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Ian Bond: EU Is Always Open to Dialogue with Russia, but It All Depends on the Terms

... editorial team recently sat down with Ian Bond , Director of Foreign Policy at the Centre for European Reform. Bond is an expert in Russia and the former Soviet Union, European foreign policy, as well as Europe/Asia relations and US foreign policy. In this interview,... ... such developments mean for the future of Europe. How do you see the EU without the UK in the near future? What Difference Will Brexit Make to Britain and the EU? Discussion with Ian Bond at RIAC I think politically the UK is a very active player in EU ...


What Difference Will Brexit Make to Britain and the EU? Discussion with Ian Bond at RIAC

... face with respect to independent Scotland? These and other foreign policy issues were reflected at the Ian Bond’s lecture. Brexit also brings inevitable changes in the policy of the European Union, where the UK's contribution to the expansion of the Union and the development of a common market cannot be underestimated.... ... Q&A session, additions, and comments. Elena Ananyeva, Head of the Center for British Studies at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IE RAS), moderated the discussion. The discussion was attended by experts and researchers from academic ...


Round Table “What Difference Will Brexit Make To Britain And The EU?”

On October 10, 2019, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) hold the round table “What Difference Will Brexit Make To Britain And The EU?” with Ian Bond, Director of the Foreign Policy Department of the London Center for European Reform . It is still unclear how the UK will leave the EU, and whether British prime minister Boris Johnson will be able ...


RIAC and the EU Delegation Hold an Urban Breakfast “Brexit — a reminder of what the EU really is about”

... expect only a short-term price increase. The speaker noted that the difficulties of the negotiation process with Brussels resulted from the reluctance of Brussels to weaken the internal market of the European Union. Sergey Kulik analyzed the influence of Brexit on Russia's relations with both the UK and the European Union. Noting the importance of the European vector in Russian foreign policy and the development of an active position on Brexit, the expert examined in detail the main EU priorities in the event of a UK withdrawal. Kulik pointed out the need ...


Brexit’ and ‘Belgradentry’: Serbia’s Accession to the EU after Brexit

As European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker admitted in his annual speech to Members of the European Parliament, the European Union is going through an internal existential crisis, caused by the accumulation of several problems, with Brexit being the straw that broke the camel’s back. This situation leaves the Western Balkan states who want to join the ... ... rhetoric[vi]. One of the major challenges on Serbia’s road towards EU accession remains the management of the relation with Russia. Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić recently admitted that the ties with Russia will remain “a big obstacle in finishing ...


RIAC and Universities’ Consortium Hold a Round Table “Prospects for Russia-West Relations”

On September 30, 2016 the Russian International Affairs Council in cooperation with the Consortium of American, European and Russian universities held ... ... “Prospects for Russia-West relations”. The discussion covered the prospects for development of Russia-EU-US relations following Brexit, the presidential election in the United States, and the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The discussion ...


India’s Deputy Minister of External Affairs visits RIAC

... External Affairs Ms. Sujata Mehta. The discussion focused on India-EU relations after Brexit. The event was opened by RIAC Director General Andrey Kortunov. He noted that the development of relations between India and the United Kingdom in the wake of Brexit was essential for understanding the dynamics of Russian-Indian relations. In turn, Ms. Sujata Mehta highlighted the possible scenarios of interaction between India and the European Union, and also briefed on the entailing prospects for developing relations between the two parties and the threats that they can face, just as Russia. The meeting was attended by RIAC members, representatives of ministries and agencies, distinguished ...


Recent International Processes’ effects on the Socio-Political Situation in Ukraine

... alternative ways of maintaining its interests, and one such way is to cooperate with Poland and assist Ukraine in its struggle against Russia’s aggressive policies. It is possible that Poland’s attempts to ensure its national self-determination by ... ... to say right now whether the forces interested in initiating a confrontation between Ukraine and Poland have succeeded. What Brexit Means for Ukraine The sensational results of the UK European Union membership referendum continue to rock currency markets and threaten economic stability, with scary new details ...


Britain and EU Stand United on Russia Despite Brexit

Although fears about the potential implications of the UK withdrawal from the European Union are widespread, experts doubt Brexit will shatter the EU policy towards Russia in the near future. The latest House of Commons report on Russia indicates no change in Britain’s vision of its security interests either. The UK House of Commons Defense Committee has released a report highlighting the challenges Russia poses ...


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