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Don’t Expect Sanctions to Stop Nord Stream II

The story so far and why it’s time to let go Republican Senator Ted Cruz has become the principal Sisyphus-like character to take over the task of rolling the boulder of sanctions against Nord Stream II. The last four years have seen tumultuous U.S. sanctioning efforts against the project and have epitomized an outdated, stale, and dangerous policy against the Russian Federation that should be re-prioritized and established alongside American principles and level-headed recommendations . This...


What will US-Chinese competition mean for European security? The Clingendael Institute webinar

... At the same time international security cooperation has been steadily eroding, as demonstrated by the paralysis of multilateral security arrangements, disputes within NATO and the collapse of arms control treaties, like INF and Open Skies. Both the European Union and the Russian Federation have to adjust to this new reality. Does it open up new avenues for co-operation or will the deadlock of recent years deepen into further confrontation? The Clingendael Institute is pleased to organise a webinar ...


Meeting with Norwegian Ambassador to Russia Rune Resaland

On September 4, 2020, Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, had a meeting with Rune Resaland, Norwegian Ambassador to Russia, and Eirik Bergene, Embassy Counselor. On September 4, 2020, Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, had a meeting with Rune Resaland, Norwegian Ambassador to Russia, and Eirik Bergene, Embassy Counselor. The following issues were discussed during the meeting: possible scenarios for the development of events in Belarus and their impact on the future of relations between...


ELN Members Meet with Special Envoy of the President of France for the Development of Relations between the European Union and Russia Pierre Vimont

... strengthening European security and strategic stability On August 25, 2020, representatives of European Leadership Network (ELN) had an online meeting with Pierre Vimont, Special Envoy of the President of France for the Development of Relations between the European Union and Russia, in the context of the upcoming Russian-French summit. The French diplomat was briefed about upcoming ELN proposals on strengthening European security and strategic stability. Andrey Kortunov, RIAC General Director, spoke about ...


Inter-Parliamentary Dialogue: Added Value or Merely a Substitute for Traditional Diplomacy?

Parliamentary diplomacy adds what can be called a “democratic perspective” to international politics Interest in studying parliamentary diplomacy is increasing steadily. A significant amount of articles and commentary devoted to the subject have been published in recent years, in which parliamentary diplomacy is analyzed both from a theoretical perspective (Parliamentary Diplomacy in European and Global Governance 2017, Noulas 2011, Konkov et al 2018, Beetham 2006, 155-182), and in its specific...


Is China Following Russia's Footsteps by Dealing With the EU as an Outcast?

China-EU relations have been in free fall since China was labeled as “strategic rival” of the EU Russia’s relations with the European Union hit their lowest in 2014, as a direct result of the political gridlock in Ukraine. Russia's subsequent involvement in the issue, with bold actions in Crimea and the incident with Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, led to a political outcry ...


The Caesar Act: A New Challenge for Syria?

... complicated matter. In May, Brussels once again extended its sanctions against Syria for another year. On the other hand, Europe is debating adjusting its approaches to the Syrian reconstruction effort. The German expert Muriel Asseburg notes that the European Union’s consolidated standing is eroded by differences between the United Kingdom, Germany and France on the one hand, as they favour preserving the hard-line approach, and Austria, Hungary, Italy and Poland on the other, as they are ready ...


The Future of Humanitarian Aid Delivery to Syria: What is Russia’s Rationale?

Discussions on the quid pro quo approach to sanctions relief and concessions look like the only possible way to move forward On July 11, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) finally adopted a resolution extending the authorization of cross-border mechanisms that guarantee the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria for another year, until July 10, 2021. However, the UN aid will now go through just one Turkish border crossing — Bab al-Hawa. The resolution did not approve the Bab al-Salam crossing...


Will Erdogan's Adventures Hurt Russian Soft Power?

... zone or continental shelf. Article 121.2 explains why Turkey refuses to sign UNCLOS, hoping it could substitute gunboat diplomacy for International Law. The UNCLOS, however, is part of International Customary Law , ratified by 167 states and by the European Union (EU), which Turkey hopes to join. Thus, the undisputed applicability of Article 121 has led to the massive condemnation of Ankara's associated provocations. Turkey's “neo-surrealist” claim (as Greek FM Nikos Dendias once quipped) about ...


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