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Restoration, Reformation, Revolution? Blueprints for the World Order after the Russia-Ukraine conflict

... crisis range from cautiously optimistic to openly apocalyptic. In our opinion, the central issue is this: Could the crisis be regarded as a vexing aberration of history, a regrettable exception to the established rules that underpin a mostly stable world order, an accidental blip on the computer monitor? Or are we witnessing a clear illustration of trends that will increasingly determine the overall course of global development in the foreseeable future? In other words: Will the world bounce back ...


Can BRICS Underpin a New World Order?

... prioritizes the depth and alignment of integrating BRICS states’ priority regional projects Amid an unprecedented spike in global geopolitical risks, the world is becoming increasingly aware of the fact that the architecture that underpins the old world order is giving way to a new configuration of international relations and regional blocs. The countries of the Global South are establishing their own institutions, alliances of regional integration, and payment systems, with them turning into a ...


International Multilateralism in a Non-Hegemonic World

... of advanced multilateralism from the still unformed multipolarity. Multilateralism: old and new Today, the once clear horizons of international multilateralism are clouded. Many authors deny any prospects for meaningful multilateralism in the future world order, arguing that this world order will inevitably be based on the traditionally understood balance of power of the great powers. But let's not forget that what we are witnessing today is a crisis of one specific format of multilateralism, namely,...


Will China “Lean to One Side”?

For the West, the battle for Ukraine has become the battle for Russia. The battle for Russia is only the first phase of the battle against China For the West, Russia’s actions in Ukraine have revealed and confirmed the true face of Russia and its leadership. For much of the global East and South, the West’s policy from the mid-1990s right up to its gross overreaction to the situation in Ukraine was a reminder and revelation of the true character and intentions of the West. On the face of it, the...


Discussing Russia and the World

... it forward. Now, since 2021, Biden—not Trump— has brought U.S. expansionism to the power of three. After 2021, we face U.S. strive toward hegemony “cubed”. The very global weakening of the United States, the dissolution of the U.S. unipolar world order has triggered a hegemonic reaction in the U.S. This reaction, with Biden as a protagonist and stronger Neocon imperialists in the shadowy U.S. circles of power, has set the American striving for power into hyperdrive. It is not about “democracy”....


First Meeting of the Global Dialogue on Strategic Competition and the Future World Order

On February 22, 2022, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington, DC) and The Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership held the first meeting of the international Global Dialogue on strategic competition and the future world order On February 22, 2022, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington, DC) and The Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership held the first meeting of the international Global Dialogue on strategic competition and the future ...


How to Put Out the "Resonance of Instability"?

Summary of the report “Improving Governance in conditions of Global Instability: international, domestic, regional and local levels.” Research fellows and experts of the Center for Territorial Government and Self-government, Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies, and the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation have prepared the joint scientific report “ Improving Governance in conditions of Global Instability: international...


The Vertical World: An Interview with Abishur Prakash

There are no set principles to guide global governance in the Vertical World Abishur Prakash is a co-founder and geopolitical futurist at Center for Innovating the Future (CIF), an advisory firm in Toronto, Canada. Abishur has worked with some of the largest companies in the world, including institutions and governments. He is also the author of five books, including his latest, “The World Is Vertical: How Technology Is Remaking Globalization.” Abishur has appeared in some of the world’s biggest...


The Kortunov Global Affairs Debates: The Rise of China and the End of the Liberal World Order

September 21 at 18:00 GMT+3 Dear friends, we are opening registration for the 1st day of the Kortunov Global Affairs Debates ! The Kortunov Global Affairs Debates are the annual project of Creative Diplomacy in association with the RIAC launched over a decade ago in memory of Dr. Sergei V. Kortunov, a Russian political scientist and national identity researcher. Since 2009, Creative Diplomacy and the RIAC have brought together prominent young experts and beginning researchers to conduct annual...


Vodka or Cognac: Two Tastes of Global Politics

... to produce vodka, be it wheat, rye, potatoes or sugar beets; if high quality equipment is used and strict compliance with rigid technological standards is ensured, nothing of the original raw material remains in the end product. Andrey Kortunov: The World Order Crisis and the Future of Globalization Naturally, true connoisseurs of vodka claim that the quality of the drink heavily depends on water quality and the professional secrets of purification. When connoisseurs taste a good vodka, they note ...


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