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Sanctioning the Pipelines: Implications for Russia, the EU and the U.S.

... Administration has shown a tough stance whilst dealing with Russia and imposed a wide-range of sanctions as a response to the events in Ukraine, supposed election interference and other issues of the U.S.-Russia rivalry agenda. However, executive authorities have ... ... preserve a considerable part of its gas transit via Ukraine — this has been one of the key demands to support the project. The European Union has never invited the U.S. to protect them from the NS2, though there was a heated debate inside the EU. Apparently,...


Russia Facing Europe: A Provisional Road Map

... assumption that Russia would become permanently associated with the EU without sharing institutions with it is also history. The Ukraine crisis has divided Europe and Russia, but it has also pushed Russia to pivot toward itself. This means seeing itself not ... ... the principal trading partner, and a prime source of technology and investment. Yet despite being an economic powerhouse, the European Union is dismissed by Russians as a geopolitical and strategic player. When it comes to world politics or geostrategy,...


Meeting with Political Director of Germany's Federal Foreign Office Jens Plötner

... Ambassador of Germany. The following issues were discussed in the course of the meeting: Russia-Germany and Russia-the EU relations, the possibilities for reducing tensions between Moscow and Washington, and the prospects for resolving the crisis around Ukraine in the context of the presidential elections in the country.


How Ukraine Will Change After Zelensky’s Victory

RIAC Experts on Possible Changes to Ukraine’s Foreign and Domestic Policies In a blitz interview, RIAC experts spoke about possible changes to Ukraine’s foreign ... ... working within the pro-Western paradigm and lead the country towards collaboration with international financial bodies, the European Union and NATO. Russia–Ukraine relations will largely depend on the general trends in U.S.–Russia relations, and ...


Helping Ukraine to Help Ourselves

... tasks. It is abundantly clear that we cannot expect any rapid changes for the better in the domestic and foreign situation in Ukraine. The problems that have accumulated in and around Ukraine in recent years run so deep that it will take a great amount ... ... time to seriously consider expanding the composition of the group. Now would be a good time to invite representatives of the European Union and the United States to take part. And such a decision would be entirely justified, as it would allow external ...


State of Play: Russia and the Fraying West

... control will not help. The INF Treaty is dead, and New START is likely to follow when its time is up in 2021. Thus, Moscow can only work with Washington to prevent incidents from spinning out of control; to avoid escalation of running conflicts such as Ukraine; and to minimize mutual misperceptions. Crucial here is a 24/7 US-Russian military-to-military communication link, and high-level personal contacts between their military and security chiefs. These contacts, of course, are no substitute for a ...


Putin is a leader made for the Russian Federation

... increase.) Russia will continue to pursue a cautious and conservative program of bolstering its military capability, with an emphasis on gradual technological modernization — including a continued buildup of forces stationed along the border with Ukraine in order to give Moscow more instruments for intervening in the course of the Ukrainian conflict. At the same time, Moscow will desist from any tangible military buildup in the European (northwestern) theater, despite the mutually belligerent ...


Opportunities for Europe, Syria and Russia with New Approaches

... the goal being to create a globally economic successful Region including Helsinki – Saint Petersburg – Pskov – Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania – Kaliningrad – Stockholm. The participation of Danes, Poles, and Germans is welcome, but not required. Ukraine Minsk agreements are fine, but one of the reasons they have not worked in practice is, that there has been no solution in sight, how the situation could be permanently settled. Today, Russia has consolidated its position, and therefore Russia ...


Riga Dialogue Recommendations

... Measures and Disarmament in Europe should be revisited and possibly reapplied to the region. This type of engagement could serve to improve existing relations including between Russia and the Baltic states and between Russia and NATO. — Dialogue on Ukraine would be facilitated by engaging new actors skilled in conflict resolution. A peacekeeping arrangement under the auspices of the UN should be welcomed by all parties. Ukraine, Russia, the EU and the US need to remain engaged in agreeing on the ...


The “Russian Card” in the International Game

... and contradictions, but they all come to naught because of a solid edifice of bilateral relations that has been consistently constructed in recent years and which possesses clearly defined strategic benchmarks. As far as Russia’s relations with the European Union are concerned, attempts to force political manipulators to cease and desist have thus far been unsuccessful. In the early 2000s, Russia and Europe built their relations with the common goal of achieving strategic partnership. Over the course ...


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