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Tactical Retreat: Madrid Makes Concessions to Catalonia and the Basque Country

The future of the negotiations between the center and the autonomies heavily depends on the 2023 Spanish general elections The November 2019 general parliamentary elections in Spain resulted in none of the parties getting an absolute majority needed to form a government. Following two months of negotiations, a left-wing coalition between the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party) and Unidas Podemos (United We Can) was formed ...


The Catalan Labyrinth

... Constitution and sent the Senate a proposal to remove Puigdemont and the entire Catalan government from office. Madrid assumed control of Catalonia’s police, revenue and expenditures, telecommunications, e-communications, and audiovisual means. Rajoy called elections to the regional parliament to be held within six months. Spain’s government described this step as harsh, yet commensurate with the Generalitat ’s grave actions . The government’s stance was supported by the leading opposition parties: the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party and the Citizens. This support ...


The Dilemma of European Social Democracy: Spanish Edition

... Socialist Worker’s Party (PSOE). On June 18th, its formerly ousted secretary general, Pedro Sanchez, returned to his post. But his return will not solve the party’s problems, which are typical for social-democrats at the current time. Sergei Khenkin: Spain: Regional Elections in the Midst of a Political Dead End PSOE’s fall began in 2010, when its leadership responded to the socio-economic crisis with cuts to social services (by 90%) and only minor increases in taxation (10%), without explaining the reasoning behind ...


Spain: Regional Elections in the Midst of a Political Dead End

... Socialists’ Party of Galicia and the Galician Nationalist Bloc). At the two most recent elections in 2009 and 2012 , the conservatives won an absolute majority of seats in parliament and formed a one-party government. Following the regional and municipal elections in 2015, Galicia became the only autonomous community in Spain where the People’s Party enjoyed an absolute majority of deputies in the local parliament. If none of the candidates receives a vote of confidence in the Congress of Deputies, the King will dissolve both chambers of parliament and call ...


New Uncertainty in Spain

... oppose each other destroys the reconciliatory centre and dooms the country to uncontrollability. Many polls show that the majority of Spaniards are largely centrist in their political positions. The results of Brexit were announced 48 hours before the elections in Spain, and they had a certain effect on the party struggle. Although Spain does not have an influential Eurosceptic movement, each party interpreted the results of Brexit in terms of its own electoral interests. Thus, the People’s Party once again ...


Parliamentary Elections in Catalonia: The Defeat and Victory of Separatism

The Problem of Catalonia is the Problem of Spain The parliamentary elections held on September 27 were arguably the most important in Catalonia’s history. The separatists managed to make the elections feel like a referendum – even though under the Spanish constitution, autonomous regions cannot hold a referendum ...


Spain: Radical Changes in the Political Landscape

The regional and municipal elections held in Spain on May 24, 2015, confirmed the trend from recent years, namely the decline in the popularity of the two leading parties: the People's Party (PP) and the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE). The results from public opinion polls testify ...


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