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Unprecedented Sanctions? By No Means

... relative novelty of the sanctions in terms of the number and intensity of the measures applied. However, for a number of qualitative characteristics, they contain patterns that have been well studied in the past The “sanctions tsunami” against Russia is rightly considered unprecedented since the end of the Cold War. Strictly speaking, it is very difficult to find a suitable analogue of the current situation even in earlier periods. Despite the fact that the sanctions’ target is a major nuclear ...


Oil Price Threshold: Action and Reaction

... COSCO Shipping Tanker and some other companies for the alleged transportation of Iranian oil in 2019 can serve as a warning. The European Union has also provided for a mechanism to punish ships carrying Russian oil above the price ceiling. Violating ships will be denied financial, insurance and other services in EU jurisdiction.... ... Regulation No 833/2014 suggests that we are talking about any ship, regardless of the country of origin . Yulia Sokolshchik: USA Versus USA: Why American Business Also Loses from Sanctions Similar problems may also arise when a Russian insurance company ...


Sanctions Against Russia: Have Their Limits Been Reached?

Russia’s experience shows that despite the damage to the economy and some imbalances,... ... Bifurcation Point The period from 2019 to 2020 is associated with a qualitative expansion of European Union sanctions against Russia. At this time, the EU created new legal mechanisms... ... cargo transportation on the territory of the Russian Federation. Yulia Sokolshchik: USA Versus USA: Why American Business Also Loses from Sanctions It is important to note...


Is a Marshall Plan for Ukraine possible?

... features of this initiative. Andrey Kortunov: Restoration, Reformation, Revolution? Blueprints for the World Order after the Russia-Ukraine conflict First of all, it would be wrong to think of the Marshall Plan as some bottomless source of financial resources ... ... Brussels rather than Washington would be the main donor for a post-conflict Ukraine. However, today the financial standing of the European Union, including Germany as the main potential sponsor of the new Marshall Plan, leaves much to be desired. Alexey Khlebnikov: ...


U.S. and EU Sanctions against Syria

... leader Osama bin Laden. The decision was made in accordance with Section 311 of the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001, passed in the wake of September 11, 2001. But this package... ... oil exports to the EU stood at 27.4% of total exports in 2010. Alexey Khlebnikov: Russia’s Approach to Cross-Border Aid Delivery to Syria Bilateral relations between... ... fallout. But sanctions have affected the plans of the Arab monarchies. Furthermore, the European Union is in thrall to the U.S. sanctions policy in the new environment. Even...


Sanctions at a Bifurcation Point

Russia amid the current conditions has no choice but to radically restructure the mechanisms of its financial and trade relations ... ... familiar sanctions instruments, including export or import bans. It would seem that the rapid economic growth of China and the European Union should have interfered with US leadership and reduced the severity of sanctions. However, it turned out that the ...


The Policy of Sanctions and the Golden Horde Legacy

In the context of the sanctions tsunami, Russia will have to face the good old practice of bans and “jarligs”, recalling the experience of the Horde The modern policy ... ... imperial practices appear to be universal. Today they can be observed in US policy and, to some extent, in the policy of the European Union. Russia itself has largely lost its imperial heritage, becoming a nation-state even to a greater extent than its ...


The Aspen Institute and Centre for European Reform Workshop on the U.S.-EU-Russia-China Relations

On July 12, 2022, the Aspen Institute Italia and the international Center for European Reform held an online expert workshop on the U.S. and European Union relations with Russia and China in the new geopolitical and geo-strategic environment. On July 12, 2022, the Aspen Institute Italia and the international Center for European Reform held an online expert workshop on the U.S. and European Union relations with Russia ...


China and Russia: Dialog in the Face of External Challenges

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is the most radical international political change to date, and the most difficult political choice China ... ... the Russia–Ukraine conflict negatively affects China–Europe relations since China does not Russia, contrary to what the European Union demands, putting China in a more difficult situation. Beijing greatly values its relations with Europe not only ...


Closing Loopholes: Outlining the U.S. and EU Sanctions Policy Onward

The next packages will be less spectacular, but they will be detrimental to specific businesses and areas of the economy Oil and KAMAZ The Official Journal of the European Union has published decisions and regulations included into the sixth package of anti-Russian sanctions. The release of the new legal framework has been postponed several times on account of disagreements among the EU countries, with the most sensitive issue being the ban on Russian oil imports. Brussels, however, managed to reach consensus ...


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