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Andrey Kortunov: Cooperation with the West Will Only Happen When Russia Modernises

... Normandy Four. Agreement was reached on gas transit. Consultations between Russia and the European Union began on 5G communications. It is true, of course, that one cannot really... ... to impact the international system of the future. Third, I would draw attention to China’s growing strength, which may be somewhat paradoxical given that the virus originated... ... major powers in the world, such as the US, the EU and Russia? Igor Ivanov: Rethinking International Security for a Post-Pandemic World It is difficult to say, because at...


The Future of the Middle East: Horizons of Challenges and Opportunities

... North Africa and the corresponding foreign diasporas, the authors sought to include the views of experts from Europe, Russia, China, and the US. The sociological survey included expert polls, in-depth face-to-face interviews, focus group discussions, brainstorming ... ... this regard, Moscow invests a lot in its bilateral relations with regional leaders - primarily, Iran, Turkey, and Egypt. The European Union in 2025 remains a secondary player in most of the area. The Maghreb and the Sahel are the exceptions, but even ...


Munich Security Report 2019: Who Is to Blame and What to Do?

The conclusion is clear: to preserve the liberal world order by all means, to rationalize United States policy, and to isolate Russia and China or make them return to their usual roles. But a return of the old order of post-bipolar times is unlikely Andrey Kortunov: Why the World is Not Becoming Multipolar The organizers of the Munich Security Conference have released their annual report ...


US Blunders Have Made Russia the Global Trade Pivot

... and 48 along African shores — representing 75% of the total. To put this figure into perspective, Asian behemoths India and China — despite their vast shorelines — recorded only 2 cases of piracy each during the study period. Russia had none. In ... ... moribund United States that can no longer rule roost in an increasingly multipolar world? Trump’s diplomatic downgrade of the European Union and his opposition to the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline matches this trade-disruption hypothesis, as do pressures ...


Is America First?

... European leaders use every opportunity to voice their desire to preserve and strengthen allied relations with the United States. China has reacted to the US administration’s attacks with little more than official statements, and seeks to avoid public controversies ... ... the two countries to meet each other halfway will lead to positive changes in the world and contribute to the strengthening of international security. RIAC and CSIS Report “Policy Priorities in U.S.-Russia Relations” To a great degree, U.S.–Russia ...


Experts from Russia, Germany, Sweden and China Discuss Safety of Large-Scale Development Projects in Eurasia

... Research University Higher School of Economics, the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy and the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung) held an international seminar “The Silk Road Economic Belt: In Search of EU’s and China’s Common Interests in the Field of Security.” This workshop is the fourth in a series of international events, aimed at analyzing various security challenges in Central and South Asia that can threaten carrying out major infrastructure,...


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