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The Fight for Nord Stream 2: The Interests of all the Players Involved

... understand here that Gazprom intends to supply gas via Nord Stream 2 that it is already selling to European consumers and which does not travel through Ukraine. So, the construction of the pipeline cannot negatively impact competition on the European gas market, nor can it affect Poland in an adverse manner. This proves that the UOKiK’s rejection of Gazprom’s application to set up a joint venture was unfounded. RIAC and DGAP Report “Russia–EU Energy Relations” The construction of Nord Stream 2 would actually benefit Poland. The more Russian gas going to Germany, the greater the surplus of the raw material that can subsequently be traded on the spot market. Poland will be able to purchase ...


Legislative framework of Russian APG flaring

For now, what makes flaring a legitimate issue on the Russian agenda is the embarrassment of the Russian government for the internationally ... ... future it is likely to depend on the relationship established between the State, oil and gas industry, and Gazprom. Environmental risk management platform of Equatorial Principles calls for... ... Khanty-Mansiys regions. The underlying reason for flaring rather than the gas usage for energy purpose is the lack of nearby markets and sparse population with its insufficient...


Oil and Gas Markets to 2025 - LUKoil

... ending up 57th due to the quickly changing European market. To add salt to the wound, Gazprom is now sandwiched between Walt Disney and McDonald's. Finally, it is... ... large oil company. One of the more recent books Alekperov authored is the "Oil of Russia: Past, Present & Future" (Link to Full Book). LUKoil Report Link: "Global trends in oil & gas markets to 2025" Oil Prices are Up, Up, and Away! From today till 2025... ... already record breaking figures of about 90 mb/d, oil’s overall share in global energy utilization will actually fall as housing and power generation will substitute...


European Energy Woes

... which underpins Gazprom and the legally freer Rosneft and Novatek. We are currently seeing internal scuffles between Minenergo (Russian Ministry of Energy), Mineconom (Ministry of Economic Development of the RF), Gazprom and others, on how to proceed, but as of yet no clear vision exists and we are yet to begin discussing this topic seriously. US Shale Gas Export - The Psychological Revolution: US shale gas export is highly contentious: Sabine Pass LNG was granted non-FTA (Non-Free ...


Wild World – Dr. Adrian Pabst Interview

... concerns capitalism, religion, ethics, civil economy, European Union and wider Europe like Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. He is an Associate Editor of the journal TELOS and Fellow... ... modernisation, on the one hand, and authoritarian consolidation, on the other hand. Energy Calamity It is argued by some that the Russo-European relationship has soured... ... creating an anti-Russian stance. Has this occurred due to European attempts to lower gas import prices, or more serious underlining issues? Europe’s potential alternative...



... market. In 2012, Interfax reported that Gazprom’s CEO, Alexei Miller, has launched a plan for “a pipeline from Kovykta… towards Chayanda and, in the end, gas from Kovykta will be transported through the Yakutia-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok gas pipeline… slated for 2016”. In February 2013, ITAR-TASS reported that Gazprom has started to consider bringing forward the 2016 aim – so has the Russian energy elite realised the need to hurry? Mareš and Laryš would caution, as the dynamic diversification into Asia is somewhat abandoning the traditionally lucrative European market, than actually providing additional customers. Nevertheless,...


Oil and Gas Digest

... technical issues like transport proximity. In Iraq, the dispute amid central government and Kurdistan has resulted in contracts being annulled with Exxon Mobil, Total and GazpromNeft; as the central government considers that only it should negotiate energy contracts, not its rebellious regions (See: Gulf Oil&Gas). As a result of anti-Russian import policy, Gazprom's European exports fell 7.5% (2011-12), with opportunities becoming more limited, but it appears that a 40 bcm potential to supply UK is still on the table; as the Russian giant only covers 10% of the island's market (See: Platts)....


«Oil & Gas Dialogue» IMEMO RAN

... more. Such lack of economies of scale is common as well as the price disparity due to Gazprom buying gas at almost any price. So it will be vital to reach equilibrium as for instance Europe... ... be also addressed, as stakeholders will be less likely to oppose the presence of the energy industry and fragmentation challenge could be avoided or renegotiated. Tatyana... ... this Desert: In all, a lot of changes are needed, being desired and enforced upon Russia with quite a pessimistic mood. But this should not be the case as Russia does...


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