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How Egypt Has Changed 10 Years Since the Arab Spring

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's tightening grip and economic stagnation are raising the issue of whether the events of 2011 are likely to repeat themselves Ten years ago, on January 25, 2011, anti-government protests began in Egypt. The massive demonstrations took place on the Day of Anger in Tahrir Square and spread throughout the Arab Republic soon. The events of late January and early February 2011 led to the government's resignation, then to the overthrow of President ...


Erdogan punches above his weight

... agreed to finance and train Pakistan’s backed mercenaries and militants in Kashmir to fight Indian army in the region, which put Ankara at diplomatic, political and economic standoff with New Delhi. Erdogan’s support to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt ramified Ankara from Cairo, which minimizes Turkish entree to Suez-Canal. Accordingly, Erdogan has drawn a political, military and economic buffer zone all around the country. If we put all pieces together, it will eventuate a conclusion that Erdogan ...


The Energy Sector, Competition and Security in the Eastern Mediterranean

... hostage to old overlapping conflicts and opens up certain opportunities. It is important to remember that gas reserves in the Mediterranean shelf discovered in the XXI century total over 3.8 trillion cubic meters. The key fields are Zohr off the coast of Egypt, Tamar and Leviathan off the coast of Israel, and Aphrodite off the coast of Cyprus, etc. Additionally, the so- called Block 9 is in a part of the field disputed by Lebanon. We can suppose there are large gas reserves off the Syrian coast, as well....


The Deepening Crisis in Turkey-Egypt Relations

Only a common threat or personnel renewal of the top leadership of one of the countries can reconcile Cairo and Ankara The Arab Republic of Egypt and the Republic of Turkey are the largest states in the Middle East and claim the leading role in the Islamic world. Relations between them soured in 2013 when a group of officers led by Egyptian Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi overthrew ...


Russia’s Game on the Libyan Field: From Gaddafi to Haftar

... latter’s repeated requests. Additionally, the second civil war in Libya reflected the global trends in the Arab world, where the Turkey–Qatar duo (and the Muslim Brotherhood they supported) was locked in a fight against the “triple alliance” of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia that had initially spearheaded Haftar’s mutiny and was the LNA’s chief sponsor. At this stage, it appeared too risky for Moscow to become enmeshed in these convoluted coalitions. Consequently, Moscow ...


Crisis Group Discusses Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Issue

... held an online expert discussion on the state of negotiations regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile River in the context of the rising water levels in the reservoir of the hydroelectric power plant and another aggravation of Egypt-Ethiopia relations. On July 22, 2020, the International Crisis Group (ICG) held an online expert discussion on the state of negotiations regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile River in the context of the rising water levels ...


The War in Libya: Is the Defeat of Khalifa Haftar Complete

... agreement implied the intensification of military cooperation. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the agreement between Ankara and Tripoli on security cooperation is an attempt to legalize military support that violates the arms embargo. The EU, Egypt, Israel, Greece, and Cyprus condemned the signing of a memorandum that violates international law, and other countries of the Eastern Mediterranean claim gas production in this part of the sea. By contrast, Tripoli recognizes Turkey’s right to ...


Egypt May Become the Next Bergamo

... an unequal battle with the pandemic, despite the high level of the healthcare system. At the same time, in some states that are inferior to them in terms of economic development, the disease spreads less extensively, according to official statistics. Egypt is not an exception — a poor, densely populated North African country, whose population exceeded 100 million people in February 2020. Almost the entire population of the Arab Republic of Egypt (ARE) lives in the north of the country and concentrates ...


Egypt-China Relations at the Present Stage

Increased Chinese influence on Egypt enhances China's role in the Mediterranean region On May 30, 1956, during the visit of the head of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) State Council Zhou Enlai to Egypt, the Arab Republic announced the diplomatic recognition of the Chinese ...


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