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Influencing Iran: Moscow's Trump Card to Secure a Role in Gulf Security

... Moscow’s influence on Tehran remain limited, though Russia is trying to show GCC countries its ability to influence the implementation of the Iran Nuclear Deal. The resumption of the JCPOA as a whole is in the interests of all Gulf countries, including Iran. This is also important for Russia since it considers ensuring security in the Gulf a key regional goal. By expanding the dialogue between Iran and the GCC countries Moscow would be seen as an active participant in strengthening the region’s security; hence why Russia is actively ...


The Iranian Tilt: Why Should Russia Work with the Islamic Republic?

... at. Seemingly, talks on wheat deliveries promise tangible outcomes. However, Russia has been one of the major exporters of wheat before, so this is nothing particularly new. By the end of 2021, agricultural products accounted for nearly 80% of the Iranian-Russian trade turnover. Bolstering trade in national currencies may appear a more fundamental issue. However, this process was set in motion a while ago—in late 2021, over 70% of trade transactions between Russia and Iran were nominated in national ...


Andrey Kortunov’s Lecture at Iranian Institute for European and American Studies

On June 7, 2022, Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, delivered a lecture at the Iranian Institute for European and American Studies (EURICA) on the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on the relations of great powers in the Middle East and North Africa On June 7, 2022, Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, delivered a lecture at the Iranian Institute for European and American Studies (EURICA) on the impact ...


Ukrainian Crisis, Turkey and Eurasia: Who Wins?

... expected. In addition, the structure of relations between the Republic of Belarus and the EU differ from similar relations with Russia. Dmitry Razumovsky: What Could Take BRICS Forward? The Republic of Moldova is a “loser” in this crisis. The country ... ... significant increase in fuel prices, which will also inevitably affect economic growth. Finally, two other neighbouring countries, Iran and North Korea, should be mentioned. Tehran has a unique window of opportunity. The risk of a shortage of oil in the world ...


Ukrainian Crisis. Who Has the Upper Hand?

... differences may fade into the background. In any case, Iran has a chance to take advantage of the situation. Such a development of events precludes the formation of a coalition among countries under sanctions, which theoretically could include China, Russia, Iran and Venezuela. China will cooperate with all three, but not to the detriment of relations with the West. All in all, the new stage of the Ukrainian crisis will have global consequences. For some, it will bring short and medium-term costs, and very ...


Iran and Eurasian Economic Union Negotiations: Upgrading EAEU-Iran Preferential Trade Agreement into a Free Trade Agreement

... is necessary to bring up the economic and trade capacities of the two sides in the media, to hold specialized exhibitions with the participation of Iranian businessmen, traders and the member countries on a regular basis. The chambers of commerce of Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Armenia should work on strengthening their cooperation. In this regard, the inauguration of Iranian Trade Office in Astrakhan in October 2017 and holding the first exclusive exhibition “Eurasia Expo” in ...


Results of 2021: Sanctions Policy

... Washington is still the largest instigator of sanctions, and the restrictive measures taken by the Americans are the most dangerous for business. The change of administration in the United States has resulted in adjustments to the policy of sanctions against Russia, China and Iran. The EU’s toolkit of restrictive measures has been gradually developing, although there have been no significant breakthroughs. Belarus can be directly called the “target country” of the year. The level of sanctions levied against Minsk by ...


US’ Hyperbolic China, Russia, Iran Statements Show Outdated Foreign Policy

... problems rather than on foreign adversaries Last week, CNBC published an op-ed piece by Frederick Kempe, a prominent US analyst and journalist. The author argues that in 2022 the US will have to focus on confronting the challenges coming from China, Russia and Iran. He suggests that these three nations will likely try to make use of the perceived US foreign policy weakness, which the recent American withdrawal from Afghanistan demonstrated in the most explicit way. Frederick Kempe also suggests that there is ...


RIAC and RUSI Discussed Russian and UK Interests in Iran and Syria

... framework of the sixth round of the project “A New Agenda for Russia–UK Relations” On October 27, 2021, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) with the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) held a closed workshop on approaches of Russia and the UK in Iran and Syria. The workshop was organized within the framework of the sixth round of the project “A New Agenda for Russia–UK Relations”. The goals of the meeting were to discuss the interests of Russia and UK in the Middle East, and to search for ...


Iran in the SCO: a Forced “Look East” Strategy and an Alternative World Order

... on, except for themselves, following the withdrawal of the U.S. forces. Against this background, Iran’s accession at this moment seems to be of significance, as an effective Afghan settlement seems hardly possible without Tehran. Andrey Kortunov: Russia and Iran: How Far from a Strategic Partnership? Establishing alternative (to the Western) financial mechanisms and looking for new ways of handling economic activity is another challenge. And Iran’s example confirms the need for such an alternative. The ...


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