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Power without Soft Power: China’s Outreach to Central Asia

... Afghanistan, thus leaving Beijing in charge of security in the region, as Central Asian states do not have the financial and logistical means (e.g. GEOINT) to contain the spread of terrorism. The Chinese presence also avoids the need to ask for help from Russia, whose involvement is often perceived as a form of “post-Soviet colonialism.” In Central Asia, where resources—especially water—are scarce, coupled with a high birth-rate and a lack of economic and military means, Beijing’s presence is ...


Quo Vadis

... the summit by the entire world and the reactions elicited by its outcomes demonstrate that the two countries continue to play the most important role in global affairs despite the global profound changes and the complicated domestic processes both in Russia and in the United States. Without agreements between Moscow and Washington, ensuring international security and stability is impossible. Second, the summit gave rise to hopes that an opportunity may emerge for uniting the efforts of the international community with a view to restoring the governability of the international domain should ...


“I’ll Be Fire”: Who Will Throw a Boot on the Remote Control?

... “red lines” and the warning shots, for one reason or another, take a toll in human life? The incident in the Black Sea concerning the manoeuvres of the British destroyer HMS Defender led to an exchange of information and diplomatic jabs between Russia and the UK. Russia and the West have a fundamentally different understanding of the legal status of the Republic of Crimea, and hence its sea borders. The British do not recognise Crimea as Russian. They regard the territorial waters in which the ...


Securitization of The Arctic Council: Should Russia Push for Including Security Issues During its Chairmanship?

Extending the mandate of the Arctic Council to include security issues would likely discourage efforts to cooperate on pressing issues in the region The 2021–2023 Russian chairmanship of the Arctic Council comes at a watershed moment for the region and the institution alike. Climate change has become an omnipresent threat in the region. The Arctic experiences the effects of climate change three times faster as ...


Afghanistan Will Test SCO's Capacity

... Moscow Is Still Central Asia’s Top Security Ally On the other hand, from now on, the future of Afghanistan should be a matter of concern not for remote overseas powers, but for regional players around this country—such as Iran, Pakistan, China, Russia, India and Central Asia countries. The ability or inability of these players to come to a common denominator on their respective approaches to Afghanistan will become the critical external factor affecting the country's future. Unfortunately, no ...


US-China Relations: Moving Towards a New Cold War?

US-China relations are unlikely to develop into an open conflict in the foreseeable future because the price would be too high for both sides Introduction In 2014, Russia and the West entered into a serious conflict due to the Ukrainian crisis. At that time, it seemed that Moscow was doomed to oppose a powerful and consolidated enemy on its own. In a matter of months, their relations lost all remnants of partnership ...


Geneva Meeting: A World in Waiting

... clear that they see the gravity of the current situation and have no intentions of shirking the responsibility they bear for international security. Andrey Kortunov: Will Geneva Be Any Different Than Helsinki? The wheels for the summit have been set ... ... out the details, the sides are working closely on a number of bilateral dossiers as well as on regional issues that require Russian-American interaction. On the whole, the global community has welcomed the resumption of dialogue between the two countries....


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