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The Coronavirus and Conflicts in the Middle East

... had several members of the royal family temporarily detained on allegations of large financial claims against them). Incidentally or otherwise, precisely in April and May, the western and Arab media were inundated with various speculations concerning Russia-Syria relations. Distorted interpretations were given to those articles in the Russian media and on Russian social networks that contained benign criticism of Damascus’ inflexible policies in political settlement and of the widespread corruption getting ...


U.S. Withdrawal From Open Skies Bolsters Case for New Strategic Regime

... principal element of global strategic stability; it will be the only one. Reliable round-the-clock communications between the military and security headquarters of the major powers and hotlines between their leaders would help deal with incidents: U.S.-Russian deconfliction in Syria has demonstrated the effectiveness of maintaining contacts. Yet deconfliction has to be balanced against the profound lack of mutual trust between the political and military leaderships of the great powers. Having fewer windows on the opponent—and ...


War, the Economy and Politics in Syria: Broken Links

... terrorist hotbed in Idlib and adjacent regions to which “irreconcilable” militants and their families fled from Aleppo, Homs, the suburbs of Damascus, and from the south of Syria. It now comes down to the long-term interests of the two major players in Syria. Russian-Turkish tensions over Idlib last February showed how different they are. Russia’s resolve to destroy the last bridgehead of international terrorism and support for the Syrian regime that is resisting inevitable reforms have collided with Turkey’s ...


The Price of Sanctions is Human Lives

... danger of criminal prosecution. Other countries face a similar situation. The first COVID-19 cases have been registered in Syria, a country that is in a state of war. The strict oil embargo has resulted in a shortage of petrol, which is needed by both ... ... of the COVID-19 pandemic, but doctors and the population will likewise be hit hard. The most stable situation right now is in Russia, where the safety margin is greater, and sanctions are not yet that extensive. The principal danger lies in the sanctions ...


Consequences of the Diplomatic Recognition of Abkhazia by the Syrian Arab Republic (2018)

... Union. From the Russian perspective, the growing military activity in Bombora is a response to the increasing diplomatic pressures from NATO and the West on Russia’s allies in the Black Sea (Armenia, Abkhazia and South-Ossetia, Transnistria) and Syria. Sending more Russian forces and equipment in Gudauta is necessary to reassure Eastern Ukraine, Syria and Abkhazia, and it shows Moscow is ready to protect its interests in the event that NATO or Georgia escalate the conflict as it happened when Saakashvili was the ...


Tensions between Russia and Turkey in Syria; effort for peace or Total War

... lack of US and European support for Turkey. For this reason, Turkey has opened its borders to refugees and asylum seekers to enter European countries and this shows that Turkey has taken advantage of this opportunity. To counter Turkish actions, Iran, Syria and Russia are also trying to liberate Idlib, and Turkey is seeking to prevent the fall of Idlib.Source: AFP © Delil Souleiman Some of Turkey's reasons for attacking Idlib appear to be: First, the onslaught of Syrian forces to recapture Idlib has caused ...


Idlib: An Uphill Battle for Turkey

... the same thing to replace the United States' role in Syria while challenging Russian interests in Idlib. Turkish wrath is serious; it has been widely shared on social media. Who did Turkey hold responsible for the killing of 33 Turkish troops? Is it Syria or Russia? Will Turkey confront Russia in Syria directly? These questions are now in everyone's mind. Who will be the target of the Turkish wrath? These questions are still unanswered. Before the Syrian crisis, Turkey enjoyed excellent relations with all ...


Reconstruction of Syria: Visions from Russia and the EU

On February 19, 2020 the press-conference: “Reconstruction of Syria: Visions from Russia and the EU” will be held at the International Multimedia Press Center MIA "Rossiya Segodnya" (Russia Today). Post-conflict reconstruction of Syria is a vital component of the plans to turn this country into a stable, secure and peaceful ...


Andrey Kortunov Speaks on Security Issues at MSC Stabilizing Syria Session

... included Sedat Onal, Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister, and James Jeffrey, the US Special Representative for Syria Engagement. In the course of discussion special attention was paid to the military political situation in Idlib Governorate and in northeastern Syria, as well as the threats of escalation of hostilities. The participants compared Russian, Turkish and American views on the sources of tension, as well as on the possibilities and limitations to multilateral cooperation in stabilizing the situation in Idlib and the northeast. The session was organized by the Swiss Centre for Humanitarian ...


2020 Forecast: Revealing the Future of the Middle East

... the sub-region of the Middle East: North Africa, the Gulf and the Fertile Crescent (the Levant and Iraq). The focus will be on resolving the Syrian crisis with the victory of the Assad regime and allies. Yet, Russian-Turkish ties will be affected by Russian-Syrian-Iranian intervention near the Turkish border. The threat that this would impose on the Turkish armed forces could spark a proxy war in Syria or at least in the North-West of the country. Lebanon and Iraq would undergo a state of great internal ...


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