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Iran — a Stumbling Block for Russia and the Gulf Countries?

... Liberation of Bahrain attempted to carry out a coup, which the authorities successfully thwarted, resulting in the arrest of many of its members The government of Bahrain accused Iran of being behind the plot, with plenty of evidence [1] . Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have repeatedly accused Iran of interfering in their affairs and of supporting groups who wish to overthrow the monarchies. In fact, some Iranian officials have gone as far as to claim Bahrain as Iran’s 14th province. Furthermore, Hezbollah associate groups in the GCC ...


Are We about to Witness the Biggest Oil Crisis since 1986?

... volatility in the market, but is not enough to cause a 1986-type crisis in the oil industry. Once the energy sanctions against Iran are lifted, which may happen as soon as in November, the country’s goal will be to empty existing storage facilities ... ... are unlikely to keep ramping up production. National budgets of OPEC members are now critically dependent on the price of oil. Saudi Arabia, for example, had to issue first sovereign bond since 2007 to cover the budget deficit caused by cheap oil. Even ...


There Is No Logical Argument Against the Iran Nuclear Deal

... and more like the Soviet Union’s, with Iran acting fairly predictably, rationally, and in its own interests. And this deal is most certainly in its own interests. Maybe Iran will break the deal, but the U.S. deal with countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Russia, so why not give Iran a chance? “Iran sponsors terrorism with Hezbollah! Enough said!” So do lots of other countries, but we still cooperate with them and get meaningful results. Yes, Iran sponsors Hezbollah, but today’s Hezbollah is not your father’s ...



Iran, the United States and five other world powers have sealed a breakthrough framework agreement outlining limits on Iran's nuclear program, despite attempts by Israel and Saudi Arabia to thwart the deal. Saudi Arabia, who is considering as a main opposite force to deal with Shiite Iran, believes that the deal must ensure stability in the region. Moreover, the deal means that Iran will be able to strengthen its presence ...


GCC’s Diplomatic Snub of Obama’s Camp David

... referring to Tehran. In a statement released at the Camp David summit the US and the GCC agreed to “cooperate in countering Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region and continue consultations on how to enhance the region’s security architecture.... ... warning system. Several GCC states have necessary defense components in place already, such as short-range Patriot systems in Saudi Arabia and THAAD systems in Qatar, but the new agreement provides for the installation of a comprehensive system that would ...


One Thousand and One Nights: Barack Obama on Missile Defence in the Persian Gulf

... Persian Gulf states have an irrational fear of Iran. In April 2015, the United States made steps towards rapprochement with Iran, a move that unnerved its allies in the region even more. This was followed in May, when Washington promised those same allies ... ... of billions of euros”. And it just so happens that Laurent Fabius and French President François Hollande are currently in Saudi Arabia as guests at the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf summit, where they are discussing new arms deliveries....


Turmoil in Yemen As a Long-Term Oil Market Factor

... that of the explosions that happened in 2014, with a sudden oil price spike and panic in the markets. Boots on the ground in Yemen REUTERS/Faisal Al Nasser/Pixstream Nikolay Surkov: Yemen: Between Iraq and Somalia Just like direct confrontation between Iran and Saudi Arabia over the Bab el-Mandeb strait, a possible ground operation in Yemen may seriously affect oil prices. Recent reports suggest that a decision on sending ground forces to Yemen has been made , but the exact date remains unknown. A ground operation ...


In Time, Expect Big Changes in America's Middle East Relationships

... take the steam out of their radical, violent agenda. The U.S. will soon overtake (or possibly even already has overtaken) Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world’s largest liquid petroleum producer, in 2015 is supposed to become the top overall ... ... into being an apartheid-like political pariah within the Western world. 4.) There’s a good chance for a thaw/deal with Iran in the near future. More than any president since the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Obama has shown an energy and a willingness ...


The ISIS Crisis and the faiblesse of global governance

... Al Monitor) is an example. For Kissinger Iran is the threat Henry Kissinger, who commended RIAC members during discussions a few months ago, recently posited that Iran is a bigger threat than ISIS because, as a political and religious institution, it has been around longer, and has long held the goal of removing Saudi Arabia as the center of world Islam. Days before that statement, in a Wall Street Journal teaser article promoting his new book, Kissinger warned that the current world order is collapsing. He used the word “governance” several times ...


How ISIL is financing its war machine – Terror 2.0

... gets ransoms from kidnappings. But that’s not enough to maintain its men and buy arms.” With ISIL’s growing independence, comes a shrinking ability to control the organization from the outside. This new development actually prompted Saudi Arabia to adopt a stronger stance against the terror group, even though it was keen a few months ago to use its men against President Bashar Al Assad in Syria. In a rather ironic turn of event, the very warnings which President Al Assad issued ...


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