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Russia and the US: Where Will the Growing Alienation Lead to?

Russia and the US are becoming toxic to each other Amid the approaching presidential campaign, the US has been hit by an unprecedented ... ... still working. However, seeing this as an upward trend would be stretching it. The situation is totally different even from the Cold War, when both the Soviet Union and the US were in confrontation. There was a high mutual interest on both sides then. Restrictions ...


30 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall-Time for a New East Policy?

... of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Time to reflect on the development of the last 30 years and why we are on the verge of a new Cold War today. Perhaps Gorbachev made the mistake of not securing his own design for a New Europe at the time. The United States ... ... addition, the Soviet Union was in dissolution, so such a contract would then have to be renegotiated under Yeltsin and with Russia and at that time were also the signs of relaxation. Gorbachev has never contracted on provisions for NATO extensions, it ...


Russia’s Comeback Isn’t Stopping With Syria

Russia is back and here to stay. Others had better accept it and learn to deal with ... ... With the Russian military intervention in Ukraine in 2014, the breakout from the post-Cold War, Western-dominated order was complete. The takeover of Crimea and support for... ... technologies to influence other countries’ domestic politics, for instance, has provoked accusations from such important partners as Germany and France but failed to advance Russia’s...


“We win, they lose” – Wonderful world of Binary categorisations

Is the new Containment and its Cold War on our doorstep? Who does it need now and why? To answer that question is to grasp how the previous one ceased. The end ... ... an outfoxing Allies than a winning the war. In both of these huge, cross-European, conflicts the main burden was suffered by Russians. Further on, the ultimate victory was decided nowhere else but on the Russian battlefields. What was the return? The ...


The House That Built Who?

... many countries, primarily Western and especially European ones, which thought that the norms established after the end of the Cold War (as a result of creative reevaluation of the norms put in place in the second half of the 20th century) would last forever. But suddenly everything began to crumble. Russia is affected, too. Its policy throughout the post-Soviet period, despite Western accusations of revisionism, was motivated by the desire to preserve or recreate the status quo that existed before the dramatic breakup ...


Russia Is Being Used As a Meme in U.S. Politics

Political scientist Fyodor Lukyanov on Russia's place in the world. Since Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula in 2014, it has come under fire for propping up the ... ... to do the same with China. He treats Beijing with more respect.  As an aside, the concept of superpowers dates back to the Cold War and is outdated. Even if we think of the United States or even China as superpowers today. Russia certainly isn’t one,...


Mapping Global Strategic Stability in the Twenty-First Century

The U.S.-Russia strategic relationship—the only one to have featured strategic arms control—is no longer central to global strategic ... ... Sino-American relations are not nearly as dominant in terms of the rest of the world as U.S.-Soviet relations were during the Cold War. Thus twentieth-century methods of dealing with the issue of strategic stability, such as arms control, are insufficient....


Webinar “Russia and the US: a New Cold War or the Way to a New Détente?”

... challenge the states are facing today. Governments should not blame each other, they should cooperate. Countries are exchanging accusations, as they did during the Cold War. Then all issues were discussed, whereas now diplomats cannot meet and negotiate. It highlights the crisis of the rules ... ... the game and the problem of legal evidence. Secondly, we lack information on the kinds of weapons China possesses – unlike Russia and the United States, this state did not sign any arms limitation agreements. There is information on Chinese military ...


The West’s Unilateral Cold War

The problem between Russia and the West is really a problem among Westerners themselves. If there is a new cold war, it is only because established elites have not come to terms with reality: the balance of military, political, economic,... ... country, as well as self-fulfillment through service to society and nation. I dream of the possibility that even 2% of the accusations concerning Russian “interference” in the 2016 US election prove true. It would bolster my self-esteem as a Russian,...


Russia's Changing Relations with the West: Prospects for a New Hybrid System

In 2017 Russian foreign policy started a painful process of reassessing its previous assumptions about the EU and its midterm prospects ... ... Nevertheless, this division does not preclude various forms of cooperation similar to these during the 1970s or 1980s. Back to the Cold War Igor Ivanov: Russia — Europe: the Need for a Common Vision Since no revolution took place in global politics in 2017,...


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