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Two Worlds of Russia’s Foreign Policy

... in part, for the losses sustained from the rupture with the West—which of course is their immediate objective. The overarching goal of Moscow’s new approach to Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America should be creating elements of a new world order that Moscow (and Beijing) loudly proclaim. It does not matter, at this stage, that while Russia is aiming to replace the current setup with a wholly new one, China is merely seeking to modify the current order by substantially reducing Western dominance in the existing institutions and expanding the influence of other players, first of all ...


Ending Western Domination Is Key to the Emerging World Order. Here’s What Needs to Be Done to Achieve It

Have emerging powers got the resources to reshape the world order? Asynchronous multipolarity: governing parameters and directions of development Since the late 1990s, multipolarity has been a key focus in Russia’s foreign policy doctrine. A more balanced world has been seen as a counterweight to the global hegemony of the US and its allies. Thus, modern international relations were considered to be effectively in transition from unipolarity, with Washington ...


Global South Shows Resilience over Ukraine Issue

... high-level delegations from Moscow and sign new agreements on cooperation with their business partners from Russia. In sum, the Global South so far has demonstrated a spectacular resilience in its commitment to stay out of the escalating conflict between Russia and the West. Andrey Kortunov: A New Western Cohesion and World Order This persistent resistance to the continuous pressure from the West calls for explanations. One of such explanations is a wide spread perception in the Global South that the Western approach to Ukraine is a clear manifestation of double standards....


2022: End of the End of History

... change in the rules of the game. Moreover, the fight against radical Islamism even strengthened the identity of the Western world, which stands guard over the secular and rational system, opposed to the religious and affective one. At first glance, Russia in the new world order has found its niche, which did not cause much concern in the West. The country has become a peripheral economy specialising in the supply of raw materials. Its market was happily mastered by global Western companies. Its upper bourgeoisie ...


American Attempts to Preserve Hegemony Will Only Make the Transition to a New World Order Harder for Washington

... as by the weakness or, more precisely, by the immaturity of most other players in world politics, who are not yet quite ready to take on the difficult role of the main protectors of global public goods, let alone to be the main architects of the new world order. The Russian-Ukrainian conflict cannot be stopped without active American participation. For all the undoubted successes in the de-dollarization of global finance, the greenback remains—and will remain—the world’s main reserve currency for a long time ...


Dis-United Nations and Conceptual Mazes of the New World Order

... positive transformations in the policy of the Ukrainian leadership during this entire period, but to no avail. The political collapse of the UN platform clearly leads to the conclusion that UN is hardly suitable for implementing the framework for a new world order, sought by the Russian side, while some of its fundamental principles have been voiced by Russia’s political leadership. Given the current erosion of the UN, we can hardly hope that the United Nations could assume the role of conceptual generator or a headquarters ...


A New Western Cohesion and World Order

... for a significant number of states in the Global South to join the Western consensus? The author’s analysis aims to outline a possible interdisciplinary discussion that could provide answers to these and other questions. A New Western Cohesion and World Order , 1 Mb


Factors Influencing the World Order's Structure

The future international order from a Russian perspective The world order is changing after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The geopolitical competition and its rules too. Timofei Bordachev, Program Director Valdai Discussion Club, shares his views on how the liberal world order has broken down, the Western’s ...


An Unexpected Indicator of Change

However, something quite different is happening in the case of Russia. It has not been isolated The fighting in Ukraine has changed the coordinate system in world politics, forcing all countries to take their position on the current events. The picture clearly shows the fundamental processes that are unfolding ...


'Russian Rebellion': Local and Global Consequences

... ideological menu. So Russia differs from the Soviet Union, which at one time adopted another modernist ideology - socialism - and actively promoted it as a global alternative. Andrey Kortunov: Restoration, Reformation, Revolution? Blueprints for the World Order after the Russia-Ukraine conflict At the same time, both liberalism and socialism are Western doctrines. Both are based on the ideas of progress, rationality and emancipation. There are more similarities between them than you might think. Socialists offer a different ...


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