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How Egypt Has Changed 10 Years Since the Arab Spring

... with demands for political and economic reforms. They were tired of Hosni Mubarak, who has been in power for 30 years, as well as high unemployment and lack of political competition. Despite the successful revolution, over the past ten years after the Arab Spring, the Egyptian state has become even more authoritarian than under Hosni Mubarak. After the June 30 revolution, the Authorities unleashed a lethal strategy of repression against Muslim Brotherhood supporters. Tens of thousands of political prisoners ended up ...


The Arab World: Between Violence and Consensus

... outside world. This perception is largely unfair. Russia's Foreign Policy: Looking Towards 2018 Russia and the West Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia are not the only playgrounds for terrorists; so too are Barcelona, Nice, Paris, Berlin, Boston, St. Petersburg ... ... how many such incidents actually took place. The suppression of the Houthi insurgency in Yemen in 2004–2010 (i.e. before the Arab Spring) resulted in several tens of thousands of human casualties. All this caused a barely audible murmur of discontent ...


Egypt: the Postmodern Coup

... Taksim Square, showing if not Morsi, than the secular opposition for sure, that the Islamists in Turkey were not omnipotent, did not go unnoticed in Egypt either. Generally speaking, in view of the hopes pinned on the Turkish model in the course of the Arab spring, the events in Egypt were a meaningful sign for the countries with state-political systems based on stabilizing, balancing role of the military. In your opinion, what will happen next? Photo: REUTERS / Amr Dalsh Georgy Mirsky: Dialogue with Muslim Brotherhood Should ...


Why Egypt Needs a New Vision, Not a New President

... have made considerable progress in institution-building following the fall of their respective dictatorships, political transitions in Yemen and Egypt by and large failed to translate into stable democratic governance. And two-and-a-half years into the Arab Spring, the maelstrom of unrest has once again engulfed the Middle East. Supported by the protesters, Egypt's military coup may put a new leader in charge, but without a new vision and new solutions to pressing problems, neither the Muslim Brotherhood nor the army can alter the current state of affairs. Throughout the past few weeks, the world ...


A dangerous bend on the road of democracy

... radical regimes and the future of the Arab world Under the current political process in countries that have experienced the Arab Spring upset, the risks posed by Islamization of the society itself and the political scene should not be underestimated.... ...? The wave of transformations in the Arab Maghreb and Mashreq saw moderate Islamists coming to power in Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt. In Libya, Yemen and Syria, their political position seriously strengthened and will probably continue to strengthen. However,...


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