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The EU Will Not Break Free from America’s Amiable Stranglehold

... the EU has never had either the power or the political will to transform those theories into a practical policy; (3) with the USA’s impending return to the heart of the Euro-Atlantic solidarity, these theories will lose their relevance to some degree.... ... its member states; it should now be a matter of bolstering their power and solidarity. “The worst that can happen for the European Union is that the outcome of the U.S. election allows us to slip back into that state of apathy, complacency and resignation ...


How U.S. Elections Could Impact EU-Russia Relations

Even a partial restoration of transatlantic unity under a President Biden will be a blow to the official Kremlin narrative about the inexorable movement of the international system toward a polycentric world order For several long years now, the European Union has been waging onerous trench warfare on two fronts. On the eastern front, Brussels has been in conflict with a malign Moscow since 2014: refusing to repeal sanctions against Russia, deflecting all the Kremlin’s new information attacks,...


Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok: a Puzzling Route to Political Stability in Europe

... that culture is the force that matters. He suggested that the conflict of ideologies was replaced by the conflict between civilizations. In Huntington's opinion, during the Cold War, the world was divided into the spheres of interests controlled by the USA and the Soviet Union. Nowadays, such division has lost its relevance due to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Therefore, according to Huntington , it will be more appropriate and meaningful to group countries in terms of their civilization and culture ...


‘Selective’ Bipolarity? From a Coalition of War to a Coalition of Sanctions

... Russian-Chinese relations have gained potential. This is not a military alliance. However, Russia and China have acquired a significant reserve of confidence. Growing US pressure is pushing the two powers closer together. Under these conditions, the European Union is becoming important for America. Almost all EU countries are US military allies in NATO. However, the North Atlantic Alliance is not even remotely focused on containing China. It was indirectly involved in the fight against international ...


Nagorno-Karabakh: A Frozen Conflict Rethawed

... Artsakh and neighbouring Armenia have introduced martial law and total mobilization, while Azerbaijan introduced martial law and a curfew, with partial mobilization being declared on September 28. International entities such as the United Nations, the European Union, as well as countries including but not limited to the United States of America, Russia and Germany have strongly condemned the ongoing clash and called on both sides to deescalate tensions and immediately resume negotiations. Michael Lambert: ...


U.S. and European Sanctions on Syria

... response to Syrian support for terrorism, activities in Lebanon, and other Syrian government activities, and a second phase that started in 2011 and has continued to the present, that U.S. policymakers stated was a response to the Syrian civil war. The European Union began to impose sanctions starting in 2011 as Syria’s civil war broke out, and the EU has escalated sanctions in several stages since 2011. The United Nations has imposed a limited number of sanctions related to Syria, generally targeted ...


Don’t Expect Sanctions to Stop Nord Stream II

... is projected to be completed. It will be too late, and a “kill-switch” can, therefore, only be found in the actions of the present, which are currently en route to the Senate. An ideal scenario would entail a tripartite summit involving Russia, USA, and Europe to find a solution to the issue — a push towards an entente. Given the current complexity of affairs, however, it would require a strong willingness from all parties involved, a willingness that has been absent from the American side....


What will US-Chinese competition mean for European security? The Clingendael Institute webinar

... At the same time international security cooperation has been steadily eroding, as demonstrated by the paralysis of multilateral security arrangements, disputes within NATO and the collapse of arms control treaties, like INF and Open Skies. Both the European Union and the Russian Federation have to adjust to this new reality. Does it open up new avenues for co-operation or will the deadlock of recent years deepen into further confrontation? The Clingendael Institute is pleased to organise a webinar ...


Inter-Parliamentary Dialogue: Added Value or Merely a Substitute for Traditional Diplomacy?

... the problems facing societies and provokes a response from states, which become the objects of it. As a result, the “safeguards of order” and its “violators” simply change their places, and the discussion is reduced to an exchange of mutual accusations. The goals of inter-parliamentary platforms are undermined. The assemblies find themselves in crisis, dialogue does not lead to concrete results. This is a negative scenario. But if we explore a positive one, assuming that as a result of the ...


Is China Following Russia's Footsteps by Dealing With the EU as an Outcast?

... relations have been in free fall since China was labeled as “strategic rival” of the EU Russia’s relations with the European Union hit their lowest in 2014, as a direct result of the political gridlock in Ukraine. Russia's subsequent involvement ... ... political might to ignore American demands. Bianca Canevari: Towards Strategic Autonomy: the Role of the EU in the Growing China-USA Rivalry President Xi pushes a cooperative agenda with the EU, highlighting that China is a partner, not a rival. But it is ...


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