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USA-Iran: Why Is the Deal Stalled?

Getting back to the deal will be difficult. It will be even more difficult to keep it The prospects for talks on an Iranian nuclear deal are becoming increasingly dim. After Democrat Joe Biden won the presidential election in the United States and was sworn in, Washington started to pursue a return to negotiating the JCPOA. The new administration aims to overcome the legacy ...


Ousting the JCPOA

With the numerous unresolved issues between Iran and the Unites States, any normalization of bilateral relations would require both political will and a large-scale settlement plan The “shamanic dances” around the “spirit” of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) peaked in October, 2017 after U.S. President Donald Trump criticized the deal for its shortcomings and accused Tehran of playing a destructive role in the region. Iran is yet again a part of the “axis of evil” identified by President...


ELN Group Statement: Sustaining the Iran Nuclear Deal

... only US interests but also US international standing. Next month the US Administration concludes its review of relations with Iran and addresses its next requirement to report to the US Congress on whether Tehran continues to comply with the Iran nuclear deal. Credible reports suggest that President Trump is seeking a way to justify declaring that Iran is no longer compliant with the deal. The statement’s signatories, who include George Robertson, former British Defence Secretary and former ...


Will the Pearl Reveal Itself: What is in Store for the Iranian Oil & Gas Industry?

... production by more than the said 90 thousand barrels. At least not until international companies embark on investment. International investors: who returned, who is waiting, and who changed their mind? RIAC Reader. Оil-producing Countries in Crisis The nuclear deal merely cracked open the Iranian front door to international investors, yet an overwhelming amount of them hurried to squeeze in. The number of business delegations, representatives of international companies and governments that visited Iran ...


Judging the Effects: The Shaping Iranian Perspective on JCPOA and Trump's Options

... and performance, hence acts as a pressure tool. Although it is true that hardliners are more marginalized in Iran's today's politics and benefit less from social support than before, more and more people ask about the real outcomes and effects of the nuclear deal, as do Rouhani’s rival groups. Nature of "effects" becomes yet more significant when simultaneously public opinion, parliament (Majlis) and hardline political fractions use them as an evaluation and judging tool. In this sense ...


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