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Keeping Russia the Enemy: Congressional Attitudes and Biased Expertise

... Franks: After the conclusion of an arms deal between Russia and Venezuela, President Putin was called a “thugocrat” engaged in “dangerous alliances. Keep in mind all of the above statements were uttered before the 2014 crisis in Ukraine even broke out. So before the U.S. Congress received what has been portrayed as undeniable and irrefutable proof of Russian aggression in Ukraine, it was already quite prepared to view Russia as a corrupt kleptocracy willfully abusing human rights ...

07.02.2015 00:55:00

Human Tragedy Amidst Plenty – Breeding the Next Generation of “Freedom Fighter” or “Terrorist”?

As we go into the period of holidays to celebrate Christmas and New Year, how many people live in fear, sadness and hopelessness? I read about Ukraine and the human suffering caused by the coup, the incited civil war supported by “Friends” of the new regime running Ukraine. And I wondered. What all these leaders will be thinking of while they have their grandiose luncheons and dinner ...

25.12.2014 14:53:00

Rostislav Ishchenko: Ukraine: Permanent Maidan

... take place in a country that faces a real revolutionary situation, and then destabilisation and civil strife, often developing into a civil war, may last a long time, making the notion of permanent revolution relevant again. This was the situation in Ukraine in 2013–2014. A permanent revolution becomes possible when the goals and tasks of the revolution fall short of the goals and tasks of its main strike unit. Thus the character of the permanent revolution (its ideological thrust) are intimately ...

25.12.2014 13:41:00

Crimea, a Strategic Bastion on Russia’s Southern Flank

... Euro-Atlantic community, as well as leaders displaying hostile views with regard to Russia. The proposition made on February 23 by the new authorities to abolish the law on minorities’ language, which had provided Russian with an official status in Ukraine[1], appeared as a negative signal for the Kremlin, potentially calling for the unilateral termination of the Kharkov Agreement by Kiev[2]. On March 16, a referendum arranged by the self-proclaimed Crimean authorities resulted in 96,77% of people ...

18.12.2014 19:20:00

PUSH and PULL, the double-faced strategy dividing the EU from Russia

... the deal, again according to Ms. Mogherini: "In the next five years we'll have to review our relations with Russia," and "at the moment Russia is not a partner (of the EU), but a strategic country and a neighbor, above all of Ukraine."5 This is, however, only a small part of the story and there are other angles to explore. Let us turn our attention to the trade partners of the EU now, and observe that while many European goods are not being exported to Russia anymore,...

20.10.2014 23:25:00

European Union and the Vexed Question of Russian Gas

... Whether or not those fears are rational is a subject of this article, which will explore the possible scenarios and developments, as well as the geopolitical and economic consequences, if the dispute were to involve the delicate gas sector. Gas crisis and Ukraine, not exactly a new issue For starters it should be recognized that the European countries had already been pondering the possibility of a gas crisis with Russia well before the sanctions were formally adopted, or being put under consideration....

01.10.2014 17:37:00

Vladimir Baranovsky: OSCE Mission in Ukraine Is Needed

The Ukraine crisis remains one of the most vexed issues on the international agenda. The interested parties are making efforts to resolve it, and important steps towards peace have already been taken. So far, however, this is not enough to halt the bloodshed....

24.09.2014 18:41:00

Russia and the West: The Treaty That Never Was

... Russia’s relations with the West could possibly sink to their current level. Yeltsin’s strategy for winning the power struggle was simple—dissolve the state that Gorbachev headed. This he accomplished by conspiring with the Presidents of Ukraine and Belarus, who met secretly at Belovezhskaya Pushcha on 8 December 1991, to dissolve the Soviet Union. I will leave aside the question of whether dismantling a country that was well on the way to democratic reform, genuine federalism, and partnership ...

19.09.2014 23:28:00

How the Ukraine-Russia -West Crisis Might Come to the End

... different ideas about democratic institutions and procedures. Possible only within a limited period of time, the peaceful coexistence scenario hinges on third-arty political actors’ unwillingness to actively seek compromise for the situation in Ukraine. The slow, gradual introduction of the Western sanctions, as well as Russia’s reactive sanctions against the Western nations, is now detrimental to all parties involved, although it does not preclude a dialog and contacts between parties ...

