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RIAC at Dialog-Europe-Russia Advisory Board Meeting

The meeting agenda covers the latest international events affecting relations between Russia and the European Union, and the prospects for the development of bilateral cooperation in various fields On August 27–29, 2021, Salzburg (Austria) is hosting a regular hybrid meeting of DER-Dialog-Europe-Russia Advisory Board, that meets twice a year under ...


Sanctions Against Belarus: A Hybrid Option

... and Russia. With regard to Russia, we are talking about the recent Executive Order 14024, which, among other things, targeted Russian citizens associated with the technology sector with blocking sanctions . Second, any government structure and its leadership,... ... they were no longer exempt from the sanctions. In part, this list overlaps with the list of 78 organizations specified by the European Union when it introduced its restrictions in June . Brussels also used sectoral sanctions, but their principle is different ...


From Proxy Wars to Proxy Diplomacy

... control is carried out directly in very rare cases and mainly occurs through institutional mechanisms of interaction, with the European Union or other organisations of the community of market democracies. As a result of the end of the Cold War, a significant ... ... effective sovereignty. The collapse of the USSR, as well as the collapse of the colonial system in previous decades, led to Russia and China being surrounded by a number of neighbours with whom they can build relatively equal relations in the same way ...


RIAC at "Quo Vadis Europa?" Summer Course by International University Menéndez Pelayo

... International University Menéndez Pelayo, Santander, Spain, in partnership with the European Union Delegation in Spain, held a summer course “Quo Vadis Europa?” for young European scientists. The speakers of the session dedicated to the interaction of the European Union and Russia included: Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General; Sergei Guriev, Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics at Sciences Po, Paris; Ivan Krastev, Bulgarian political analyst, expert on international relations; and Carmen Claudin, Senior ...


Meeting with Polish Ambassador to Russia Krzysztof Krajewski

... 2021, RIAC Director General had a meeting with Krzysztof Krajewski, Polish Ambassador to Russia. The issues discussed in the course of the meeting with the Polish diplomat included bilateral Russian-Polish relations, as well as more general issues of Russia's interaction with the European Union and NATO. The discussion also touched upon the prospects for the development of the OSCE in the context of the upcoming Polish chairmanship of this organization in 2022. The Polish Ambassador was informed about RIAC short-term work plans ...


Can the “Green” Dialogue Become a Driver for Restoring the Dialogue Between Russia and the EU?

... Challenges to the European Project The devaluing of common values has directly resulted in disassembling common spaces , including people-to-people contacts. Today, the never-implemented idea of a visa-free regime is exacerbated by a number of scandals with Russian spies penetrating into the European Union as well as by borders closures on account of the pandemic. It is far more difficult to enter the European Union today than it was five years ago. Yet, free movement of people who carry ideas and values is the key means of communication ...


2nd Russia-EU Forum

... Foreign Relations (ECFR), continued the series of international forums RIAC and Aspen Institute (Italy), in cooperation with the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), continued the series of international forums. On July 13, 2021, the second Russia-EU Forum was held. The first Russia-EU Forum took place on July 9, 2020. The second Russia-EU Forum focused on the relations between the EU countries and Russia in the light of new global challenges such as the new Atlanticism, the rise of China,...


Russian Perspective on the Challenges to the European Project

... than lavish welfare programs will see the European workforce become too expensive to be competitive on the global markets. At the same time, its professional and geographic mobility in many EU member states remains relatively low. Andrey Kortunov: Russia and the European Union: Shall We Dispense with Summits? For Russia, such negative tendencies within the EU would accelerate the country’s pivot from the EU to China, South-East Asia and other Asian nations. This pivot could get another impetus once the EU introduces ...


Russia-EU’s “Green” Dialogue: Starting with Italy

... Italy, Spain, and Poland) ranked Italy first in generating, consuming, managing waste, investment, and engagement in waste processing, repairs, and recycling waste. Russia and Italy: The importance of bilateral partnership and beyond Andrey Kortunov: Russia and the European Union: Shall We Dispense with Summits? Italian and Russian companies have already started cooperating in RES. In particular, Rosnano and Enel Russia intend to implement Russia’s first “green” hydrogen production at a wind power plant in ...


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