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Poland under anti-Russian Eurosceptics

... name. Nobody challenged his words. Descendants of Polish people in Western Ukraine made their voices heard during the election campaign, demanding that the Ukrainian authorities return their ancestral property (link in Russian). Shortly before the elections the Polish media began showing the country’s map, with Western Ukraine included as part of Poland. None of the parties that made it to the Sejm condemned the fact. Civic Platform has always put its stake on developing relations with Germany and deepening European integration. But the European Union is living through hard times. Now Law and ...


Jaroslaw Kaczynski: Mr. President, Mission Accomplished!

... the mission of the third force in the lower house of the parliament is to dismantle the existing political microcosm, along with all the aspects that a proverbial “everyday citizen” finds unacceptable and negative. Winners in these recent elections will carry on with Lech Kaczynski’s political heritage, which involves defending Pole’s rights in other countries, building influence on Poland’s Eastern borders and remaining committed to the Transatlantic policy. The Polish People’s Party, which has been represented the Sejm since 1991, remains the only island of stability among all this political tension. It is most probable ...


Bronislaw Komorowski: Second to Duda

... President, as a way of ensuring not only party-political continuity, but dynastic continuity, too. Despite the First Lady’s apparent popularity and decent chances of succeeding her husband as President, this idea never progressed. The presidential elections in 2005 were the first to follow Poland’s accession to the European Union and saw confrontation between the “Euro-enthusiasts,” represented by rising star Donald Tusk, and the “Euro-realists”, represented by Lech Kaczynski, a veteran of the Polish political ...


Elections in Poland and demand for new political players in the EU

... who got more that 10% of votes is an alarming signal for traditional players on the Polish political arena. Election results of his alliance show that many voters are disappointed with the key political forces and there is a demand for new actors in Poland. The elections demonstrated that the set of fundamental values remains the same for all political parties, except for the “Palikot’s movement” which is a revolutionary innovation for catholic Poland. There is an opinion that a demonstratively reconciliatory ...


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