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Experts Discuss China’s Global Security Initiative

On March 16, 2023 Asian Institute of Eco-Civilization Research and Development (Pakistan) held a webinar “Global Security Initiative”, dedicated to the eponymous initiative, introduced by the Chinese President Xi Jinping back in 2022 and formally elaborated in late February 2023 On March 16, 2023 Asian Institute of Eco-Civilization Research and Development (Pakistan) held a webinar “Global Security Initiative”, dedicated to the eponymous initiative, introduced by the Chinese President Xi Jinping...


This Distant Damascus

The war in Syria has shown that a military solution to the conflict is doomed to fail, and establishing political peace seems almost the only probable way to resolve the conflict For the last 12 years, the war in Syria has been raging on. March 15, 2011 is considered to be the starting date of the conflict. At that time, the Syrian Republic was overwhelmed by mass protests following the havoc brought by the Arab Spring. As a result, a political crisis escalated into violent clashes, bringing external...


Air Balloon and U.S.-China Relations

The US was ill-prepared for a tough standoff with a superpower boasting comparable might, once the latter stopped playing at giveaway The story of the Chinese Automatic Drifting Balloon (ADB) violating the U.S. airspace in late January–early February 2023 will be a symbolic marker for a new phase of deterioration in the US-China relations. The relations were rapidly eroding throughout 2022 and early 2023. In some aspects, U.S.-China relations in 2022 evoked obvious associations with U.S.-Russian...


Statement by the Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group (EASLG): Advancing Global Nuclear “Fail-Safe”

... other nuclear-weapons states should lead with their own internal fail-safe reviews. When completed, results from these internal reviews could be shared, for example, by the NPT nuclear-weapons states in the context of the NPT P5 Process. In today’s international security environment unilateral steps to increase resilience against nuclear use are essential, yet risk reduction also demands cooperative measures. Hence, dialogue on these issues between nuclear-weapons states must be restored irrespective ...


U.S. Foreign Policy Towards China: Outlook and Implications for Russia

Report #83 / 2022 Report #83 / 2022 World order structural transformations are going hand-in-hand with new global power shifts where the United States and China will be vying for dominance. However mutually beneficial the Sino-American relations have been since the 1970s, recent years have borne witnessed to soaring uncertainty and confrontation between the U.S. and China. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current U.S. foreign policy strategy towards China, focusing on the most...


Predicting a Tripolar Nuclear World: Where Does the United States Fit In?

Policy Brief #44 / 2022 Policy Brief #44 / 2022 In October 2022, Joseph Biden’s administration published the new U.S. Nuclear Posture Review (NPR-2022) as part of a single National Defense Strategy (NDS-2022) package along with the Missile Defense Review (MDR-2022). The previous Nuclear Posture Review appeared in February 2018 during Donald Trump’s presidency. One of the key functions of any publicly available strategic document is to deliver information to other states – both friendly and hostile...


The Year 2023: A Feast of Common Misfortune

... probably even more significant, than those of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. 3. Paralyzed UN Security Council. Over the past few years, the permanent members of the UN Security Council have found it increasingly difficult to reach consensus on key issues of international security. Security Council meetings turn into eloquence contests increasingly often, thus ruling out the possibility of political compromise. If this continues in 2023, the practical work of the Security Council could be completely paralyzed,...


Bargaining Items

Avoiding a new round of violence is ultimately in the interests of all the players involved in resolving the Syrian problem Ankara is paying great attention to the security problems germinating in the southern borders of Turkey. This issue has become especially important for Turkey, given that it is on the eve of its presidential and parliamentary elections, which are to be held in June this year. Interestingly, President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to solve the problem posed by Syrian...


Old Cold War Type Relations Do Not Serve Japan

The future of Japan cannot be based only on its partnerships with the US and NATO, as important as this partnership is for Tokyo. This future also depends on Japan's relations to its Eurasian neighbors The recent international tour of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida turned out to be one of the most remarkable events of early 2023. The trip, which included a number of capitals in Europe and in North America, was officially presented as a step in preparing for the G7 Summit to be held in June...


The Prosperity Gospel in American Strategic Culture: A Unique Defense Problem

Until decision-makers begin to allow a flexibility in their thinking on American SC core principles, the United States will continue to draw itself into conflict dilemmas of its own devising and/or make problems worse instead of better. In general, the prosperity gospel (PG) has been called the “health and wealth” gospel, wherein spiritual leaders believe that the position, behavior, values, and interests of their congregation result in them attaining a singularly unique advantage. Most importantly...


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