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The US Is Using Russia’s Playbook in Africa, but There’s a Catch

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s tour portrayed Washington’s official strategy as more benevolent than it actually is US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin embarked on a tour of Africa this week, marking the first such visit by a Pentagon chief since 2020, when Mark Esper visited Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. In contrast to that occasion, when no attention was paid to Sub-Saharan Africa, Austin’s trip was intended to reaffirm ...


Saving the Hegemony: French Perspective on the Changing World Order

... several recent initiatives, such reasoning can be interpreted as a signal of Paris’s leadership ambitions in building a dialogue between the global North and South on behalf of the former. Yet, amid another debacle suffered by French diplomacy on the African continent, these sentiments seemed more like an attempt to save the blushes by presenting the erstwhile neocolonialism clothed in a more alluring mantle. Useful recalcitrance Alexei Chikhchev: France and Africa: Another Fresh Start? Setting the ...


In Retreat: French Influence in the Sahel Region

France was once home to a far-flung empire in Africa. After World War II, independence movements resulted in the empire’s breakup, followed by the establishment of new post-colonial states. Though France officially left the continent, it still maintained significant influence over its former African ...


Complementarity Gains. Russia and China can provide Africa what it needs

Changes not seen in a hundred years are taking place - and the global South stands to benefit. Africa is the world’s youngest continent and its many nations are developing rapidly. Investment that reinforces local agency and solidifies development gains is the missing piece of the puzzle. Russia and China have been delivering this independently ...


Understanding the Niger Coup and its Implications

... for limiting migration flows northward, Niger was once the cornerstone of the West's Sahel strategy. [2] Source: Reuters Given its uranium resources, geographic location, and colonial history, Niger has emerged as one of the most important nations in Africa for global powerplay. The recent coup in Niger has harmed Western interests as Niger played a crucial strategic role for the West. More importantly, the security of the entire region has further become more unstable, as the Economic Community of ...


Colonial Dilemmas of the West

The development of African societies, as well as the general weakening of their enslavers, has led relations between them to some kind of intermediate finale, after which the former colonial masters will either have to leave altogether or look for new ways of maintaining ...


BRICS expansion: A watershed moment for the global economy

The 15th BRICS summit in South Africa is set to bring major changes to the global economic landscape The 15th BRICS summit in South Africa is set to bring major changes to the global economic landscape as the bloc is preparing to unleash an expansion that may result in a significant ...


BRICS: Towards a Just World Order

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s Article for South Africa’s Ubuntu Magazine, August 21, 2023 Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s Article for South Africa’s Ubuntu Magazine, August 21, 2023. On the eve of the BRICS Summit, I would like to share with our dear readers my thoughts on the prospects for ...


July Summits: EU-CELAC Summit, a Bittersweet Victory for Latin America; Africa-Russia Summit, Another Brick in Building a Multipolar and Post-Hegemonic World

In July 2023, two notable international summits took place: the European Union-Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (EU-CELAC) Summit and the Africa-Russia Summit. Below are some impressions to assess to compare the implications of both events. A comparative analysis of the final declarations of both summits yields the following impressions: Although the EU-CELAC Summit had a relatively positive ...


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