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China and Russia: Dialog in the Face of External Challenges

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is the most radical international political change to date, and the most difficult political choice China has yet faced When talking about external challenges for ChinaRussia relations, we should first clarify what they mean given the current political situation. These challenges can be considered from different perspectives. At the ...


Breaking the U.S.-Russia Impasse: Keeping the Door Open to Dialogue

Relations between the U.S. and Russia appear to be almost at the point of no return Relations between the U.S. and Russia appear to be almost at the point ... ... race? Should the INF treaty and other treaties be updated or expanded to include other states, such as the European states and China? Washington is also in the process of modernizing its tactical nuclear weapons systems, such as the B-61-12, in part by ...


The Asia-Pacific: More Stable than Anyone Thinks

No one supports a Chinese challenge to American power in the region, not even Russia Political pundits routinely identify the Asia-Pacific region as a potential flashpoint for a future war between the great powers. Yes, China is rising, Japan is rearming, and the United States has announced a "pivot" to Asia. But the real risk of a great power war in the Asia-Pacific is very low. When conflict scenarios are analyzed one by one, it becomes clear that no country ...


Japan-US-China Triangle and Security in East Asia: a Triangle or an Axis?

The struggle for offshore resources has intensified in East Asia, and Japan-China tensions seem of particular concern. Due to its alliance treaty with Japan, the United States is also involved in the conflict.... ... Asia involves a balance between mutual deterrence of Japan-US military alliance and the individual military capabilities of Russia and China. Two factors could theoretically undermine this stability, namely changes in the military potential of any of ...


Russian-Vietnamese Strategic Partnership: between the United States and China

Russia Needs a Step Forward Although Moscow's official documents and statements consider Hanoi a key Asian partner, the reality ... ... the breakup of the USSR has actually been inertia, thereby opening opportunities for the U.S.A. and the People's Republic of China (PRC) to gain a strong foothold in Vietnam. With Russia once again intent on achieving a meaningful presence in Asia-Pacific,...


Ukraine Crisis Brings Russia and China Closer

On October 23, 2014, the Russian International Affairs Council received a delegation of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries ... ... Deputy Director of RAS Institute for Far Eastern Studies Sergey Louzyanin , the debate focused on: Common threats for Russia and China. The role and place of information security in the world of today. The importance of the SCO, the Eurasian Union and the ...


Andrey Kortunov at the 9th Shanghai Forum. Security cooperation in the Asia-Pacific

... Europe, America and other regions. The Shanghai Forum is co-organized by research universities from the United States, Japan, China, Singapore and Great Britain, as well as U.S. and German foundations, international corporations and think tanks. The overall ... ... building measures proved to be efficient. The crisis was managed (or mismanaged) through a chain of telephone calls between Russian, European and US leaders and sporadic meetings of their respective foreign ministers. It took a couple of months to convene ...


BRICS: A New Actor in Global Security

... confirm its members’ resolution to work jointly to tackle security issues. The Declaration made at the summit in Sanya, China, of April 14, 2011 states that the signees “are deeply concerned with the turbulence in the Middle East, the North ... ... avoided”. During the March 17, 2011 vote on Resolution 1973, which opened the way for NATO to bomb Libya, Brazil, India, Russia and China abstained, while South Africa supported it. The three initial summits centered on coordinating economic policies,...


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