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The Astana Model: Methods and Ambitions of Russian Political Action

... the United States will limit itself to continued support for Israel and persistent pressure on Iran. A regional hegemonic power could theoretically replace the non-regional hegemon. In the MENA region, the most apparent candidate for this position is Saudi Arabia (or, rather, a combination of the Saudi resource base and the political ambitions of the UAE). For Moscow, such an option would be undoubtedly undesirable, as it would deprive Russia of its current comparative advantage of avoiding taking ...


What to Expect from Putin's Visit to Saudi Arabia?

Moscow and Riyadh have more capability for productive cooperation and compromise on those issues that the parties still diverge on Vladimir Putin is due to arrive in Saudi Arabia Oct. 14, 2019. The Russian president made his only trip to Riyadh way back in 2007 , and the two leaders have refrained from top-level visits until Saudi King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud made a historic first visit to Russia in October ...


Yemen: Federalization as an Alternative to War

... Yemen. This was accompanied by pogroms and persecutions of northerners in Aden. Such developments are fraught not only with the spiralling of the Yemen crisis, but also with a possible clash between the principal parties of the anti-Houthi coalition: Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Riyadh is counting on Hadi as the leader of a united country, while Abu Dhabi uses its STC proxies to create the conditions for splitting up the country, thus weakening the position of the pro-Saudi President....


Attack on Saudi Arabia: What Next?

Repeated attacks and growing tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran put a question mark over the future of Middle Eastern exports The attack on the infrastructure facilities of Saudi Arabia’s national oil and gas company Saudi Aramco is the largest interruption of energy supplies in history ...


Undestanding the Gulf States: The European Perspective

... have been working on a free trade agreement for some 18 years and it is still not complete. But relations to the EU members are very engaged and the Arab Gulf states are very close to Europe. In terms of the trend, Europe is increasingly engaging with Saudi Arabia in terms of security, in an assortment of economic projects, religious affairs and in infrastructural development as well. I think that Saudi Arabia is going to play a much more important role in the European policy in the years ahead. Bahrain ...


The Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Aden

How to ensure security and freedom of navigation in the Persian Gulf? In recent weeks, the world’s attention has been riveted on the situation in the Strait of Hormuz. On May 12, four tankers owned by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were attacked by unknown forces when entering the Strait off the coast of Fujairah. On June 13, this time near the Iranian coast, two more tankers flying the flags of the Marshall Islands and Panama were attacked....


March to Tripoli, or a Third Civil War in Libya: Initial Results

... backdrop of increased military assistance from Turkey (including for groups that are part of the Tripoli Defence Forces). Khalifa Haftar fully, and erroneously, expected that military support from his external allies (Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and France) would help his forces overcome the enemy’s resistance. While the LNA could count on the direct participation of the Egyptian special forces (as well as on the operational air force of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates) during ...


What Assange Will Tell Congress (Good for Russia...)

... Bennett and Brad Birkenfeld’s report “Shell Game: A military whistleblowing report to Congress about terrorist financing” 7. Julian Assange will confirm that wikileaks cables contain information proving the 911 connection to CIA, Mossad, MI6, Saudi Arabia, and confirm the Robert Mueller connection to the cover-up of the FBI cameras around the Pentagon, and Booz Allen Hamilton’s connection via the Carlyle Group and Leon Panetta  and Michael Hayden (both former Booz Allen Hamilton partners)....


The Odds of Syria’s Return to the Arab League: Opportunities and Threats

... of Damascus to Doha is plain and simple: “Qatar could help Syria get out of its crisis … by stopping its financing of armed groups and the trafficking of weapons.” Readmitting Syria while it is still led by Bashar al-Assad would only mean that Saudi Arabia acknowledges its inability to put somebody else at the helm there. Saudi Arabia’s position is yet another obstacle to Damascus’s return to the Arab League. Riyadh has still not decided whether to let this process run its course, i.e. ...


Review of New Book KUSHNER INC. - Greed. Ambition. Corruption. by Vicky Ward

... of evidence of actual crimes committed by Kushner – Ivanka (not to be confused with her mother Ivana) comes across more as witless than a criminal – that the book confirms my view that Jared Kushner will soon be indicted and of no use at all to Saudi Arabia and Qatar as well as Israel. Q. Here is a quote from the beginning of your review as published at your blog: This book provides the public with – in effect – a national counterintelligence threat study on a single individual who is, apart ...


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