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Is France’s Nuclear Shield Big Enough to Cover All of Europe?

... nuclear forces can be the core of this European military sovereignty—autonomous from the United States and less entrenched in NATO than the nuclear arsenal of the United Kingdom, which left the EU this year. Now, Emmanuel Macron is ready to turn this symbol ... ... aviation, of course, on jet fighters, but it is what it is. Andrey Kortunov: Four Pieces of Advice to Emmanuel Macron about the INF Treaty It may be tempting to disperse to multiple airfields across Europe during a heightened threat, but this would require ...


Four Pieces of Advice to Emmanuel Macron about the INF Treaty

... missile defence system (Romania and Poland) might also be included. When the NATO–Russia Council gains its full institutional capacity, the ad hoc group could be seamlessly integrated into its work. Another interim solution might be to create such an INF Treaty group outside NATO confines, similar to the European tripartite group of France, the United Kingdom and Germany that was established for the Iran nuclear talks. This option would allow the numerous delays and complications associated with NATO’s cumbersome and complex ...


Washington chose to act unilaterally to abrogate nuclear arms treaty

... so-called MAD: Mutually assured destruction… Yes. So, these treaties were supplemented by further ones like SALT 1, 2 and 3, and, in 1987, the INF Treaty . We were also proposing further agreements, both bilaterally with the US and in our dialogue with NATO. Unfortunately, after the abrogation of the INF treaty, this backsliding continued. And the fact that the current US administration chose to kill the INF treaty sets a very dangerous precedent. The US wouldn’t say they decided to kill it. What they say is that Russia breached the INF treaty with ...


INF, New START and the Crisis in U.S.-Russian Arms Control

... about Russia’s withdrawal from the Treaty: we have never been pushing this agenda. We were consistently trying to preserve the INF Treaty. Only after Washington suspended its obligations under the Treaty, our country, considering the U.S. violations of ... ... response is outlined in a way that will not draw the Russian Federation into a costly arms race. By the way, according to the 2018 NATO Secretary General’s Annual Report, NATO states spent almost 1 trillion dollars on defense (987,5 billion dollars, from ...


The Collapse of the INF Treaty as a Motivation?

... compatibility with the accompanying transporter-loader vehicle; however, the missile’s increased accuracy and power (and possibly its enhanced capability to overcome enemy missile defences) was clearly considered to be very valuable. Unfortunately, the key NATO and EU member nations ignored the presentation, and not necessarily of their own volition [ 2 ]. The United States, for its part, continues to express concerns about the 9M729 cruise missile breaching the INF Treaty, demanding the destruction of both the missile and the associated launchers under Washington’s supervision. Andrey Kortunov: The World After the INF Treaty: How to Get Out of the Dead Zone On February 2, the United States will start the ...


Brave New World Without INF Treaty

... which are concerned about the possibility of a new missile crisis on the continent. Russia’s possible R&D response to Washington’s withdrawal from the INF Treaty merits a separate detailed article. 1 . For the sake of practical convenience, the signatories to the INF Treaty permitted each other to bench-test their ground-launched cruise missiles at one testing centre per country. 2 . On the evening of December 4, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation tweeted that the U.S. Ambassador had submitted ...


INF Treaty: More than Just an Agreement

... with regard to the use of strategic nuclear weapons. Should the U.S.–Russia consensus on nuclear weapons and associated delivery platforms deteriorate, the probability of regional nuclear conflicts will grow substantially. How the Termination of the INF Treaty Could Affect Relations within NATO Dmitry Stefanovich, Ivan Kalugin: On the Balance of Strategic Nuclear Forces Termination of the Treaty would almost inevitably present Europe with the same threats it faced in the 1980s, when the U.S. Pershing II Weapon System was deployed in Western ...


U.S.-Russia Relations: The Price of Cold War

... makes sense to accede to Russian demands that missile defense and advanced conventional strike forces be part of any next step in bilateral U.S.-Russian strategic nuclear arms talks—provided Russia understands that no next steps are likely unless the INF treaty is preserved. If the goal, ten years from now, is to have resumed the effort to build a Europe at peace, with NATO and Russian military forces no longer facing off, and neither the threat or actual use of force an ever present danger, a country as crucial as Ukraine cannot remain a permanent source of tension. Progress in this case, however, requires rethinking ...


My Wish List for the Bundeskanzleramt

... nothing. After the Ukrainian crisis, no ‘business as usual’ is possible in any foreseeable future; Moscow and Berlin continue to sharply disagree on many critically important international matters. Germany is and will always be a disciplined member of NATO and that of the European Union; it will not take any initiatives that might look risky, inappropriate or untimely to other members of these organizations. To cut it short, there are absolutely no reasons to hope for any breakthrough in the German-Russian ...


MAD's Midlife Crisis: The Impact of US-Russia Rivalry on International Arms Control

... to act as an implementation body for the treaty, resolving questions of compliance and a dispute-resolution mechanism. As the INF Treaty is of unlimited duration, States Parties can convene the SVC at any time. On 15-16 November 2016, the 30 th session ... ... through negotiations rather than threats of withdrawal from such an important treaty. Russian concerns over the compatibility of NATO nuclear-sharing practice with the provisions of the NPT Statement by the Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group: Support ...


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