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Three Scenarios for the Next EU Elections

Reflections on a Far Right win, European dream team, and a two-speed Europe The next elections for the European Parliament will take place on 23-26 May 2019 and the EU’s various political families are already mobilising. They will be crucial elections in a crucial year. 2019 promises tough times for Europe with Brexit, elections, and ...


The Launch of the Electoral Campaign in Ukraine Signals the Beginning of a Tumultuous Political Year

... the only candidate enjoying serious support in all regions of the country. The scale of this support varies, but Tymoshenko is among the campaign leaders in each and every region, as indirectly demonstrated by Batkivshchyna’s results in the local elections. The rankings of the other candidates are much more dependent on geography. Poroshenko enjoys rather modest popularity in the east; Hrytsenko is primarily popular in the west; and Rabinovych has the greatest number of supporters in the east ...


US-Russia Relations: How 2016 Changed Everything and Nothing

... election. Although the Kremlin has denied any direct interference in American domestic politics, and will likely maintain this convenient if implausible position, Vladimir Putin has indeed conceded that “patriotic hackers” may have meddled in US elections, but by the same token insisted implausibly that these “hacktivists” were not sponsored by the Russian state. Therefore, the question of Russian meddling in US elections remains widely recognized, yet officially unresolved. This is a significant ...


European Experts on Russia-EU Ties and FIFA 2018

... some common understanding on Syria, rather than on Ukraine. It is too sensitive because the positions are completely confrontational. Then, it depends on how it evolves, but if the EU continues to perceive that Russia is meddling or interfering with elections and issues, including social media activity and these media outposts like Russia Today and Sputnik, that of course will maintain this distress at a very high level. What do you think can help us improve things? Taking into consideration that ...


Looking Back to Singapore on the Road to Helsinki

... win for Trump? It would seem that Trump will have at least two opportunities to achieve an impressive historically significant victory. First, he could secure a promise from Vladimir Putin that Russia will not interfere in the midterm Congressional elections later this year, set to take place just five short months from now. As Moscow refuses to acknowledge that any interference took place in the presidential elections and has no intention of signing up to any unilateral commitments, such an accord ...


Azerbaijan after the Presidential Elections: Internal and Foreign Policy Dynamics

What consequences will follow the latest campaign in terms of the domestic situation in Azerbaijan and its foreign policy attitudes? Elections with and without the Intrigue The campaign, which ended on April 11, was held ahead of schedule. If it had been held in the "normal mode," the vote would have taken place on October 17. Thus, the shift of the election date itself ...


The Catalan Labyrinth

... simple majority vote. A turnout requirement was not set. If separatists gained a majority, independence would have to be declared within 48 hours of announcing the referendum’s results. If the majority responded with a “no” vote, parliamentary elections would be called. In essence, the law created the most favorable terms for independence proponents. If independence proponents won at the referendum, the second law passed by the Parliament would take effect: “The Law of Juridical Transition ...


German Elections Are over but the Suspense Is Still on

German elections are over but one never knows what kind of a cabinet there will be, not to mention its program On September 24, 2017 Germany held its federal election which proved to be the pivotal point, if not for the entire German political system, then ...


Germany: Elections Over, Uncertainty Remains

German voters render an impartial verdict on the parties in the current coalition that will force the parties’ leaders to revise their strategies Kerim Has: Turkey and Germany: Souring Relations between Strategic Allies The Bundestag elections that took place on Sunday September 24, 2017 yielded a number of surprises. Contrary to predictions, the 76.2 per cent voter turnout was significantly higher than in 2013 (71.5 per cent). Exit polls conducted by Germany’s leading demoscopic ...


Turkey and Germany: Souring Relations between Strategic Allies

Turkey is among the hot topics debated in the context of the German parliamentary race In the short to medium term, Turkey's relations with Germany and the EU will remain far from normal. The phrase “What matters is not how the votes are cast but how they are counted”, which is widely popular in Russia, is true of internal political processes in many countries across the globe. Germany is to hold a parliamentary election on 24 September 2017. Looking at how Germany-Turkey relations have been developing...


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