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The Thucydides’ Trap: the Avoidable Destiny Between the US and China

... elucidated by Professor Graham Allison in his articles, talks and famous book Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’ Trap . So, what exactly is this Thucydides ’trap? Igor Ivanov: The Belt and Road Initiative: Towards a New World Order The phrase originates from the ancient Greek historian Thucydides who had observed that the Peloponnesian war (431BC-404BC) was caused by the growth of Athens, the rising power, and the corresponding fear of Sparta, the ruling power. Currently,...


2020 Munich Security Conference: Back to Utopia?

... still strong. It is grounded in the right ideas, advanced institutions and technologies. The autocracies, despite their success, are fragmented and internally weak. So the West has a historic chance and opportunity to maintain and reform the liberal world order. The advantage of such a picture is that it is universal, simple and extremely understandable to wide circles—from politicians and generals to ordinary citizens. In its own way, it is archetypal, and fits well into a wider circle of narratives....


Searching for a New World

... Security Council that enjoy significant weight in many global and regional issues and have massive combined military containment potential. Russia and China command respect in the global community and therefore bear special responsibility for the future world order. Andrey Kortunov: American King Kong and the Law of the Jungle The international community today—both at the level of public opinion and heads of state and international organisations—is listening with particular attention to the signals ...


Russian Foreign Policy Moving into 2020: Today’s Achievements and Tomorrow’s Challenges

... domestic problems that require the most attention. Second, the strategy of self-isolation would effectively involve Russia withdrawing from active participation in the creation of a new system of international relations and the construction of the new world order. And a new world order will be created regardless. The only question is the price that humanity will have to pay for it. When the era of instability is over and a form of global governance has been restored, Russia will have to play by rules ...


What We've Learnt About Globalization

..., believed that globalization would result in a fast and radical restructuring of the system of international institutions, legal norms, and foreign policy practices of individual states. However, globalization has not yet led to a revolution of the world order. The security institutions of the previous era (UN, NATO), as well as development institutions (IBRD, IMF, WTO), showed a high degree of sustainability, confining themselves only to cosmetic repairs of their priorities, procedures and operation ...


RIAC at 16th Beijing Forum

Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, took part in the Forum and made a report on the changing perceptions of globalization processes in the modern world at the session on the new world order On November 1­–3, 2019, in Beijing, Peking University together with the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, and Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies co-hosted the 16th Beijing Forum. The Beijing Forum is one of the most representative ...


The Neo-Compellence: Is the Diplomacy of Violence a new Reality for International Relations?

... achieved parity with the US. In 1967, after this change, Washington officially accepted the idea that any forecasts of a nuclear war should include unprecedented damage and devastation on American soil . And yet, as we all know, the period of a bipolar world order was one of relative peace and enhanced development. The same goes for the current situation, as well as the Vietnam War, during which the strategy of compellence was developed. This type of strategy, as we have already said, applied to military ...


Russia: The Dilemmas of an Underachiever?

... account various nuances. A Russian project, The Political Atlas of Modern Times, by Andrei Melvil et al attempted to take into consideration these nuances plus technological development and soft power indices. Ivan Timofeev: A New Anarchy? Scenarios for World Order Dynamics However, universal power formulas have shortcomings. The first is that any global distribution of power will be asymmetrical. This is a reflection of objective reality and is hardly a drawback of the method as such. Almost any power ...


Russian–Chinese Dialogue: The 2019 Model

The 5th annual report by RIAC, RAS Institute of Far Eastern Studies and the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University The 5th annual report by RIAC, RAS Institute of Far Eastern Studies and the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University presents the сommon views of leading Russian and Chinese international affairs experts on the development of Russia–China cooperation in 2018 and the first quarter of 2019. The authors analyze the dynamics of Russia–China interaction on...


Protracted Asymmetric Geopolitical Conflict

... resemblance or homology between, on the one hand, the doctrine of Ein Reich , the telos of world domination, a Thousand Year Reich, and the military moves of Germany and its Axis partners in the run-up to WWII, and on the other, that of a unipolar world order and global military expansionism; of open-ended unipolar global leadership? Is there a continuity or homology between on the one hand, the wartime US Grand Area planning for the postwar world (the documents of which were unearthed by Noam ...


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