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Cyber Diplomacy at Kaspersky

... to cybersecurity and The Future of Cyber Conflicts . Do you mean that Kaspersky’s participation was not limited to the GR/Public Affairs team and it was an extended collaborative process that welcomed technical experts? And your comments for the OEWG had a strong technical basis, right? Absolutely. From the very beginning we said our company had expertise in cybersecurity research. And that’s it. We cannot talk about international law: neither I, nor anyone else in the company has this expertise. We cannot talk about whether and how international law or international humanitarian law applies to cyberspace....


Time to Create a Single Negotiating Cyber Forum under the UN General Assembly First Committee

... security into a single permanent forum which would hold regular meetings as well as review and ad hoc thematic sessions and which would enjoy certain Secretariat support. This proposal was the most practical and results-oriented option submitted to the OEWG. It was in line with ICT4Peace’s long-standing call to institutionalize the UN cybersecurity work by establishing a Committee on Cyber Security under the General Assembly and provide such a committee with dedicated Secretariat support via a UN Office of Cyber Affairs.


Broad Cyber-Consensus

... levels who would then be included into a kind of international directory. A group of over 40 countries led by France and Egypt managed to get an initiative of their own— proposed back in the fall of 2020 and urging to introduce a permanent forum on cybersecurity to replace the OEWG and GGE—included in the recommendations. The initiative, dubbed as the Programme of Action for Advancing Responsible State Behaviour in Cyberspace, appears in one of the paragraphs in the OEWG report, which lends weight to it and serves as the ...


Shrinking Cyber-Universe

... for Defence Studies and Analyses, 2019). In their work, the authors examine the general concept of cyberspace, while extrapolating it to India's cyberspace dimension. Cherian Samuel and Munich Charma: India's strategic options in a changing cyberspace Cybersecurity problems are tightly included in the new agenda of international relations, which stresses the importance of their comprehensive study, now more relevant than ever. The work raises several issues that appear to be important for a modern ...


Two Cyber Resolutions Are Better Than None

... materials on how international law applies to the use of ICT by states. Complementarity Instead of Competition Ilona Stadnik: A New Cybersecurity Diplomacy: Are States Losing Ground in Norm-making? On the whole, Russia and the United States proposed two largely ... ... between the parties that would be complementary rather than competitive. Moreover, the GGE and the Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) can motivate each other to develop and steadily move towards a rapprochement, since neither group would want to lag behind ...


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