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Russia joins the Paris Climate Change Agreement: clear the way for an EU-Russia Eco-Alliance?

... in disarmament. People in Germany are over-sensitized to green issues, and the atomic threat of war, which has never been so great as it is today, does not give anyone the necessary importance here. Protesters gather near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France during the 2015 UN Climate Conference. (Clement Martin/Sipa USA via Associated Press) Germany and the EU do not seem to grasp the seriousness of the situation when power politics dominate international relations and disarmament agreements collapse....


Weimar 2.0 and Russia

... why we have many problems in common with Europe, those that generate states of inequality and despair, other forms of alienation. They are easier to solve together. We can draw lessons from each other’s mistakes. If we take the pensions reform in France, something could be prompted by the experience of the similar reform in Russia. It has led to a substantial rise in the over-all uncertainty in the country, which might continue well into the 2024 elections, unless a broad maneuver is undertaken ...


Onslaught of French Diplomacy

... situation even despite the existing resolutions of the UN Security Council and universal denunciation of US unilateral moves. It is necessary to look for compromise with due account of Mike Pompeo’s 12 items that are unlikely to disappear any time soon. France forwarded a proposal that does not sound unequivocal but is quite suitable for discussion and bargaining: the JCPOA must be maintained but talks must be started on other major issues, for example Iran’s ballistic missiles. Tehran was told that ...


A Europe Whole and Free: A Utopia or, After All, a Future?

... but steady. In that case Europe could guarantee itself strong positions, well in line with its values and traditions, in a globalised world of interdependence and cultural diversity, where development of all would ensure development of each nation. France convened the Paris Peace Forum last year to mark the end of World War One. So far its results do not impress. Maybe, we could begin with an OSCE summit which has not been held ever since 2010? Holding any inclusive forum similar to the Hague Peace ...


Will Putin and Macron Open a New Political Season?

Putin and Macron need each other, probably more so than they did two years ago On August 19, President of France Emmanuel Macron hosted President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at Fort de Brégançon in the commune of Bormes-les-Mimosas in the Var department on the French Riviera. Given the vagaries of the weather this summer in France, the Mediterranean ...


There Could Be No Reconciliation Between Russia and France Without a Visible Progress on Ukraine

... French President Emmanuel Macron hosted his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in a rare meeting on August 19, before the start of the G7 summit in Biarritz. Le Monde asked RIAC Director General to share his thoughts on the meeting and the Russia-France relations. Why did the two presidents decide to meet on August 19 in France? Can we use the term "reset" about the French-Russian relations? “Reset” is probably too strong a word to be used here. Still, France is a member of both ...


The National Factor in Europe Today

... in their own country". Or when Victor Orban's Hungary embarrasses European authorities in Brussels by controversial decisions running counter to EU policies. As for President Macron, he remains ambivalent, torn between his sincere desire to keep France credible as an independent nation, his attempt to restore a dialogue with Russia beginning with his meeting with President Putin in Versailles in 2017, and his commitment to the non-negotiable objectives of liberal globalization. Andrey Kortunov: ...


Does it worth Germany and France taking refuge into the arms of Russia and China?

..., there is reason for concern. And all countries, not just Estonia or Belarus, should be aware of the cynic’s version of the golden rule: “He who has the gold makes the rules.” Hence, Counter Narco-terrorism Alliance Germany, urges Germany and France not to giving up on the United States because of Trump, rather push for counter balance for both Russia and China otherwise Germany and France would be treated as Ukraine and Laos whom Russia and China conducted. Ajmal Sohail


March to Tripoli, or a Third Civil War in Libya: Initial Results

... increased military assistance from Turkey (including for groups that are part of the Tripoli Defence Forces). Khalifa Haftar fully, and erroneously, expected that military support from his external allies (Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and France) would help his forces overcome the enemy’s resistance. While the LNA could count on the direct participation of the Egyptian special forces (as well as on the operational air force of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates) during its campaigns ...


French Embassy Hosts a Meeting of the "Club of Three"

On May 18, 2019, French Embassy in Moscow hosted a meeting of the Club of Three, an international forum uniting experts, businessmen, diplomats, and government officials from Russia, France, and the UK. On May 18, 2019, French Embassy in Moscow hosted a meeting of the Club of Three, an international forum uniting experts, businessmen, diplomats, and government officials from Russia, France, and the UK. The discussion focused on ...


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