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Why Did U.S. Prioritize Containing Russia Over China?

The U.S. felt that it needed to reshape European perceptions to revive the “Russian threat”, galvanizing the West under its hegemonic influence Experts are scrambling to explain why the U.S. prioritized ... ..., after it provoked a third round of civil war hostilities with Washington’s backing. The Russian leader also claimed that NATO clandestinely established military infrastructure in the former Soviet Republic for the purpose of carrying out a surprise ...


Russian Security Cannot be Anti-Russian

To Moscow, Russian security will never be American security reimagined. Simply put, Russian security ... ... for several years as precisely such an existential threat emanating from the U.S. and NATO, which has to do with their deployment of major weapons as well as highly trained... ... sees as an obvious diplomatic and military “double standard” causes great harm to international security, as it pushes Russia into a situation where it feels it has no...


The Expert Dialogue on NATO-Russia Risk Reduction. Seven Recommendations

... (ret.), Senior Military Advisor of the Permanent Representation of Germany to the OSCE, Vienna (2005–2009); Senior Associate, International Security Division, German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Berlin (SWP) 61. Cynthia Roberts, Professor ... ... of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus 65. Reiner Schwalb Brigadier-General (ret), National German Representative at NATO Allied Command Transformation, Norfolk/VA, 2007-2010; German Senior Defense Official and Attache to the Russian Federation, Moscow, 2011–2018 66. Stefano Silvestri Senior Scientifi c Advisor at Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI),...


A Military Response to Russians’ Infernal Question

With the INF Treaty collapsed and Russian proposals to prevent another missile confrontation in Europe possibly rejected, the logical thing to do would be to deploy ... ... to this accursed question relevant for the country’s current security concern has recently emerged: the United States and NATO with its U.S.-led enlargement into the post-Soviet space, with them having completely eclipsed international terrorism on ...


Demystifying Fear

What Should Russia’s Updated Foreign Policy Concept Focus on? Once again, NATO’s possible advancement into the post-Soviet space has come to the fore in Russian expert discourse. The prospect of NATO expanding eastwards is often portrayed as an eschatological catastrophe, much alike the Mongol invasion of Russia in the middle ...


Diplomacy vs Brinkmanship

... misperceptions For an observer who has enough time and stamina to follow the political and diplomatic marathon launched by Russia’s December initiative on security guarantees, the situation is close to surreal. On the one hand, there have been multiple ... ... could be responsible for the attack on SolarWinds. In January, the US-Russia consultations in Geneva and the meeting of the NATO-Russia Council in Brussels have produced the preordained dose of frustration as much as some important signals of goodwill....


Is War Inevitable?

... the immediate prospects of the Ukrainian crisis. Journalists, experts, and politicians claim—with all seriousness—that a Russian-Ukrainian war can hardly be thwarted, not to mention article that seek to explore a purported coup in Kiev, the crushing ... ... going on and what could happen to the Ukrainian issue in the near future? Andrey Kortunov: Is There a Way Out of the Russia-NATO Talks Impasse? Starting off with Moscow’s plans and intentions. Anyone who is slightly familiar with the structure of power ...


Conclusion from round of discussions between Russia and the West: To Prevent War, A New Strategic Architecture is Required

A week of summits scheduled to resolve the deepening tensions over Ukraine between Russia and the United States and NATO did not succeed, based on the initial press briefings and read-outs produced by the participants.  The talks came after two video calls between Presidents Biden and Putin, and were centered on U.S. charges of an impending invasion of Ukraine by ...


The Road Leading Nowhere

Lack of dialogue between Russia and NATO is fraught with risks that are too high for all the parties. These problems can surely be covered up and left to fester beneath ... ... that time, sober-minded politicians in the West came to realize that Russia was far from what posed threats to world peace and international security. The foreground now featured a new set of global challenges, such as terrorism, WMD proliferation risks,...


“I’ll Be Fire”: Who Will Throw a Boot on the Remote Control?

... concerning the manoeuvres of the British destroyer HMS Defender led to an exchange of information and diplomatic jabs between Russia and the UK. Russia and the West have a fundamentally different understanding of the legal status of the Republic of Crimea,... ... Russia regards them as its own, with all the consequences which ensue in the event of a border violation. The manoeuvres of NATO ships near the border and its violation are attempts to pursue political goals. The show of force was in fact a show of political ...


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