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It’s Hard to Find a Black Cat in a Dark Room, Especially If It Isn’t There. RAND on the Search for Cyber Coercion

What we need is not strategies against cyber coercion, which RAND experts call for, but international frameworks for precluding cyberspace conflicts. What is cyber coercion and how have states used cyber operations to coerce others? These are the questions addressed in the RAND think tank's recent report " Fighting Shadows in the Dark. Understanding and Countering Coercion in Cyberspace ". The authors discuss cyber operations conducted by four states — Russia, China, Iran and North Korea...


Strategic Instability in the Era of Information and Communication Technologies: Crisis or the New Norm?

The possibility that decisions about the use of nuclear weapons will be influenced by information and communication technologies (ICTs) is the most serious threat that exists today. Strategic stability is once again becoming a primary concern in international relations. The topic has received a great deal of attention of late, mainly because of the steady erosion of the reduction and limitation regime: the United States has now withdrawn from both the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM Treaty)...


Microsoft Cybersecurity Initiatives

Interview with Steve Crown, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at Microsoft Today cybersecurity is a major concern for both governments and technology companies and spans domestic and international engagement. Microsoft has been vocal on the challenges in this space and has put forward several proposals. These include the Digital Geneva ...


Seeking the Holy Grail but Finding New Pandora’s Boxes: Confidentiality and International Security

Can you see confidentiality? No? It is actually out there. But it is vague We all know, or suspect, that confidentiality is important: no one wants their personal, sensitive information to become public. However, at what point does data confidentiality cease to be our own personal business and become a matter of international security, a focus of national or international agendas? Pavel Sharikov Protecting Sensitive Data: The Experience of Russia and the US There is currently no common notion...


Is the United States Carrying out Cyberattacks Against Russia’s Critical Infrastructure?

... while Sub-Paragraph 1.7 notes that “States should take appropriate measures to protect their critical infrastructure from ICT threats, taking into account General Assembly resolution 58/199 of 23 December 2003 on the creation of a global culture of cybersecurity.” The majority of states concur with these statements, although the problem is implementing this mutual consent and translating it into practical action.


India in the Era of Cyber Wars

... and a high level of oversight, thus making it possible to achieve outstanding successes with minimal expenses (India’s space program is a prime example), areas believed to be of secondary importance are plagued by chronic problems. Until recently, cybersecurity was not one of the Indian government’s top priorities, and consequently, the relevant departments in state agencies were, as a rule, staffed residually. Since work in this area was not considered important or prestigious, employees working ...


Analysis of Future Warfare

At the strategic level, war will mostly be waged in cyberspace. Tactically, we will witness the widespread use of autonomous weapons systems This study presents the results of an analysis of future warfare. As the paper states, cyber warfare will be waged at a strategic level. The operative level will be characterized by the use of long-range precision weapons against economic infrastructure. The tactical level will be characterized by the massive use of autonomous ground-based, air and sea weapons...


Cyberwarfare without Rules

... to consider the situation from the point of view of the security of critical infrastructure, the possibility of carrying out cyberattacks and the rules of conduct in ICT. The Informational Security of Critical Infrastructure Pavel Karasev: New U.S. Cybersecurity Strategies Protecting critical infrastructure from malicious attacks in the ICT environment is a crucial national security task, one that all developed countries are attempting to solve in one way or another. Each country draws up their ...


The Nuclear Dimension of Cyber Threats

Review of the NTI report “Nuclear Weapons in the New Cyber Age” The subject of the interrelation of threats in the fields of information and communication technologies and nuclear weapons is gradually becoming one of the dominant topics in current international security issues. In early summer 2019, a group of researchers working under the auspices of the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) presented the Russian version of the “ Nuclear Weapons in the New Cyber Age ” report prepared by the Cyber-Nuclear...


What Insurance Can Offer for Global Cyberspace Stability and Resilience

... and the challenges it presents to the burgeoning cyber insurance industry. It features an overview of the current state of the cyber insurance market along with proposals to help the market mature in a healthy, stable manner while promoting increased cybersecurity. The report is available in English here . Let us start with the basics, what is cyber insurance and why does it matter? Anastasia Tolstukhina: Business in Need of Cyber Rules In its essence, cyber insurance is a simple concept, and the ...


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