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The Shaikh Group Expert Meeting on Security Challenges in the Middle East

... took place. High-level experts from Russia, the U.S., France, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, China, and India took part in the discussion. The discussion focused on the attempts of the leadership of Iraq to mediate in negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, as well as the potential impact of the change of power in Afghanistan on the balance of power in the region and the prospects for strengthening security in the Middle East. Irina Zvyagelskaya, RIAC Member, Head of the Center for the Middle ...


RIAC and EUI Webinar “A Gradual Approach Towards a New Security System in the Persian Gulf”

June 28, 2021, 15:00 GMT+3 On June 28, 2021, Russian International Affairs Council and the Middle East Directions Programme at the European University Institute (EUI) will hold a webinar meeting “A Gradual Approach Towards a New Security System in the Persian Gulf”. Andrey Kortunov, Director General, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and Luigi Narbone, Director of the Middle East Directions Programme, European University Institute (EUI) will deliver opening remarks. Speakers: Abdolrasool...


Some Questions To Ask About The Latest Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

... have always claimed that American military support of Israel occurs at the expense of their own people’s human rights. * Will Muslim countries come closer together as a result of this conflict? The latest violence occurred against the backdrop of Saudi Arabia’s incipient rapprochements with Iran and Turkey, but it remains to be seen whether these pairs of rivals will come closer together due to this conflict. * What is the future of U.S.-Israeli relations? Some Israelis are unhappy with the ...


Meeting Security Challenges in the Gulf: Ideal Solutions and Practical Steps

... transport. Foreign military involvement in the civil war in Yemen, which has already resulted in a humanitarian disaster in the country, the political pressure on Qatar from a number of neighbouring Arab states and the never-ending tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia are just the most graphic illustrations of this dangerous situation [ 1 ]. In addition, many Gulf countries are becoming increasingly vulnerable to domestic social and political unrest due to increasing volatility in the global oil market ...


The Biden Administration and Iran Nuclear Deal: More Constraints than Possibilities

... their interests are not represented in a global deal that directly affects regional security. Alexander Kozintsev: Political Transformations in Iran: How to Keep up with the Times The Middle Eastern allies of the USA Major regional players, such as Saudi Arabia or Israel, will be wary of the Biden administration’s first actions regarding the return of the United States to the JCPOA and the sanctions relief. The Israelis are openly against the deal concluded under Barack Obama. Given that J. Biden ...


How to End the War in Yemen in 2020?

... represented by the IRP and the STC. Yet, if we take a closer look, these seemingly positive trends are moving in opposite directions and could ultimately generate new clashes. If we compare the two documents, the RA that was signed under the auspices of Saudi Arabia and the UAE in 2019 but has not so far been implemented, and the JD that has not yet been signed, we will see that they have radically different goals. The RA is intended to bring back to Aden the IRP’s offices that had been pushed out ...


The Egoistic Approach of Saudis Fails to Deter Doha Despite the Blockade

During the blockade Qatar was always open for dialogue, thus winning the moral and ethical battle on this front It has been three years since Saudi Arabia and three other Arab countries imposed a land and sea blockade on Qatar. The objective was to isolate Qatar from the rest of the world, but all these efforts failed miserably and Doha became more active than earlier. During these three years,...


The Yemeni Impasse: War During the Pandemic

... defeats on the forces that are loyal to the internationally recognized government of President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi and the Saudi-led coalition troops. Even after the coronavirus had hit the country, the Houthis resumed ballistic missile attacks on Saudi Arabia, and also launched an offensive in Marib Governorate. Clashes also broke out near the strategically important Al-Hudaydah Port. The Battle of Marib Marib Governorate is considered the richest province in northern Yemen, with oil and gas ...


Can Russia, Saudi Arabia Strike New OPEC+ Deal with US Help?

As the OPEC+ deal has expired, Russia and Saudi Arabia remain at odds, though the United States offered encouraging words that production cuts might be negotiated The Russian-Saudi feud over oil production has destabilized the market even as the industry faces anemic demand and the potential ...


America’s Role in the Saudi-Iran Fault Line

The U.S.-Saudi Arabia-Iran Tensions: It Seemed We Were Moving Towards a Conflict More Dramatic Than Anything We Have Already Seen Key ideas from Daniel Levy’s speech during the “Persian Gulf: War and Peace” session of the 9th Valdai Discussion Club’s ...


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