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Russia Facing Europe: A Provisional Road Map

... permanently associated with the EU without sharing institutions with it is also history. The Ukraine crisis has divided Europe and Russia, but it has also pushed Russia to pivot... ... source of technology and investment. Yet despite being an economic powerhouse, the European Union is dismissed by Russians as a geopolitical and strategic player. When... ... feelings of malaise on both sides. Despite the ongoing U.S.-Russia confrontation, the NATO-Russia military standoff in Europe is still relatively low-level. While preparing...


How Ukraine Will Change After Zelensky’s Victory

RIAC Experts on Possible Changes to Ukraine’s Foreign and Domestic Policies In a blitz interview, RIAC experts spoke about possible changes to Ukraine’s foreign ... ... working within the pro-Western paradigm and lead the country towards collaboration with international financial bodies, the European Union and NATO. Russia–Ukraine relations will largely depend on the general trends in U.S.–Russia relations, and I think gradually moving ...


State of Play: Russia and the Fraying West

... only work with Washington to prevent incidents from spinning out of control; to avoid escalation of running conflicts such as Ukraine; and to minimize mutual misperceptions. Crucial here is a 24/7 US-Russian military-to-military communication link, and ... ... energy sector. Security matters will have to take a back seat: Europeans cannot decide alone on the issues that fall within NATO’s competence. The OSCE is essentially irrelevant, and the Russia-NATO communications line is but an add-on to the US-Russian ...


Opportunities for Europe, Syria and Russia with New Approaches

... Contrary to promises from President Reagan, the three Baltic countries, former members of the Soviet Union, became members of NATO, an alliance directed against Russia. And contrary to their official status as “neutral” countries, Sweden and Finland,... ... Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania – Kaliningrad – Stockholm. The participation of Danes, Poles, and Germans is welcome, but not required. Ukraine Minsk agreements are fine, but one of the reasons they have not worked in practice is, that there has been no solution ...


Riga Dialogue Recommendations

... and Security-Building Measures and Disarmament in Europe should be revisited and possibly reapplied to the region. This type of engagement could serve to improve existing relations including between Russia and the Baltic states and between Russia and NATO. — Dialogue on Ukraine would be facilitated by engaging new actors skilled in conflict resolution. A peacekeeping arrangement under the auspices of the UN should be welcomed by all parties. Ukraine, Russia, the EU and the US need to remain engaged in agreeing on the ...


Meeting between Putin and Trump — Another Reason for Split within the EU?

There are growing fears inside the European Union that Donald Trump’s pragmatic approach of cooperation with Russia will ... ... further strengthen the position of those in EU member states who criticize Brussels The NATO Summit, held on July 11–12, 2018, gave Brussels and the EU countries good reason... ... itself. Second . The President of the United States did not utter a single word about Ukraine during the meeting (not during the bit we saw, at least). This was another serious...


Breaking the U.S.-Russia Impasse: Keeping the Door Open to Dialogue

... Such issues can make it even more difficult for the respective administrations to reconcile complex issues and disputes. A number of key issues and disputes are already proving difficult to resolve, not even considering the added problem caused by accusations of mutual election interference. These include security concerns and disputes revolving around NATO and European Union enlargement, Russian actions in Crimea and eastern Ukraine, as well as the nature of the conventional and nuclear arms race that has been escalating at least since the turn of the 21st century. In June 2017, Moscow canceled talks with Washington in protest against the new political and economic sanctions ...


Recent International Processes’ effects on the Socio-Political Situation in Ukraine

... Publications Review Ukrainian Think Thanks Publications Review The political process in the Ukraine has become as hot as the scorching weather the country has been experiencing... ... and what it all means for the future of Ukraine have reached fever pitch. The recent NATO Summit in Warsaw, the attempted coup in Turkey, the complicated dynamics of the... ... and strengthening political power will exacerbate relations between Turkey and the European Union, which are not in their best shape as it is, and that will push the country...


Are the Minsk Agreements Doomed?

... “Amber People’s Republic” in the north-west of the country. Apparently the European Union is aware that the Kiev authorities have little wiggle room and that is... ... important to determine how the EU (or at least its Franco-German nucleus), Russia and the USA see the solution of the Ukrainian crisis and to try to find common ground between... ... incentives for internal Ukrainian politics. The West should cancel its plans to draw Ukraine into NATO. Despite the government’s declared wish to join the Alliance, there is ...


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