16.09.2014 00:03:00

NATO: A Mighty Wind, Signifying Nothing

The surrealism of the Ukrainian conflict continued last week, with the 28 members of the NATO alliance meeting in a cozy golf resort in Wales, United Kingdom, to discuss all of the supposedly egregious and disconcerting Russian maneuvers against Ukraine and demanding that Russia stop inviting further sanctions and pressure against itself, as British Prime Minister David Cameron emphasized at the summit. All of this is well and good, of course, part of the pomp and circumstance of international ...

09.09.2014 18:04:00

Another Perspective on Swedish-Ukrainian Relations

In light of the Ukrainian crisis, Sweden has started to consider providing a financial assistance package to Ukraine. While such a decision does not seem out of character for the beneficent country who has taken in almost 20 percent of the European Union’s asylum seekers last year[1], there may be other factors that have led Sweden towards this decision....

25.08.2014 11:51:00

Geopolitics, Revisionism and the Black Sea

Latent tensions have loomed before civil strife actually irrupted in Ukraine amid deep-rooted political uncertainties. That claims upon the Crimean peninsula would be eventually raised by Putin’s Russia, concentrating troops at the borders and effecting what appeared to be a military invasion, followed by a political ...

21.08.2014 16:37:00

Dmitri Trenin: China’s Victory in Ukraine

To be sure, the current conflict between the US and Russia over Ukraine is a mismatch, given the disparity in power between the two sides. Russia is not, and cannot even pretend to be, a contender for world domination. Unlike the Soviet Union, it is not driven by some universal ideology, does not lead a bloc of states ...

19.08.2014 15:24:00

Russia vs. the West: a theoretical view on a real crisis

It's been a while since the rivalry between Russia and the West took such harsh forms. Actually, the object of the contestation - Ukraine - may imply that apart from China and few other countries Zbigniew Brzezinski may be a beneficiary. "Told ya", thinks probably the former security advisor to President Carter awaiting reprintings of his Chessboard. All kidding (or not?...

08.08.2014 16:32:00

The Downing of MH17 – A Perspecitve of Intrigue or the “HALO Effect”?

... said, you were abroad and just returned last night, you did not see that our Prime Minister Najib of Malaysia, announced again full support for a FREE PALESTINE on TV last night. This has always been the Policy of Malaysia. In my heart, I felt it was Ukraine doing this on the suggestion of the USA. After all the USA has 400 CIA agents stationed in Kiev “advising” on “tactical” matters. Furthermore, God knows how many MOSSAD agents of the Regime of Israel are also there – ...

24.07.2014 11:19:00

Business is business. Western duplicity towards Russia.

... commitment as both partner and stakeholder towards the russian giant that doesn’t match very well with the political hardline endorsed by Downing Street. The british Prime Minister Cameron has been one of the most virulent callers for action in Ukraine, and has threatened unilateral sanctions against Russia more than once. Yet, instead of scaling back its engagement BP, which is state-owned, is going to import from Russia 12 million tons of refined oil products* per year with a prepayment of ...

23.07.2014 21:59:00

Russia’s Plans for Crimea: the Black Sea Fleet

... serial of Russian-Ukrainian treaties on the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The Russian-Ukrainian agreement on parameters of division of the Black Sea Fleet signed on May 28, 1997, the treaty on status and terms of deployment of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine (May 28, 1997), the treaty on mutual settlements related with division and stay of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine (May 28, 1997) and the Kharkov agreement on stay of the Russian Black Sea Fleet on the territory of Ukraine signed on April ...

23.07.2014 13:54:00


So many American politicians upset with the Israelis for the attacks on Gaza. .....Using weapons largely obtained through the United States... .....hmmmmm.....does that mean America is responsible for the Gaza deaths? President Putin is on the phone. He would like an answer to that question.

20.07.2014 23:13:00

Russia’s Plans for Crimea : the Economic Development

... money flows since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia was prevented from investing in the peninsula, and Kiev was reluctant to spend money for the Republic of Crimea, one of the most Russophile and Russian-speaking parts of then newly independent Ukraine. Soon after the annexation, President Putin created the Ministry for the Development of Crimea and appointed Oleg Saveliev as the head of this new ministry. Concrete plans to develop the peninsula still remain vague, although some measures have ...

19.07.2014 18:15:00


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