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Moving Towards a Conservative International?

... centre-right European People’s Party (EPP), where he had served as Deputy Chairman since 2002, for his persistent troublemaking. Orban commented: “We are the ‘black sheep’ of the community – the EPP would like to be part of the power structure of the European Union by any means. And if the price of that is to give up certain values to make a compromise with the left, they do so. And then we are losing our identity step by step. We [the EPP – author] became a centrist and then liberal and leftist-oriented ...


Reconstruction of Syria: Visions from Russia and the EU

On February 19, 2020 the press-conference: “Reconstruction of Syria: Visions from Russia and the EU” will be held at the International Multimedia Press Center MIA "Rossiya Segodnya" (Russia Today). Post-conflict reconstruction of Syria is a vital component of the plans to turn this country into a stable, secure and peaceful state. Experts of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the International Crisis Group (ICG) will cover Russian and European approaches towards Syria’s...


Trump 2.0: End of the Old Era, but Not the Beginning of a New One

For the United States, for the European Union, for Russia, for China and for many other leading players in world politics, the great turning point, most likely, will not be in 2020, but in 2024 US history knows just a few examples of how an incumbent president struggling for re-election ...


Relations between Russia and Denmark Discussed at RIAC and Danish Foreign Policy Society Events

On February 6, 2020, Copenhagen hosted an expert round table and a conference focusing on Russia and Denmark: issues of cooperation in the Arctic and the Baltic Sea region. The events were organized by Danish Foreign Policy Society in partnership with RIAC. On February 6, 2020, Copenhagen hosted an expert round table and a conference focusing on Russia and Denmark: issues of cooperation in the Arctic and the Baltic Sea region. The events were organized by Danish Foreign Policy Society in partnership...


Ukraine: Geopolitical View of the Interested International Actors

Common values present an opportunity to rebuild trust The geopolitical position of Ukraine at the current stage of development of international order is complicated and somewhat challenging. The country is in the zone of interest of the USA and the Russian Federation, as well as Europe. This makes it a point of contention between powerful international actors. The first question is — why it is so difficult to find a shared vision for the solution of the conflict? In the discourse of all the sides...


International Security Implications of the US-Russia Contention Over the Nord Stream 2

... domain and have been at the centre of technical and political discussions for several years. The project comes amid a wide range of comments and statements on the high political level, involving leaders of Germany, Russia, the United States and the European Union. The polemic around the Nord Stream 2 takes place in a particular context marked by the growing tensions between Russia and the West and recurrent security incidents in the East of Ukraine and the Crimea area. Those factors add further ...


Drilling at Gunpoint: EU Sanctions on Turkey

Restrictions are often more effective when applied against allies than opponents The January meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council focused, in part, on Turkey’s oil and gas drilling in the Eastern Mediterranean. High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said the Working Party of Foreign Relations Counsellors (RELEX) is about to complete its package of sanctions against Turkey. It is compiling a list of individuals and companies on which restrictions...


Looking Westward (Again): Russia House at Davos 2020

A review of the Russia-EU hopes voiced at Davos Rudyard Kipling once wrote that ‘the Russian is a delightful person till he tucks his shirt in. As an Oriental, he is charming. It is only when he insists upon being treated as the most easterly of Western peoples, instead of the most westerly of Easterns, that he becomes a racial anomaly extremely difficult to handle.’ It was with Kipling’s observation that Nadezhda Sikorsky, Chief Editor of the Switzerland-based Russian newspaper


Moldova in 2020–2021

... political forces and complicated relations with all of Moldova’s foreign partners. These factors create objective preconditions for destabilization and a radical change in the country. The Priority of the European Vector Moldova’s relations with the European Union continue to be a key factor in its prospects for the future. Economic trends and public opinion polls do not suggest that the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union has had any positive effect on the country’s development....


Meeting with Ambassador of the European Union to Russia Markus Ederer

On January 27, 2020, Igor Ivanov, RIAC President, had a meeting with Marcus Ederer, Ambassador of the European Union to the Russian Federation. During the meeting, topical issues of relations between Russia and the EU were discussed, as well as RIAC 2020 work plans in the area of European studies, including joint activities during Croatia’s and Germany’s ...


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