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Turkey on the Eve of Presidential and Parliamentary Elections: Balance of Political Forces in the Country

... Russia, the Turks have been actively building up their presence in almost all sectors. The country understands that Russia’s position largely determines the level of its presence in a number of regions, including Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Middle East, the Black Sea region, etc. Russia and Turkey interact effectively within the framework of international formats to negotiate settlements in Syria, Libya, Karabakh. Turkey is seeking to play a mediating role in the Ukrainian crisis. Ankara sees this as an opportunity to strengthen its position in the international arena. As an initiator and mediator in implementing ...


Syrian President’s Visit to Russia Amid the Changing Regional Environment

... Assad’s visit to Moscow did not yield breakthrough agreements, it took place at a very opportune time, having confirmed the importance of the Syrian dossier for Russia and for the region, contrary to the many claims that Moscow is slackening its focus on Syria. Russia is still fostering economic cooperation with Damascus, while continuing its mediation towards internal reconciliation between the feuding groups in Syria and normalization of Damascus’ relationships with the neighboring Arab nations. Moscow goes ...


RIAC and SIIS experts compared notes on the Middle East

... high technology and education, developing and strengthening the sovereignty and independence of the countries of the Middle East and creating alternative platforms of negotiations in the region. It is also worth boosting interaction between China and Russia to achieve a diplomatic and political solution to the Syrian conflict and develop a post-war reconstruction plan for the country. Ivan Bocharov, RIAC Program Coordinator, and Jin Liangxiang, Senior Research Fellow at the Center for West Asian and African Studies of SIIS, moderated the round table. From ...


This Distant Damascus

... because of the risk of Western sanctions. However, now that many of the concerned organizations have fallen under the same sanctions themselves, the importance of this factor has diminished and Russia can expand its presence in Syria. This would allow Syria, a key ally of Russia in the Middle East, to manage its difficulties better. Ivan Bocharov: Syria: Humanitarian Crisis and Disaster The war in Syria has shown that a military solution to the conflict is doomed to fail, and establishing political peace seems almost the ...


Twelve Years into Syrian Conflict

... independence in 2017. In this sense, Russia will have to work patiently with the Syrian leadership as well, which so far has tended to equate any autonomous status with separatism. Third. The Biden administration’s response to the triple-format talks between Syria, Turkey, and Russia was quite revealing. In this particular situation, the U.S. has openly shown itself to be a “spoiler” of multilateral efforts to unblock a Syrian settlement. The State Department’s spokesman made it clear that the U.S. does not support the ...


Bargaining Items

... President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to solve the problem posed by Syrian Kurds by combining force with the possibility of normalizing relations with Syria. Back in December of last year, he proposed to hold a meeting between the presidents of Russia, Turkey, and Syria. According to Erdogan, this meeting should be after negotiations take place between head Defense Ministers, head Foreign Affairs Ministers, as well as heads of intelligence services of the three countries. Ivan Bocharov: Syria: A Chess Game By ...


Syria: A Chess Game

... send a tidal wave of new refugees in the region, instigating a migration crisis. Additionally, it will further add pressure on the economies neighboring Syria, including Turkey’s. A ground operation will only intensify the disastrous consequences in Syria. Russian Special Presidential Envoy to Syria Alexander Lavrentiev warned that the Turkish operation would lead to an outbreak of violence and civilian casualties, as well as increase the threat of terrorism. Military confrontation intensification in Syria ...


Istanbul Terrorist Attack: What Awaits Turkey and its Neighbors?

... course of the Turkish operation "The Source of Peace" in the fall of 2019, during negotiations between the Russian side and the Syrian Kurds, the latter agreed to Russian proposals to withdraw YPG units from the border strip in northeastern Syria, where Russian-Turkish patrols were supposed to operate. This provision was enshrined in the Sochi Memorandum , to which Erdogan referred in his claims against Moscow. However, once it became clear that the Trump administration had changed its decision to withdraw ...


U.S. and EU Sanctions against Syria

... clarify the position of the U.S. and EU in terms of Damascus taking certain steps in exchange for the easing of the sanction regime, such efforts have never been made by either side. 1 . For more detail see the author’s work US Sanctions Against Syria in С. 359.


Settling the Syrian Conflict Amid the Ukrainian Crisis: Political Economy Perspective

... be key in resolving the Syrian crisis. Economic reintegration may prove to be a catalyst for the peace process. This working paper presents a political economy model for the settlement of the situation in Syria. The author explores the positions of Russia, Iran and China in Syria and their points of interaction. Possible scenarios for the development of the situation in Syria are analysed in detail, as are the modalities of the impact of the Ukraine crisis on the configuration of external actors of the Syrian conflict. Settling ...


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