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German Elections Are over but the Suspense Is Still on

... will try to keep its shift to the right, i.e. the field currently played by the Alternative and coveted from time to time by certain FDP officials. CDU will, most likely, try to preserve its centrist position, especially if the SPD drifts to the left. Angela Merkel is now loath to discuss the reasons for such dismal results at the elections. It only makes sense to assume that she is postponing the discussion in an attempt to avoid it altogether, or at least mitigate the problem. Immigration was the hottest topic of the elections. According to the polls , 61% of Germans fear the ...


Germany: Elections Over, Uncertainty Remains

... The CDU/CSU and the SDP failed to win over undecided voters (and there was an unusually high number of such voters before the elections — between one third and one half of all voters, according various estimates) and achieve their goals. The so-called ... ... the two popular parties turned out to be rather ineffectual, as did the efforts of the two candidates for chancellorship — Angela Merkel and Martin Schultz — and the billboards and personal campaigning. These parties and their leaders are largely ...


Turkey and Germany: Souring Relations between Strategic Allies

... several years, Berlin has been officially criticising Turkey's National Intelligence Organisation, which, Germany believes, has intensified its activity in the country, operating through religious foundations, mosques, imams, and parishioners. Chancellor Angela Merkel has made a statement to the effect that the number of imams coming to Germany from Turkey has grown noticeably in recent years, which necessitates closer monitoring of mosques and various religious organisations involving natives of Turkey ...


Germany: Angela Merkel's New Cabinet

... party’s “growing pains.” In January 2013, the Pirates got just two percent of the vote in the Lower Saxony elections [4] , with their Germany-wide rating at a meager three percent in 2013 [5] . All other participating parties that ... ... alliance could achieve an absolute majority by entering into a coalition with any party that enters parliament. CDU Chairman Angela Merkel, as expected, retains the chancellorship. The only scenario in which the Christian parties could lose government ...


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