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Nobody Wants a War in Donbass

... lacking the political will to seriously deal with these issues. Because if you reduce everything to the requirements of the formal implementation of the Minsk agreements, this is what we’ve been fighting about for seven years already. I think that Ukraine will now try to increase the political pressure on Moscow and get away from the issue of the Minsk agreements. And going forward a lot depends on what the position of the West and U.S. will be. To what extent and in what format will they provide support in the event of an escalation? This is still an open question. And, I think, even Biden doesn’t know the answer to it. First published in Meduza .


12 Essential Steps in a Conceptual Dead End

... provision on the indivisibility of regional security as a central tenet. Formally, the European Union does not have any objections to this, but nuances determine the content of the relations between the two sides. Twelve Steps Toward Greater Security in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic Region. Twelve Steps Toward Greater Security in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic Region Put bluntly, these nuances are NATO and the European Union. Together, they form the Euro-Atlantic community, which unites most of the planet’s ...


The West and Russia between a regional or an Eurasian power

... and Islamist winter. The West also tried to inplement its sort of capitalism in Russia by sending US economist Jeffrey Sachs as Jelzin adviser who made the 100 day´s crash privatization leading to a economic desaster Sachs today is apolozing for. The Western interference in Ukraine lead to the situation that Putin intervened as he didn´t want another NATO state at his bordes and see the Black Sea Fleet vanished. In Ukraine there were Putinbashers as Mc Cain or Guido Westerwelle at the forefront of the Maidan . It would ...


OSCE SG Thomas Greminger: We Need to Invest in Cooperative Approaches to Solve Security Problems

... want to promote it to contribute to overcoming those divisions that have opened up over recent years between the East and the West. I think it is very challenging, but nonetheless, it remains our strategic objective. Then, clearly, we contribute to preventing,... ... architecture that we have built during the past 2-3 decades. There is, again, an armed conflict in Europe — the crisis in and around Ukraine. Thus, I believe, as long as the Astana Declaration and its vision remain valid, we couldn't be farther away from its ...


Putin is a leader made for the Russian Federation

... increase.) Russia will continue to pursue a cautious and conservative program of bolstering its military capability, with an emphasis on gradual technological modernization — including a continued buildup of forces stationed along the border with Ukraine in order to give Moscow more instruments for intervening in the course of the Ukrainian conflict. At the same time, Moscow will desist from any tangible military buildup in the European (northwestern) theater, despite the mutually belligerent rhetoric by NATO and Russia, and the growing U.S. military presence in Europe. Judging from the new State Armament Program for 2018-2027, which Putin signed off in December 2017, many of the most ambitious ...


The West and Russia: logic of punishment?

The second episode of the Meeting Russia interview with Ivan Timofeev, program director of RIAC, about Ukraine, the EU’s sanctions against Russia and Russian think tanks. The second episode of the Meeting Russia interview with Ivan Timofeev, RIAC Director of Programs, about Ukraine, the EU’s sanctions against Russia and Russian think tanks.


Could the Ukraine Crisis Trigger a New Cold War?

... resignation and his asylum in Russia. The West’s ‘Maidan Coup’ was seen by Russia as a violation of the ‘rules of the game’. The Kremlin organized Russian-speaking compatriots against the Western counterparts in the country in order to keep Ukraine out of the West’s orbit, and organized them in accordance with the concept of hybrid warfare , encouraging their revolt against the new administration in Kiev. At the same time, Russia held a referendum in March 2014, in the Crimea, which was legally a territorial ...


The Post-Soviet Space in 2017

... the threat has not exactly subsided, but it is at least a stably predicable danger. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich Aleksandr Gushchin: Ukraine: 25 Years of Missed Opportunities Russia’s foreign policy in the post-Soviet space will be mostly aimed at looking ... ... railway transportation security. Thus far, Russia’s foreign policy is mostly oriented towards stabilizing relations with the West and resolving the Syrian crisis. Therefore, the post-Soviet space will occupy a relatively smaller place in its foreign policy ...


Richard Sakwa: West-Russia Crisis: We Need to Break Out of the Vicious Circle

... NATO is obviously not threatening Russia in the military sense immediately. The idea was that a new model of relations – a new model of Pan-European continentalism would then ensure that Ukraine will not have to choose between Russia and the West. Ukraine cannot survive without Russia, because most of its industries are a myth. Germany has been spending five per cent of its GDP each year as transfers from West Germany to East Germany over the last 25 years. All that has done is to stabilize the ...


The Lost Twenty-Five Years

... confrontation. The experience of using force outside of the core NATO zone of responsibility has to date ranged from unsuccessful to disastrous. Of course, the alliance has managed to achieve some semblance of unity by opposing Russia during the crisis in Ukraine, but this too will not last long. For Russia is not the Soviet Union, and it cannot pose the same species of threat to the West no matter how hard it tries. At the same time, major strategic challenges like radical Islam and the return of China cannot be addressed by a NATO that operates along Cold War lines. Bref , today’s Russia is a country that has not yet made ...


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