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The 2021 Canadian Federal Election and the Arctic

Rhetorically, the parties present different proposals for the Arctic region but there is a great deal of continuity on the Arctic policy despite changing dynamics in parliament The 2021 Canadian Federal Election On August 15, 2021 , Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid a visit to the new Governor-General Mary Simon, Queen Elizabeth II’s representative in Canada, asking to dissolve parliament and call an election two years ahead of schedule. Trudeau asserts that Canadians must vote on a...


The End of a Belle Époque: Stability and Risks in Germany’s Elections

... positive stability, as a rule lead to a decrease in domestic political activity: players get used to an adaptive strategy, lose their ability to manoeuvre tenaciously, and at a turning point cannot decide to change. Germany is no exception: the upcoming elections are a fork between the continuation of traditional politics (stability) or an attempt at renewal (risk), primarily for the ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU). Vladislav Belov: Russia–Germany: Crisis of Political Confidence as a Factor ...


Elections in Syria: Forgetting Old Resentments?

Will Bashar al-Assad be able to rebuild the country and deliver it from chaos? In the presidential elections on May 26, Bashar al-Assad won more than 95% of the votes. According to the current constitution, this term will be the last for the president. But in the next seven years of Bashar al-Assad’s rule, the constitution may change, and it is far ...


Second Pandemic Wave Tests India’s Reforms and its Leader’s Popularity

... considering that another nationwide lockdown was not announced, it was impossible to control mass family gatherings, and upholding the ban on Kumbh Mela would entail a negative reaction from exalted orthodoxies, while the cancellation or postponement of elections in several important states would inevitably be perceived by N. Modi’s critics in India and abroad as an encroachment on democracy. Sealing the fate of reforms Since 2019, a total of nine state parliamentary elections have been held in India....


Europe after the US elections: between the past and the unknown

... awaiting the moment when sympathetic rhetoric from Biden and his team towards the European allies will take the shape of some concrete deeds. This caution is well founded, as in 2021 Angela Merkel is vacating the post of Chancellor and Germany will have elections. Moreover, for Berlin the change of the host in the White House does not mean that the problem with the final stage of construction of Nord Stream 2 will somehow ease. This project was the apple of discord between Germany and the US under Trump,...


Trump's Season Finale

... of thought diversity, millions of people discouraged from participating in politics, and a bipolarized electorate that is being increasingly pushed to extremes. Thus, there needs to be a systematic review and reform of the laws and rules surrounding elections. The barriers to entry for third-parties have to be lowered, allowing for more open competition and equal opportunities. Introduce Ranked Choice Voting and Get Rid of the Electoral College Another aspect of the two-party system and this prevailing ...


Great Powers Competition in Moldova

... demographic crisis, with young Moldovan citizens having few opportunities at home. Consequently, the European Union prefers to adopt an attitude similar to that of Russia and consider Moldova as a political no man's land. In this regard, the result of the elections of November 15, 2020, with Maia Sandu attests to the influence of western influence in the country, but also highlights the lack of confidence in Dodon's leadership, who has not managed to achieve a rapprochement with Russia during his term ...


Determining Factors of Election Protests in the Post-Soviet Space

... loyal security forces are to the incumbent’s administration In the second half of 2020, within a time span of two months, post-election protests occurred in two former Soviet countries. In Kyrgyzstan, the protests after the October parliamentary elections led to a swift and complete replacement of people at the very top of the decision-making structure, without attracting much international attention. On the other hand, in Belarus, where the presidential election sparked large-scale protests ...


The EU Will Not Break Free from America’s Amiable Stranglehold

... élites against self-deception. She warns , “It would be a terrible mistake for Europeans to believe that President Trump was an aberration, however, and that the good old days of the transatlantic relationship are back.” Andrey Kortunov: How U.S. Elections Could Impact EU-Russia Relations First, as we have already stressed, Donald Trump expressed in plain language those sentiments that had long been brewing amongst the American public but had not been publicly articulated. On behalf of the American ...


Trump — A Non-Consecutive Second Term President

... near-insurmountable odds with a relentless onslaught by the national political media's endless negative slants, the social media giants censoring and burying unfavourable Biden reports, and polling institutes predicting a blue Democrat wave to victory in the 2020 elections with a clean sweep across all branches of government. The Media Research Center and PEW Research Center found in their studies that coverage of Trump by the major networks was over 90% negative. This was evident in the relentless lead-off stories ...


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