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USA-Iran: Why Is the Deal Stalled?

Getting back to the deal will be difficult. It will be even more difficult to keep it The prospects for talks on an Iranian nuclear deal are becoming increasingly dim. After Democrat Joe Biden won the presidential election in the United States and was ... ... enrichment to 20% in accordance with the law “ On the strategic measures for the lifting of sanctions ”. Ivan Timofeev: USA vs. JCPOA: How Can Russia and China Respond? In April 2021, the parties began indirect negotiations in Vienna, where a meeting ...


Ousting the JCPOA

... Tehran of playing a destructive role in the region. Iran is yet again a part of the “axis of evil” identified by President George W. Bush in 2003, albeit the international environment is different. Irina Fedorova: Hypertension between Iran and the USA In July 2015, after a prolonged period of negotiations, the group of international mediators on Iran’s nuclear program was on the verge of finalizing the plan. Observers were jubilant, expecting the problem to be resolved shortly. Sceptics were ...


ELN Group Statement: Sustaining the Iran Nuclear Deal

... only US interests but also US international standing. Next month the US Administration concludes its review of relations with Iran and addresses its next requirement to report to the US Congress on whether Tehran continues to comply with the Iran nuclear deal. Credible reports suggest that President Trump is seeking a way to justify declaring that Iran is no longer compliant with the deal. The statement’s signatories, who include George Robertson, former British Defence Secretary and former ...


Will the Pearl Reveal Itself: What is in Store for the Iranian Oil & Gas Industry?

... antagonistic reaction from Teheran. The return of American sanctions strengthens the position of Iranian conservatives, and all that combined inevitably throws the Iranian economy and its oil and gas sector back to isolation. Under the second scenario, the USA and Iran stick to the nuclear deal. However, the sense of precarious unpredictability about Iran’s future affects the sentiment of international investors. The long-run repercussions of this scenario are tantamount to that of the first one. Here, the lack of economic development ...


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