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Russia’s Approach to Cross-Border Aid Delivery to Syria

... and it is seen as a concession on the part of the U.S. By the same token, Moscow will try to get something in exchange for a CBM prolongation, although this looks less likely in the current circumstances. What can it potentially be? On Apr. 23 2022, Turkey closed its sky for Russia’s military and civilian aircraft heading for Syria. It did not seriously affect Moscow’s ability to deliver staff and equipment to Syria but Russia might seek to get things back to normal; Moscow might seek the U.S. to turn a blind eye on ...


Route Restored? Results of the NATO Summit in Madrid

... Recep Tayyip Erdogan, despite claims from both sides, can hardly be underestimated. 2 . Already now, Ankara has provided lists of persons whose extradition it demands from Stockholm and Helsinki, and made it clear that in case of a refusal to cooperate, Turkey’s consent to their entry into the alliance may be disavowed. 3 . Nevertheless, it is worth noting that, in accordance with the text of the document, although Russia cannot be a NATO partner, as it was announced in 2010, channels of communication with Moscow remain open. In practice, of course, the prospects for restoring an institutionalised or even ad hoc dialogue between the parties seem illusory, but such ...


Finishing the Job: Turkey Preparing For Military Operation in Syria

... never taken these areas under its security umbrella. If Ankara advances against them, it will hardly exacerbate its relations with Washington, which means Ankara may not need to coordinate its operation with the U.S. That, however, will require that Turkey convince Russia to change its mind, which is not a simple task since Manbij and Tell Rifaat transitioning under Turkey’s “protectorate” may be more sensitive for both Damascus and Moscow than larger territories in Syria’s northeast being under the “American ...


Ukrainian Crisis, Turkey and Eurasia: Who Wins?

... among allies. However, this is unlikely to reduce the appetites of the business. At the same time, Turkey has demonstrated flexibility in financial relations with Moscow. The key conditions for successful trading in the new conditions have been created. Turkey accepts Mir cards (Russia’s version of Visa or MasterCard). Most likely, bilateral financial transactions and trade will not be a problem. At the same time, Ankara is trying to play a mediating role in resolving the conflict. So far, these efforts have not been successful....


Threading the Needle: Turkey’s East-West Balancing Act

... Ukraine. Despite the arms shipments to Ukraine, Turkey still positions itself as an independent foreign policy actor in this situation. Turkey has separated itself from other NATO members as the only member state that has not placed economic sanctions on Russia. Turkey also is not providing military aid to Ukraine, hence their clarification that the drone shipments are sales, not aid. Moreover, Turkey has an ongoing high-level dialogue with Russia on issues such as the evacuation of cities and has expressed its ...


Neck and Neck: Ankara and Moscow in the New ‘Race for Africa’

... activities in Northern and Saharan Africa and a shared Muslim identity with modern African states, such as Mali, Somalia, and Libya. The former political, economic, and diplomatic ties cover much of the same bases as Russia’s activities across Africa. Like Russia, Turkey employs strategic partnership agreements – for example, with the GNA in Libya and the authorities in Somalia . However, Turkey has also achieved sizeable public opinion successes in Africa as it expands its development aid presence in Africa....


It is unlikely that President Erdoğan can play the role of an efficient mediator between Russia and Ukraine

... as in Syria, Libya, and the South Caucasus. The change in Russia’s priorities opens ways for strengthening Turkey’s positions in these crises and for changing the local balances of power. Second, in the context of a sharp confrontation between Russia and the West, the latter needs Turkey on its side more than even before. Therefore, the Ukraine conflict strengthens Turkey’s bargaining positions in dealing with the US, with NATO, and arguably even with the EU. At the same time, it is unlikely that President Erdoğan can play ...


Russia and Turkey: State and Prospects of Energy Cooperation

... and strategic in recent years. This working paper contains an analysis of the current state and prospects of this cooperation. It examines in detail the role and place of traditional and renewable energy sources in the energy policy of the Republic of Turkey. Russia and Turkey: State and Prospects of Energy Cooperation , 1.1 Mb


Peacekeeping in Nagorno-Karabakh: Perceptions and Impacts on Russia’s Bilateral Relations

... the United States, we can identify contradictions in the reactions and stances to the deployment. Looking at Turkey, we can see how Russian forces in Karabakh adds to the regional dynamic of Russo-Turkish cooperation and competition. In this conflict, Russia and Turkey find themselves with confrontational interests as Turkey openly backs Azerbaijan both diplomatically and militarily. Many have paid special attention to the role of this support, citing Turkish supplied equipment as a key determinant in the outcome ...


From St. Petersburg to Syunik: Reinvigorating the Russian–Armenian Security Alliance

... era” course and neglect its vital national security interests in Nagorno-Karabakh and Syunik, it will not only risk transforming Armenia into a Turkish client state, as this will also threaten to end Russia’s presence in Transcaucasia, creating a new Turkey-NATO threat on Russia’s southern frontiers. Currently, NATO stands a mere 135 kilometers (84 miles) from Peter the Great’s “window to Europe,” St. Petersburg . With an active support of the ambitious Ankara, it could soon follow this act by reaching within ...


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