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More dialogue, less domination

... demand to refuse domination, and to integrate as a multipolar order, which would be fairer, more democratic, and more safe. So this is our direct message to the U.S. and the Western countries. CGTN: The joint statement stressed the need to resolve the Ukraine crisis "through peace talks." Russia welcomes the constructive proposals set forth in China's Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukraine Crisis. Facing the current crisis in Ukraine, how do you view the statements of both sides? How will this help resolve the Ukraine crisis?...


Here's why Xi's Moscow visit is a key moment in the struggle to end US hegemony

... field of military security, there is much that Russia and China can benefit from through closer collaboration – beyond the existing formats. The main goal here is dissuading Washington, by deed not just word, from escalating the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine and from provoking Beijing over Taiwan. One specific area is in-depth dialogue on nuclear policies and nuclear proliferation under the present conditions of major-power confrontation and actual conflict. Even as they work on transitioning to a ...


A lot from China-Russia cooperation can be used by other international actors across the world

... China's Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukraine Crisis proposed by China? What role can China play in resolving the Ukraine crisis? Kortunov: China is better positioned than many other countries to play a mediating role in the fratricidal Russia-Ukraine conflict. In Moscow, they paid a lot of attention to the Chinese peace proposals that were released in February. The question is whether the Ukrainian side might be ready to consider an immediate cease-fire and whether the West might incentivize ...


If US, German tanks try to seize Russia’s constitutional territory, severe retaliatory action will follow

... preparations for a large-scale offensive may exceed the level of February 24, 2022. At the same time, Ukraine is also preparing shells, waiting for the arrival of tanks and artillery aided by the West to launch a counterattack. The situation on the Russia-Ukraine battlefield is escalating, and the prospect of resolving the crisis through political negotiations between the two sides seems bleak. "A ceasefire and an end to the conflict is what we have consistently called for, but only if the territorial ...


Politics and Strategy

... current situation. The result of the conflict has already been a radical change in the external environment in which Russia is located. Its political relations with the collective West and its allies have become openly hostile: the armed conflict in Ukraine is the West’s proxy war against Russia. Economic relations with this part of the world have been completely undermined and are shrinking like shagreen leather. Cultural, scientific, sports and humanitarian ties have drastically declined; the information war has gained maximum intensity,...


Can the Korean armistice of 1953 become a model for conflict settlement in Ukraine?

... elections. In 2023, Turkey will hold presidential elections (Recep Tayyip Erdogan plays an essential role as an intermediary in negotiations on the exchange of prisoners, the Black Sea Green Initiative, etc.). In 2024, presidential elections will be held in Russia, Ukraine, and the United States. Their results can either reaffirm the policies already pursued by these countries – in this case, the “war of attrition” will continue until one of the parties runs out of resources – or pave the way for the start ...


Andrew Korybko To Anita Inder Singh: Your Perception of The Ukrainian Conflict Is Flawed

... Conflict, she arguably has a flawed perception about it. My detailed response will highlight my areas of disagreement with her explaining why I think she’s wrong. Source: The Wire For starters, she began by claiming that “India is wrong to dismiss Russia’s war in Ukraine as Europe’s problem”, yet that’s an inaccurate understanding of Delhi’s stance towards that conflict. Singh later reveals that she was referencing External Affairs Minister (EAM) Dr. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar’s quip from last summer that ...


South Korean Arms for Canada and Poland: NATO’s Reserve Arsenal for Ukraine?

... Korean proverb During a meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club on October 27, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned about the risk of a deteriorating Russo-Korean relationship, given that Seoul was supplying arms and ammunition to Ukraine. The Russian leader posed a logical question : “How would the Republic of Korea feel if we resumed cooperation with North Korea in this area?” In response, Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol pointed to his solidarity with the international community in providing ...


The Distributed World

A View into the Future Nobody has any doubts that what is happening now in Ukraine is not simply a regional conflict but a test for the current international hierarchy. Predictions of the outcome would ... ... chains is a pathway towards overcoming the pandemic-related challenges. The crisis caused by the economic war of the West against Russia has also highlighted the value of interaction that is immune to external interference which includes geographical proximity....


Ukraine can be the next Denmark: Zelensky Peace Formula and new territorial realities

... Security Compact. Kofi Annan was a leading expert of the democratic world, and his legacy can be an inspiration for Ukraine security guarantees. Zelensky point 7: Justice Zelensky proposes the “establishment of a Special Tribunal regarding the crime of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine”. Instead of this ad hoc tribunal, Russia should propose to reform the existing permanent International Criminal Court of the Hague, Netherlands, starting with relocation to neutral territory outside NATO. This reformed permanent ICC should ...


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