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Brexistentialism for useful innocents

... Heidegger, and Nietsche. Western media plays the Putin blame game In a world where Superman, Batman and Jason Bourne represent truth, justice and the American Way, to more and more young Americans, Washington public diplomacy assets have tagged Russian president Vladimir Putin as the leader of a plot to use Brexit as a tool to destabilize the EU. The Express in London and Foreign Policy are saying that Brexit represents a victory for Putin. This view has been echoed by Fox News, by Garry Kasparov ...


Crowdfunding with the enemy

With western media continuing to blame Russia and its allies for the escalation of violence in Syria and elsewhere, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov told participants at the Munich Security Conference-- itself a relic of the Cold War designed to promote defense spending-- that “all ...


The Syrian Refugee Crisis. Can Brazil really afford to take 50,000 syrian refugees?

... is not even among the top 100 nations on the annual World Economic Forum survey of human capital that is published each May. Brazil is #78 on the World Economic Forum top 100, having dropped from #57 in 2014. China, which produces the I-Pad is #64. Russia holds down the #26 position. The United States comes in at #17 and the #1 nation on the 2015 World Economic Forum survey of human capital is Finland. Human capital means different things to different nations and cultures Multilateral lending organizations,...


Brinkmanship for useful idiots

... preaching to the choir that resides in the fantasy land of conversational social media. Obama, showing more grey hair and projecting the image of a wizened leader, tried to show the world that he could bully Putin. “You're wrecking Russia to recreate the Soviet empire,” Obama said with Putin nowhere in sight. Obama also said that president Putin's strategy (regarding Ukraine) is “wrong headed,” suggesting that the U.S. leader thinks there may be something ...


BRICS and food security

... moral and business ethics perspective the effort makes sense and can add value to the BRICS brand. But success depends on China, India and Brazil, who are impacted by drought and infrastructure problems that step on their economic performance. And Russia is dealing with a sanctions regime that includes food, orchestrated by Washington and its European allies. BRICS food security. A slow rollout? It's one thing to move cautiously to manage risks. It's something else to move slowly ...


Iron ore and steel. Strategic, volatile and primed for conflict

Smarter “Smokestack Industries” are essential to the future. Considered to be developing economies in the “global governance” set-up, Russia and the BRICS know that traditional mainstream media and online propaganda vehicles driven by the “PR is the new journalism” mindset dismiss the reality that iron ore and steel are essential to the future. This means the assignment ...


Can Russia help save Peronist Argentina from itself?

In a move that is likely to heat up South Atlantic oil politics it has been announced that Russian president Vladimir Putin will visit Argentina after attending the BRICS summit in Brazil. The visit comes at a time when the ruling Peronists are once again falling into disarray thanks to their economic policy blunders. During the regime ...


Predicting critical events, an institutional challenge.

... spent annually, and thousands of jobs are created in government and the private sector by all major actors. Yet there seems to be an inability to act with mental toughness and provide the sound analysis that avoids “miscalculations.” The European Community dawdled and miscalculated badly on Ukraine and Crimea. One can see the sense of anomie and disconnectedness in the influential American journal Foreign Policy. An article calling for Russian president Vladimir Putin to be "kicked off the island" turns a serious publication into a cafe society echo chamber for a foreign policy "lifestyle" that is ensconced in itself. In that context, “whatever works” ...


France pivots to Brazil after Paris-Moscow deals

... South America Still A Talking Point Brazil and France have jointly called for a free trade zone to expand business between the European Community and the South American Mercosul (Mercosur in Spanish) group that includes Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay ... ... out of the EC, particularly in services and manufactured items like automobile components to South America. Bi-Lateral Brazil-Russia Trade Faces Economic Challenges Some international analysts have projected that trade between Russia and Brazil has the ...


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