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Africa — Russia — EU: Opportunities for Interpersonal Interaction and Civil Society Development

... Africa, but also on the globe. Moreover, taking into account the new mentality of youth, the forms of cooperation can be very different: both traditional and virtual, using the achievements of information technologies. In this sense, the Fifth Summit “African Union — European Union” (AU — EU), which was held in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, in November 2017, was especially indicative in November 2017. The leaders of African countries and EU countries gathered once again to develop strategic decisions regarding future ...


A Russia-EU-Africa Energy Strategy. Nuclear and Renewable Energy Security

... booming population, developing economies, a crucial need for energy security and international commitment to sustainability and green economies, this continent has all the characteristics of an attractive market for nuclear and renewable resources. The European Union and the Russian Federation are giants in the sphere of energy: not only do they develop and manufacture energy technologies and power plants, but also have a genuine interest in exporting them globally. This includes the African continent. However, Africa comes with challenges, namely a cruel lack of infrastructure in certain regions, political instability and lack of funds. How interesting can the African energy market be to Europe and Russia and how can the latter coordinate ...


Trade, Investment and the AfCFTA

A Russia-EU-Africa Strategy for Economic Development and Prosperity. Policy Brief #25/2020 Policy Brief #25/2020 A Russia-EU-Africa Strategy for Economic Development and Prosperity Russia and the European Union are in the ambitious pursuit of Africa’s heart. Both parties continue to pursue their own rigorous cooperation strategies with the continent – Russia is preparing to open its very first industrial zone in Egypt, and the EU has guaranteed its seat at African Continental Free Trade ...


The Future of the Middle East: Horizons of Challenges and Opportunities

... addressed to Washington. What sounds alarming is that beyond the scope of the current security agenda, European experts generally don’t see Moscow making any significant contribution to the future of the MENA. They write a lot about China, about the European Union, about Africa, but not about Russia. Analyzing the long-term challenges of the development of the region, the authors mention Russia only twice — as one of the major food exporters to the region and as an important partner in the development of nuclear energy ...


Africa: the Potential Arms-sell Competition among the EU, Russia and China?

Russia, China, the five members of European Union (France, Germany, the UK, Spain, and Italy) take the 66 percent of international arms transfer in the period of 2009~2013 (Siemon T. Wezeman, 2014). Compared with the 2004~2008, the percentage of arms importers of major weapon regional, Africa increase from 7% to 9% in the same period (see the below). As recipient, the poorly limited defense budget in African continent, will acting as the main obstacle against arms import to the predictable. For the reason of energy supply, geostrategic ...


Africa and the European Union: Summit Number Four

... Policy Note. Trade. № 1. October 2007. P. 1. 5 . The 16 countries include Botswana, Burundi, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Rwanda, the Seychelles, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. 6 . The European Union and the African Union: A Statistical Portrait // Eurostat Statistical Books. 2013 Edition. Luxembourg, 2013. P. 14. 7 . In 2010-2011, investment from the OECD, which incorporates most EU countries, in Africa fell from USD 33 billion to USD 21.9 billion ( http://www....


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