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Impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict on BRI projects in Central & Eastern European countries

... minority, describing it as a ‘crime against humanity’ and ‘genocide.’ With the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the dynamics of the whole European region have changed. As the CEE countries are situated in the vicinity of Ukraine, their governments perceive NATO, and by extension the US, as a key security guarantor. By providing support to Ukraine against Russia, the US has consolidated its position in the region. It has rallied the European governments to stay united against foreign forces, including Russia and China. The US has been projecting Russia as a security threat, whereas China is being highlighted ...


An Epitaph for Anniversary

On the prospects of RussiaNATO relations On the eve of the NATO summit in Madrid, to be held on June 28-30, Julianne Smith, U.S. Permanent Representative to the alliance, announced that Russia’s actions in Ukraine had violated the NATORussia Founding Act. Building on this, she added that the West no longer considers it imperative to adhere to the provisions of the document that has shaped Moscow‒Brussels relations over the last quarter century. However, the fate of the Founding Act ...


Russia Envoy Says Biden Sanctions Backfire, Hurting U.S. Economy and Power

... ideals are often alien to Russians." In this quest, he said U.S. leaders "began to interfere in Russia's domestic policy and pose national security threats to us, coming closer and closer to our borders." The expansion of the U.S.-led NATO military alliance has emerged as a leading issue of U.S.-Russia tensions over the past three decades, especially since Putin first came to power at the dawn of the 21st century. Most countries once part of the former Soviet-aligned Eastern bloc have since joined the Western coalition, agreeing to host troops ...


Ukraine’s losses are China’s gains

... early and too difficult to assess based on available data. One characteristic of the Ukrainian conflict is an unprecedented scale of propaganda and misinformation from all sides. But two clear lessons have emerged from the war so far. First, US and NATO allies will always try to avoid a direct military confrontation with a major nuclear power. Even if a power is fighting a full-scale war at their doorstep. Second, economic war on Russia has caused significant problems for Western economies, including rising inflationary pressures and falling growth rates. Any comparable actions against China, an economy ten times bigger, will devastate much of the world economy. This makes any ...


Lessons of Ukraine and the Death of Leadership: Only History Exists

... German Green Party: it has transmogrified from a peace-loving, environment-loving movement to a war-mongering anti-Russian party. It is bizarre that a youngish woman, Annalena Baerbok, is a Green, and German Foreign Minister, doing all she can to promote NATO’s anti-Russia agenda. In this connexion, I wonder if any of you has noticed the increase in the number of youngish women politicians in Europe, presumably in the name of having to be politically correct and wokish. A recent photograph of foreign ministers of ...


No Matter How Ukrainian Crisis Ends, China’s Arms Giants are Always Winners?

... additional 800 million U.S. dollars in weapons, ammunition and other security assistance to Ukraine. The European Union recently announced that it would buy and deliver 450 million U.S. dollars of arms to Ukraine. According to rough estimates, the U.S. and NATO have sent 17,000 anti-tank weapons and 2,000 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, for instance.Source: Unsplash  So, arms industry across the globe is looking at the Russia-Ukraine conflict as the golden opportunity rather than a crisis. Chinese arms manufacturers are no different here. China’s arms industry is no different. Although no information is available regarding new sales opportunities for Beijing, experts ...


Three Scenarios for the End of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

From personnel to propaganda and from strategy to statecraft, the two competing post-Soviet models are being put to the test. The outcome will have repercussions that go far beyond Europe The military confrontation between Russia and Ukraine is not an ethnic conflict: ethnic Ukrainians and ethnic Russians are fighting on both sides of the frontline. And radical nationalism is not the main motivation for Ukrainian resistance—contrary to many of Moscow’s statements. Neither ...


NATO’s Cheek by Russia’s Jowl

... possible entry into NATO Much has been said and written about the likely consequences of Finland and Sweden joining NATO. A legion of analysts have already assessed the changing balance of power in the Baltic Sea, the new situation on the long Finnish-Russian land border as well as the possible implications of such NATO’s expansion for the Arctic. Experts are actively discussing the modalities of Helsinki’s and Stockholm’s practical inclusion in the bloc’s current initiatives and upcoming plans, envisioning an anticipated set of political and military responses ...


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