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This Distant Damascus

The war in Syria has shown that a military solution to the conflict is doomed to fail, and establishing political peace seems almost the only probable way to resolve the conflict For the last 12 years, the war in Syria has been raging on. March 15, 2011 is considered to be the starting date of the conflict. At that time, the Syrian Republic was overwhelmed by mass protests following the havoc brought by the Arab Spring. As a result, a political crisis escalated into violent clashes, bringing external...


Georgia in a New World: Between Russia and the West

... people and politicians rather than ordinary Russians), Russian carriers abstain from flying to the Republic for the time being, even though a restart of flights is currently negotiated. Second, Georgia began to receive “unpleasant signals” from the European Union. In the European structures, especially in the EuroParliament, Saakashvili retained quite a strong lobby, which started to put pressure on the Georgian government on all uncomfortable issues—from the fact that the Republic is essentially ...


Big Tech vs Regulators: A Long-Term Global Trend

Working Paper 71 / 2022 Working Paper 71 / 2022 Over the past few years, government efforts to regulate tech giants around the world have marked global long-term trends. The authors of this working paper take a closer look at recent key changes in Big Tech regulation both at the international level and in individual jurisdictions of the EU, USA, China and Russia, examining the different ways in which governments have tried to strike a regulatory balance between freedom and security, as well as...


What to Expect from the EU Special Envoy on Sanctions?

Even before February 2022, Brussels intended to significantly increase its capacity in the field of economic restrictions. The appointment of a special representative on sanctions is one of the indicators of such an increase The European Union bureaucracy has established a new position: the International Special Envoy for the Implementation of EU Sanctions. This post will be held by David O’Sullivan, who previously served as Ambassador of the European Union to the United States....


China and Europe: What Was It? The Rise and Crumbling of the ‘16+1’ Format

... format can hardly be considered as a factor in the future promotion of Chinese influence in the EU In retrospect, the first half of the 2010s was one of the most productive periods in the development of European-Chinese relations. At the time, the European Union was looking for new growth points, having felt the opportunity and ability to diversify external relations after withstanding the economic crisis, and the PRC sought new markets for the accumulated capital and labour. Xi Jinping and his ...


The Routledge Handbook of EU-Russia Relations: Structures, Actors, Issues

The Routledge Handbook of EU-Russia Relations offers a comprehensive overview of the changing dynamics in relations between the EU and Russia provided by leading experts in the field The Routledge Handbook of EU-Russia Relations offers a comprehensive overview of the changing dynamics in relations between the EU and Russia provided by leading experts in the field. Coherently organised into seven parts, the book provides a structure through which EU-Russia relations can be studied in a comprehensive...


Unprecedented Sanctions? By No Means

We can talk about the relative novelty of the sanctions in terms of the number and intensity of the measures applied. However, for a number of qualitative characteristics, they contain patterns that have been well studied in the past The “sanctions tsunami” against Russia is rightly considered unprecedented since the end of the Cold War. Strictly speaking, it is very difficult to find a suitable analogue of the current situation even in earlier periods. Despite the fact that the sanctions’ target...


Oil Price Threshold: Action and Reaction

... and fines are feared even in friendly countries. The experience of secondary US sanctions being used against the Chinese COSCO Shipping Tanker and some other companies for the alleged transportation of Iranian oil in 2019 can serve as a warning. The European Union has also provided for a mechanism to punish ships carrying Russian oil above the price ceiling. Violating ships will be denied financial, insurance and other services in EU jurisdiction. The wording of paragraph 7 of Art. 3n of EU Council ...


Sanctions Against Russia: Have Their Limits Been Reached?

..., the law made it possible to impose sectoral sanctions against companies in the mining, metalworking and railway industries. Ivan Timofeev: Sanctions at a Bifurcation Point The period from 2019 to 2020 is associated with a qualitative expansion of European Union sanctions against Russia. At this time, the EU created new legal mechanisms for the introduction of restrictive measures and applied them against Russian individuals and organizations. This foreshadowed a change in the EU’s approach to ...


Valdai Discussion Club Expert Discussion “Technological Sovereignty in the Modern World”

... division of the world into competing techno-economic blocs, which has given rise to a long-term trend towards technological sovereignty and a high probability of an exhaustive race for leadership. Outlining the idea of technological sovereignty in the European Union, she noted that for Europeans, it entails the ability to independently make decisions in the technological field and bear responsibility for themselves, as well as reduce structural dependence in high-tech areas. She added that it didn’t,...


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