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The Mirages of Westphalia

In today’s world, societies cannot interact through the bottleneck of intergovernmental relations Once the current systemic crisis arrives at its still vague yet inevitable end, a new world order will emerge, and as analysts ponder it, most of them agree that nation states will further grow in power in relation to other international actors. Strictly speaking, this strengthening is already going full throttle. How stable is this trend ...


Operational Space as an Imperative of Russian Foreign Policy

After disillusionment and turns to the West and then to the East, Russia is finally acquiring a more realistic and at the same time more flexible position in the world arena Historically, Russia’s goal of gaining operational space in foreign policy was largely linked with its efforts to overcome geographical restrictions, increase the number of allies and overcome the vulnerability to external threats, writes Valdai Club Programme Director Yaroslav Lissovolik . In the current context, the strategy...


China versus the US: Who Will Prevail?

The recently published book China versus the US: Who Will Prevail? (New Jersey, World Scientific, 2020), aims at answering two set of questions. In the first place: Did China challenge the United States too hard and too soon and, by doing so, seriously affected the chance to attain its objectives? Can Washington still contain China’s ascendancy and retain its current leading status? In the second place: What are the options that can result from the clash of these two behemoths? Which of these options...


Andrey Kortunov Speaks at CFR Roundtable on Post-Pandemic World Order

On June 10, 2020, the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) held an online roundtable on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the future world order On June 10, 2020, the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) held an online roundtable on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the future world order. Reports were made by Natalie Tocci, Director of the Italian International Affairs ...


We Need to Create a More Inclusive System of Global Governance

... challenges and on international rules, norms, and regimes should be developed. In this way, major powers and rising powers can work together to manage the risk of armed conflict and create a more inclusive system of global governance. The Future of World Order Discussion Paper Series on Managing Global Disorder No. 1 , June 2020, published by the Council on Foreign Relations Globalization has shaped world affairs for many decades, but the dynamics of the globalization process have turned out more ...


Illusions of a New Bipolarity

... bloc-based rivalry. Andrey Kortunov: The Battle of “Coronavirus Narratives”: Three Lines of Defence Against China Yet many are still enticed by discussions of a new bipolarity, and there are many reasons why. Let us outline a few of them. First, the world order that existed during the Cold War was relatively simple. Second, people are motivated by anti-Chinese sentiments. That is, many associate the bipolarity of the Cold War with the eventual victory of one of the sides, and they hope that the United ...


The Thucydides’ Trap: the Avoidable Destiny Between the US and China

... elucidated by Professor Graham Allison in his articles, talks and famous book Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’ Trap . So, what exactly is this Thucydides ’trap? Igor Ivanov: The Belt and Road Initiative: Towards a New World Order The phrase originates from the ancient Greek historian Thucydides who had observed that the Peloponnesian war (431BC-404BC) was caused by the growth of Athens, the rising power, and the corresponding fear of Sparta, the ruling power. Currently,...


2020 Munich Security Conference: Back to Utopia?

... still strong. It is grounded in the right ideas, advanced institutions and technologies. The autocracies, despite their success, are fragmented and internally weak. So the West has a historic chance and opportunity to maintain and reform the liberal world order. The advantage of such a picture is that it is universal, simple and extremely understandable to wide circles—from politicians and generals to ordinary citizens. In its own way, it is archetypal, and fits well into a wider circle of narratives....


Searching for a New World

... Security Council that enjoy significant weight in many global and regional issues and have massive combined military containment potential. Russia and China command respect in the global community and therefore bear special responsibility for the future world order. Andrey Kortunov: American King Kong and the Law of the Jungle The international community today—both at the level of public opinion and heads of state and international organisations—is listening with particular attention to the signals ...


Russian Foreign Policy Moving into 2020: Today’s Achievements and Tomorrow’s Challenges

... domestic problems that require the most attention. Second, the strategy of self-isolation would effectively involve Russia withdrawing from active participation in the creation of a new system of international relations and the construction of the new world order. And a new world order will be created regardless. The only question is the price that humanity will have to pay for it. When the era of instability is over and a form of global governance has been restored, Russia will have to play by rules ...


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