from Anglo-American officials to any government they accuse of violating the “rules-based order”—Helga ...


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