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China-Russian Strategic Partnership: From Continental to Marine

In international maritime affairs, neither China nor Russia will be absent, but the two countries can enhance their respective positions to have greater influence through cooperation,... ... among the world’s greatest maritime powers. China and Russia have conducted cooperation related with oceans, including the Arctic cooperation, building of the Maritime Silk Road, joint military exercises in the Pacific, Indian, the Atlantic and Mediterranean ...


Securitization of The Arctic Council: Should Russia Push for Including Security Issues During its Chairmanship?

Extending the mandate of the Arctic Council to include security issues would likely discourage efforts to cooperate on pressing issues in the region The 2021–2023 Russian chairmanship of the Arctic Council comes at a watershed moment for the region and the institution alike. Climate change has become an omnipresent threat in the region. The Arctic experiences the effects of climate change three times faster as ...


UK–Russia Security Dialogue. European Security

... main findings of the workshop on ‘European Security’ organised by RUSI and the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) in February 2021 as part of the UK–Russia... ... Sweden’s chairmanship in 2021, which may bring new opportunities. Russia chairing the Arctic Council from 2021 to 2023 provides a further opportunity to open the space for... ... current status quo is viewed as sustainable and there are many other issues on the international security agenda for the UK to focus on beyond relations with Russia. At...


Russia-Canada Relations in a Period of Crisis, 2014-2020

... cooperation’ between the two countries is still possible in areas of common interest Introduction Political relations between Russia and Canada from 2014 to 2020 show that bilateral relations have been affected by the crisis in Russia-West relations and ... ... instruments of alternative diplomacy, is a viable approach. A promising area of Russian- Canadian cooperation is interaction in the Arctic region, which remains the area least affected by the crisis. The Decline of Russia-West Relations as a Precondition for ...


Russia and U.S. Must Not Squander Chances For Cooperation

Sustained confrontation between Washington and Moscow would handicap Russia’s own development A new chapter in American history has begun. Joseph Robinette ... ... political will of Moscow and Washington. Extending the Treaty would not mean that much for international security in and of itself, but it could signal both parties’ readiness... ... should probably be given here to less-toxic multilateral formats. A related area is the Arctic. Competition for influence in the Arctic among regional and non-regional actors...


U.S.-Russia Relations at a Crossroads

RIAC and CSIS Joint Report RIAC and CSIS Joint Report In September 2020, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the Center for Strategic and International ... ... topics of importance to U.S.-Russia relations: Arms Control, the U.S.-China Rivalry, the Arctic, and the Eastern Mediterranean. What follows is a summary report of those meetings... ... regimes should evolve to remain relevant and contain enhanced verification mechanisms, international security today is better served by imperfect arms control treaties than...


RIAC–CSIS Expert Meeting on the Prospects for Development of Russia-U.S. Relations

On September 22–23, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the Center for Strategic and International ... ... of Russia-the U.S. relations; relations between Russia and the United States in the Arctic; prospects for resolving the Middle East crisis; political changes in Russia... ... relations. The discussion was attended by experts on Russia-the U.S. relations and international security from both countries, as well as experts on each of the issues...


North to Move and Not to Lose

What the Big Game in the Arctic could look like The activity of the United States Navy and the U.S.’s NATO allies in the Arctic is becoming a standing ... ... initiative to build new heavy icebreakers for the U.S. Navy: these are all reasons for re-evaluating the prospects for NATO-Russia relations in the region and a possible change in the balance of power. Small North Andrey Todorov: Where does the Northern ...


UK–Russia Security Relations: Talking To Understand

RIAC–RUSI Report A report based on findings from the latest round of the UK–Russia Track 1.5 (non-governmental) bilateral security dialogue, which RUSI held in collaboration with the Russian International ... ... This year, the workshops focused on the challenging issues of the economic opportunities in Africa; maritime security in the Arctic; private military companies; and the rules of the information space. This iteration of the project also broadened its ...


Arctic Maritime Security: A View from Russia and Britain

On October 14, 2019, in Arkhangelsk, Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU) hosted a seminar on “Maritime Security in the Arctic: A View from Russia and Britain” as part of a joint project of Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and the Royal United Services Institute, RUSI “Russian-British Security Dialogue” On October 14, 2019, in Arkhangelsk, Northern (Arctic) Federal University ...


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