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Syrian Idlib: What’s Next?

... trust-based system of informal payments between brokers and traders) and were carried out through the local monetary financial “hub”, the town of Sarmadam which is in the immediate vicinity of the Bab al-Hawa border crossing. Aleksandr Aksenenok: Russia and Syria: Nuances in Allied Relations The HTS’s claims to economic dominance repeatedly prompted countermeasures by Idlib’s heavies, who used the discontent of the local populace with their low quality of life. In October-November 2019, they managed ...


Pandemic Amid an Economic Crisis: Challenges for Syria

... (nuclear deal) and, as a consequence, strengthen Iranian economic presence in Syria. Is it any surprise then that the active exchange of delegations between Russia and Syria in September and October 2020 (the visit to Damascus by Co-Chair of the Permanent Russian-Syrian Intergovernmental Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation (IGC) Yuri Borisov and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and the return visit by a Syrian delegation headed by Minister of Presidential Affairs Mansour ...


Russia and the EU in Syria: Need for New Approaches?

... problem and necessity for more comprehensive approaches. The paper highlights the possibility of selective engagement of both parties on post-conflict reconstruction in Syria and the prospects for their increasing influence within the ongoing situation. Russia and the EU in Syria: Need for New Approaches? 1.5 Mb


Hidden Traces in the Armenia-Azerbaijan Сonflict

... consensus in Libya, with foreign media having reported headlines addressing the new "front" between Moscow and Ankara in this context. Paris believes that the missile attack (in the first months of 2018) launched by the U.S., Britain and France in Syria created a rift between Russia and Turkey, who have different views on some issues, especially in Syria. French President Emmanuel Macron said this in a televised interview. It is no secret that the Western attacks in Syria at that time sought, among other things, to cause a ...


Recep Erdogan in a Russian Minefield

... base for launching active operations against Bashar Assad’s forces and the Russian military infrastructure in Syria, then it is only a matter of time until a new crisis between Russia and Turkey breaks out. Operations against the Kurds in Northern Syria . Unsurprisingly, Russia and Turkey have different attitudes towards the Syrian Kurds and the role they would like to see them play in the country’s future. Thus far, Ankara and Moscow have managed to avoid problems on this issue by “agreeing to disagree.” However,...


Russia and Syria: Nuances in Allied Relations

... achieved as part of the implementation of the de-escalation zone agreement developed by the “Astana Troika” with Syria’s participation. This development makes it possible to avoid the worst-case scenario, which would not have been in the interests of Syria, Russia and Turkey. In no way does it change the attitude towards the Idlib problem as part of the principled approach to restoring Syria’s territorial integrity and the joint fight against terrorism. As for U.S.–Syria relations, Russia is pursuing ...


What Do the Syrian People Expect from Russia?

... agreements regarding the Syrian war. To pay in the financial sense by concluding “almost exclusive contracts” in oil, gas, ports, transportation and other sectors. Six: Russia as an Internal Actor Igor Matveev: The Caesar Act: A New Challenge for Syria? Russia has a presence in almost everything that is related to Syria. Specifically, Russia is involved in: issues of war and peace, infrastructure development, combating terrorism, dissolution and settlement policies, post-war policies, etc., which often ...


Moscow and Tehran in Syria: Competition or Partnership?

The Russian’s view on Syria is tactical, not strategic Russia and Iran's partnership has often wavered between cooperation and rivalry due to the incompatibility of interests and goals in many regional and international issues. However, their joint efforts have so far succeeded ...


Rebuilding Syria: Is ‘Selective Cooperation’ Between Russia and the EU Possible?

There is a growing understanding in the European Union that the geopolitical interests of European states should not always coincide with the interests of their unpredictable Euro-Atlantic ally The difference in approaches of Russia and the EU to the reconstruction of Syria is influenced by the current state of Russian-American relations, although there is a growing understanding in the European Union that the geopolitical interests of European states should not always coincide with the interests of their unpredictable ...


The Caesar Act: A New Challenge for Syria?

... concerning Russia’s participation in Syria’s post-war reconstruction effort. The “broad” concept entails involving large- and medium-sized business with financial and administrative governmental support and under the auspices of the Permanent Russian–Syrian Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific, and Technical Cooperation (which held its 12 th in Moscow meeting on December 23–25, 2019). The Commission prioritizes energy, transportation and the IT sector. The “narrow” strategy entails putting ...


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